Will Tottenham Ever get out of Arsenal’s Shadow?

Tottenham are in Arsenal shadow. They always have been, they always will be. Every now and again, they pop out, get a bit big, realise they do not like the sun, and run back inside. The only people who believe them to be a massive club are themselves.

They are a joke of a club. How often over the years has a Spurs player come out claiming “this is our year” for them to finish above Arsenal. This year, it was Nabil Bentaleb’s turn. Taking into account their continual mocking of Arsenal for finishing 4th, the excitement of Spurs fans and players when they just get close to a top 4 finish is cringworthy. The fact is, they would bring out a DVD and have an open top bus parade if they got top 4.

Andros Townsend topped Bentaleb’s claim of a ‘double’ by claiming that Spurs could win the treble this season. Of course, this was before Spurs got knocked out to Leicester.

Andros Townsend shows how small time Spurs fans are.

Hyped up massively as the future of not just Tottenham but English football, the bloke is average at best.

Already 23, he is not really a kid. And he plays tricks on the mind.

Everyone thinks he has a great left foot, based on a memory of him scoring a cracking goal for England against Montenegro in 2013. He then hit the word work in the very next game against Poland, before hitting another cracker in the game after for Spurs against Aston Villa. This ingrained it into people’s head that he had a dynamite left foot.

Infact, he is just a very very poor Arjen Robben. All he does in a game is pick up the ball on the right, cut inside, and shoot. And most of the time those shots go high wide and handsome.

Do not believe me? let’s look at some stats…

After that goal against Aston Villa in October 2013, Townsend failed to find the net again for Spurs that season.

He finished that Premier League Campaign with 1 goal and 1 assist from 25 appearances. The new Gareth Bale? Have a laugh.

Meanwhile, Arsenal’s Theo Walcott played just 13 games that season. His contribution was 5 league goals and 4 assists.

This season, Andros Townsend has gone from strength to strength, and has scored 5 goals in all competitions. A show of progress? Not until you realise that all 5 goals have come from the penalty spot.

ZERO goals from open play for Andros Townsend in 2014/15. Meanwhile, Theo Walcott already has 2 goals to his name from out of play.

Townsend is the perfect Spurs player. Hyped up massively, yet ultimately achieves nothing.

As for Spurs’ other great hope, Harry Kane, yes, he is having a very good season, but he is not ‘one of their own’. As everyone knows, he was on the books for Arsenal. We let him go before he was even a teenager, yet his love for the club ran deep.

Despite being let go, he still went to games at Highbury and, in 2006, sat watching Arsenal v Barcelona in the Champions League Final, wearing an Arsenal shirt, and cried as Arsenal lost.

“Harry Kane’s a Gooner” will be heard loud and clear on Saturday.




35 thoughts on “Will Tottenham Ever get out of Arsenal’s Shadow?

  1. CaptYid

    Fully support your views on Andros, but if you speak to any “true” spurs fan they will agree.. its only arm chair fans and neutrals that rate him.. he is not a prem player..
    As for Harry… you wish he was a gooner, and makes me chuckle that seeing him wear a shirt when he was in his youth turns you boys on and wish he went through your academy.. haha..
    Bottom line, sing his name at the weekend by all means.. you will be drowned out by “he’s one of our own… he’s one of our own…. Harry Kane… he’s one of our own”…

    1. keenosafc Post author

      Where did I say he was a product of our academy? He was with us, like many youths in Chingford, as a child. He left before he was a teenager. Actually spent most of his time at Arsenal as a goal keeper. Fact is he is an Arsenal fan though. Used to go up Highbury. Old man drinks in the 12 Pins still.

  2. Tom

    Pricks. All this Spurs talk again just shows you little gooners fear us. A team that has won just a single cup in 10 seasons has nothing to brag about and isn’t anything special themselves bit have fallen for the 4th place is like winning a trophy story.MUGS

    1. keenosafc Post author

      Fear you? HAHAHAHAHAH. When was the last time you finished above us? Do you even remember? It was nearly 20 years ago.

      And yes, one trophy in 10 years is an underachievement. Spurs have won 1 in 15 years.

      1. BeenosassFC

        YAWN… bottom line, finishing in the top four year in year out but failing to do anything with it is far bigger a disappointment and underachievement than any, at least the other top four can all claim cup/league wins… can you?? really should stop bragging about underachieving so much.. Long Live Wenger.

