Are we always a player or 2 short ? – the facts

So i got thinking are we always a player or two or three short of mounting a full challange on the title and dare we even to dream of Europe. So here’s the last 5 seasons as I see it….along with a few facts….


2015/16 – Need a World Class striker, we have since RVP was sold in 2012/13. Also need a Def mid have done since we sold gilberto in 2008. Did buy a keeper, Cech (jury is out on him). Bellerin and Debuchy being fully fit should sort out the right back role, Players short – 2.5


2014/15 Needed a centreback, rightback due to Sagna leaving that summer,  World Class Striker, Def mid and keeper since Jens left in 2008. Bought Debuchy, Chambers, Gabriel, Welbeck, and Ospina. none of which were 1st choice. Bellerin came in and done an ok job at right back for his first season. We also bought Alexis who was due to be the world class striker, but it was soon found out he’s better off on the left on an attacking three. Players short – 3.5


2013/14 Needed a Centre Back, after getting rid of Vermaelen Squillaci and Djourou. Still needed a World Class Striker, Def mid, keeper and attacking left sided player after letting Arshavin and Gervinho go. Signed Flamini, Sanogo and Ozil, the only 1st choice that season. Players short – 4


2012/13 – Needed a world class striker and as RVP left that summer as did Vela, Def Mid as somehow we got money for Song who at times was half decent in that role at times, a Centerback and a keeper. Player in wise it was great we signed, Bellerin, Monreal, Santi. all three of which are regulars now, Giroud and Podolski. Players short – 4


2011/12 – Needed a Centre Mid as Cesc did a bunk home, a left back as Clichy did a bunk to sit on the bench at Man City, a left attacking mid as Nasri went for the wonga at Man City too and a keeper, we did bring in Ox, Arteta and Mertesacker, but was a bad season only managing to finish in the fabled 4th place on the last day of the season. – Players short 4


So yes we are improving in the players short department, but it really has never taken a genius to work out in which postions we have been missing players. To give Wenger some credit players have been bought over the last 5 years to try and plug the gaps, but for some reason or another they didn’t work out. Imgine if Sanogo really was the next Henry, Chambers the next Adams, Song the next Gilberto and imagine if finally Wenger has bought his 2nd decent keeper to The Arsenal….









1 thought on “Are we always a player or 2 short ? – the facts

  1. Kaius

    Spot on, clear-eyed analysis.

    Love my club, but sentiment aside, our squad deficiencies have been obvious for 4-5 seasons. It’s astonishing to think we went entire transfer windows signing 1 or 2 players (usually not 1st choices) whilst competing with the Mancs and Chavs. And when the sun comes out in the summer, people say ‘this year we’re gonna win it’.

    In recent years we patiently waited as Joel, Sanogo, Vela and Chamakh were auditioned as strikers. After going through that, the “we’ll only sign players who can improve us” may be a smokescreen, but it’s a defeatist smokescreen. The truth is Henry, Cesc, and RVP all needed help from players of a similar calibre at different stages in their Arsenal careers and only Henry really had it. Hopefully Ozil and Sanchez don’t suffer the same fate; they’ve given us the best platform in years, but things change fast in this game. Let’s see where we are on Sept 1st!



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