A brighter future without Wenger

Arsene Wenger should have left the club a winner as he bought us huge success. Last seasons FA Cup triumph was the perfect opportunity for both the board & Arsene to part company on a high. It would have left the club in a great position on and off the field. Instead he was offered 3 more years at a huge expense. Not talking money either.

Arsenal should be competing at the very top and 100% should be challenging for the top trophies. I have felt for some time that Wenger can not deliver us that.

He was once was a great manager. One that could compete. He was rightly worshiped around Highbury by many. He is now derided by most around the Emirates.

We are currently a club without leaders. We have no one that the players can look up to in the dressing room no one that commands success. The dressing room is a playground of jovial social media pictures at best.

Arsene has not changed and will not change & that there is the sole problem. His ability to adapt to modern football & its philosophy he is now tactically inept.

Arsenal is no longer a football club that commands success. We are a business that if we are lucky enough might win the Christmas raffle from time to time (Fa Cup).

Is it all Wengers doing? No

The board had the opportunity back last year to move Arsenal FC on to the next level. The failed to take it. The reasons I can think as to why they failed is that they banked on future success on the back of a fa cup win, but failed to remember the previous 8 years.

We will continue the season winning the odd game playing good football occasionally, then January will come & go with the usual hope of who can buy & then be palmed off with “we never had enough time.”

We will possibly retain the cup ( big ask ) and be knocked out the CL as usual.

Can the board ask the question to Wenger? Can they demand he does better? No.

By asking thos questions, they would be questioning themselves. Arsenal have 3 more years of ups and downs. I for one know where I stand. The future of Arsenal success will not be with Wenger at the helm.
Mr Glen Townsend


2 thoughts on “A brighter future without Wenger

  1. babakrdaemi

    I disagree that we should 100% be fighting for top trophies, I agree we should be closer. But Chavs, City and Man U have huge advantages over Arsenal.

    It will take a few years for FFP to make a difference, if it ever does.

    Imagine another manager was responsible from the time of the longest serving player. Would the team be closer?

    Because, Jack, Gibbs, Ramsey, Ox, Kos, Szcz, Theo, Giroud etc wouldn’t be at the club. And each of these players is better than the fee we paid, so for equal quality I believe we would have paid more, meaning the funds would be reduced and as a result the squad potentially smaller.

    Would you agree?

    I don’t, by any means suggest Arsene is the only manager for Arsenal. He was 2005 – 2012. No one could have done better in that period, I believe that.

    However, do you truly believe that as a club we can compete for titles and be ahead the big three clubs in our league?

    I see us as a club that should be in a position to take advantage if thy slip up. But id those three clubs play to the means they have and have had available its ahead of us. Simple as that.

    Do you agree?

    It sounds like people are saying Arsene is holding us back? Which I’m not sure. Right now, this season, yes he is. But in general, in the long term the worse he is doing is meeting the standard the club is capable of.

  2. Goonerisms

    I feel we have a brilliant team..on paper..but the truth is they’re just not delivering on the pitch. is that Arsene’s fault, maybe….i’m just waiting for the team to click.


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