Hull City v Arsenal – The Big Ticket Con

I am fuming this morning. Absolutely seething. I am foaming about the mouth. And it is for the usual reasons. Ticket prices.

Like many people, I budget monthly. All of my monthly bills went out yesterday, it was time to work out today what I would be paying out throughout April. My biggest expense is football. Tickets and trains. So I log onto to see if any of the upcoming games prices have been announced yet, and they have, Hull City v Arsenal. £50.

£50. Surely that has got to be a mistake. An error. Maybe I misread it. I refresh the page. There it is, in black and white;

Adults: £50Hull City v Arsenal 2014-15Wow! I thought. That is a bit expensive. More than I was expecting. Especially after remembering some research I did earlier this season.

So I looked into further, and through the brilliance of Google, was able to find an article on Hull City’s website advertising last years game:Hull City v Arsenal 2013-14

£35. Now that is more reasonable. Still not £20,. But reasonable. But wait a minute, we are being charged £50 this season!

That is a 42% increase. A disgrace. Sickening. Greed.

But here is the problem, I will still go. I will still pay my £50. I am a mug.

It will be interested to find out Hull City’s justification on the rise. Maybe I will email them.

In the meantime, it is time for action:

It is time for fans to unite. Fans of Arsenal,fans of other clubs, put rivalries aside and start making your voices heard. A 42% increase in a single season is a disgrace. Hull City should hang their heads in shame.

But there is no point moaning if you are not willing to take action. It is easy to sit behind blogs and twitter complaining, but never doing anything – which many do. If you have previously moaned on twitter about ticket prices, and are going Saturday, get down to Bear’s Roundabout at noon. Get involved. Make your voice heard.

Football Without Fans is Nothing




8 thoughts on “Hull City v Arsenal – The Big Ticket Con

  1. John

    As a Hull City supporter, I concur, it is a disgrace. but it is not only you that has to pay that, but us Hull supporters also. To make things worse, tickets are on sale now for our game v Liverpool, this is also £50. but…. if they win their FA Cup replay, the game will change from a Saturday to a mid-week night game. Our lovely club has decreed there will be NO refunds. Welcome to our disgrace of a football club.

  2. originallambrettaman

    It’s been massively unpopular and we already have an assurance that there’ll be no £50 tickets next season, though they’ll probably still be about £40-45 for Cat A games.

    Our Cat C games(which is the largest category) are actually only £16, though again these will not exist next season and prices are likely to start at £25.

    Basically the club just cocked up all the pricing for this season.

    1. keenosafc Post author

      This is what is frustrating for me as an Arsenal fan, and fans of other Cat A clubs such as Manchester United. We are paying £34 more than other clubs. And this happens at every ground (including our own – we are as guilty as the rest). It is just unfair. Fans of top clubs are punished for having a good away following

  3. Chris

    Ticket prices are a joke but surely the only way to stop the increase is to stop paying it? However by your own admission you will still pay it. Football is no longer about fans etc it’s about money. Teams are businesses and any business strives to make the most money. The only differance between teams and other businesses is a word called loyalty.
    If I go into a shop and see item A for x price and item B (which is the same as item A) for a cheaper price I’m going to generally buy item B. But as fans we can’t or dare I say won’t do that.
    But we could. Most fans aren’t local to big teams etc anymore an have smaller teams nearby. In a round about way of a protest why not go pay and support them? The smaller team where fans do still generally matter because without their true fa base they would not exist. The greed of the premier will only get worse and more so while we continue to pay for it…. You say don’t moan on Twitter etc, but yet that’s pretty much what this blog post is doing. Is standing on a roundabout going to make a differance with regards to prices? No especially when those people are going to be walking into the ground anyways!

  4. Bruce Massie

    You’ve looked at last year’s ticket price, as you’ve said. This year Hull City fans will be charged £50 – same as Arsenal’s.

  5. Paul

    What Hull have been doing is having a big disparity between games they expect to sell out and games they don’t. There have been games that are £15 a ticket for adults, which gives people who can’t afford as much, or aren’t as dedicated with all their funding, to see the team. I’m fairly poor and can’t get to see the team very often but I can get to the odd game with this system. I think the phrase is supply and demand, but then no one ever mentions the cheap games and praises those, it’s always the bits they don’t like they argue with.


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