      2. keenosafc Post author

        Did you miss last season? We won the FA Cup. So yes, whilst the other top 4 can claim cup wins, so can we. Did you even think before you typed that out?

  3. YacTheYid

    Hilarious how the writer spends so much time talking about a player who isn’t actually rated by most spurs fans and doesn’t even make the first team.

  4. Gavin Coetzee

    You could argue to live in your shadow when you had your trophy winning teams 98-2004 and we were mid table most seasons in that period. However we weren’t in your shadow in the 60’s, 70’s or 80’s or 90 – 97 so to talk about forever in your shadow is a ridiculous statement. Have we been in your shadow 2005-2015 – not really as we have been challenging the top 4 in most of that period, yes you have always finished above us but neither team has filled their trophy cabinet in the last decade. Until we have our new stadium we will struggle to compete properly because of the huge difference in income either but rest assured we will be up there competing with your lot still over the next few seasons and let’s face it we are both living in Chelski’s shadow over the last decade.

  5. Jamie

    Sounds like you play with yourself when you think about Tottenham. For a club forever in the shadows you sure like shining a spotlight on them.

  6. bushey

    What an insipid banal embarrassing attempt at belittling Spurs. What a moron the author has made of himself. Never seen such drivel! ( and you can read drivel in most forums!!)

  7. Cheshuntboy

    Only a complete moron would argue that Spurs haven’t been in Arsenal’s shadow for the past twenty-plus years – the record books speak for themselves – but the ‘always have been’ is total rubbish, as the record books again confirm. Spurs won the old Second Division in 1950 with higher gates than Arsenal were getting in the First, and your lot didn’t win a trophy between 1953 and 1970, while Spurs were doing the Double, winning two other FA Cups and becoming the first British club to win a European trophy – Arsenal’s highlight over that period was losing the 1969 League Cup final to Swindon! What’s happened since is the difference between a well-run club (your lot, obviously) and one which has ‘fallen among thieves’ (who’d want to choose between Scholar, Sugar and Joe Lewis to run your club – what a shower!). We might never emerge from your shadow with our recent history of turmoil, but we were top dogs in London for most of the thirty-plus years between Arthur Rowe’s 1951 Champions and Keith Burkinshaw’s 1984 EUFA Cup winners, and that’s a fact!

  8. Garry Rogers

    Spurs will never get out of arsenal’s shadow because it seems that the height shit may be stacked is limitless.

  9. Ooh2Be

    Oh dear, loads of spud tears here, bless em, save it for your annual end of season cryathon..soap dodging tramps.

    Up the Arsenal !!

  10. Gunone

    Try googling the words ‘dodgy’ and ‘lacksaidaisical’ – even google knows the spuds are rubbish haha! Forever in our shadow indeed. I imagine neck ache is the biggest ailment at spurs, all that looking up in envy can’t be good!

  11. Kay

    In as much as i hate to join issues with anyone, the issue here is ‘WILL SPURS EVER COME OUT OF OUR SHADOW?’, you can remain there for as long as you like but come this saturday, i am coming to your home to take what is rightly mine, 3 points.



  13. krazzi

    Spuds are bad for football. Hurricane and erection are their best players. In two years,they’ll get frustrated of yall underachievers and quit ur poultry of a squad. Meanwhile in the meantime,hope you’ll enjoy the horror show we’re bringing to ya
    FACT: you have the coq on ur jersey
    FACT: the coq controls an erection,prepare to face ur doom erection,prepare to join silva and aguero in kos pocket
    FACT: your squad is a poultry,its fowl vs tigers on white sh*t lane

  14. JS

    we won another FA Cup dude! Now that the debt for the stadium is well manage. We can attract players like Ozil , Sanchez and maybe Benzema for this season. We are again pulling away from Spurs yet again.

    And for Spurs with their new stadium coming up. They will know what is it like to sell your best players to raise funds to balance your accounts. We did well despite all these challenges and limited resources finishing in TOP 4 every year. with regular champions league money we are able to do it within 10 years. Well Spurs have u ever thought of it? No champions league football and with a new stadium. How long are u going to finish paying the stadium. We took 10 years. I guess u will probably need 15 to 20 years. However I do applause your courage in taking this plunge following what we do. New training ground and new stadium. I guess we are always a great model for a club like Spurs. 🙂


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