5 things Arsenal learnt from Community Shield victory

Petr Cech could win us the league

3 games, 3 trophies. To win the treble within weeks of leaving Chelsea is a remarkable achievement. Of course, I jest, although it does seem to have wound up a few Chelsea fans, pictures of Cech lifting 3 trophies.

In all seriousness, in just the 90 minutes yesterday, he showed us what we have been missing since Jens Lehmann.

He only had 2 saves to make, and both should have been made by any half decent keeper, but it was the confidence he seemed to give the rest of the side, his calmness went through the rest of his side. And his distribution. Having a goal keeper able to kick the ball over the half way line with pin point accuracy is something we have missed for decades. His throwing was also faultless.

Match of the Day had it right (for once). Cech set the tempo of the team. He know when to release quickly, he knew when to slow it down. He is not just a match winner, he is a league winner.

Theo Walcott is not a striker

I do not want to hammer Theo Walcott too hard as he is a player who suffers massive confidence crises, but he showed once again that he is not a centre forward.

This is not the first time he has been given a chance up top, and gone missing. He does not have the movement, nor the physicality, to play up top on his own. On the right wing, he will shine, with a bit more space to work, he will get goals, but he is simply not a striker.

If Arsene Wenger was planning to not buy a striker and play Walcott upfront, yesterday should quash that idea. Play players in their positions, for Walcott, that is the wing.

Hector Bellerin is first choice right back

During the back end of last season, when Mathieu Debuchy returned from injury, Hector Bellerin’s fine form kept the Frenchman out of the first team. I was expecting the switch to be made over this summer, with Debuchy returning to the starting line up adding his experience and guile. However, it seems that Bellerin is set to keep his place in the side.

A brilliant performance yesterday keeping Eden Hazard quiet and getting the right balance between attack and defence. He was only caught out of position a couple of times, but with his electric pace, he was able to get back.

The lad is a star in the making, and I expect him to start against West Ham next Sunday.

We do not rely on Alexis Sanchez

Last season, especially in the first half, it was a case of if Alexis Sanchez did not score, or at minimum, assist, Arsenal did not score. Whilst this was a tad exaggerated, almost everything did revolve around the Chilean. Winning against Chelsea, as well as our other pre season performances show that other players are more than capable of stepping up and we are no longer as reliant on Sanchez as we were.

The Community Shield means nothing, but also means everything

Before yesterday, I was very much of the opinion that the Community Shield was no more than a glorified friendly. And I still think that. However, despite it meaning nothing in terms of our season and silverware haul, the result also means everything.

Being able to defend a 1-0 lead against Chelsea, the performances of many of our players, the Arsene Wenger snub, it was a perfect day for the fans. With the sun shining and the Chelsea fans crying, the day itself felt much more than a glorified friendly, even if the actual match does not go down as a competitive game.



2 thoughts on “5 things Arsenal learnt from Community Shield victory

  1. Omar

    we played chelsea twice last season and we never looked like scoring . So to say walcott is not a striker is too harsh. Lets see his numbers at the end of the season and then judge


  2. manamongst74

    Have to agree with the author…

    I don´t rate Theo in the category of football intelligence anyway, but to put a guy with almost no creativity and minimal technical dribbling prowess in the Center is just a recipe for destruction of confidence. The sad part is, Wenger cuts his midfielders teeth in the middle, which is supposed to improve decision-making. Theo has no graft about him…he feels, once in the middle of the pitch that he must make his runs from the middle, he would be more effective grafting a bit more from wider spaces to the middle which should be vacant for him.

    He doesn´t even try to be a target guy…not saying that he will be bringing balls down from flight but hard balls played at his feet and releasing gives him all kinds of options. But because Theo does not put forth that extra effort he never gets easy goals.



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