Arsene Wenger to leave at the end of the season

No matter which way you look at this summer’s transfer window, it has been a disaster. To be the only club within the top 5 leagues in Europe to fail to buy an outfield player is nothing short of a disgrace.

A side that last season finished 12 points behind the Champions. A team that won just 4 out of 16 games against sides in the top 9. A side that clearly needed strengthening. That for the last 3 years has needed a new striker. For longer than that has needed a defensive midfielder.

And here we sit, on the 2nd of September, with only a new goal keeper for company.CNwyKtiWUAAkvsJ

Monday night,  I tweeted that if Arsenal do not sign anyone within the next 24 hours, and go on to fail to challenge for the Premier League title, then Arsene Wenger must go at the end of the season. He must fall on his sword.

We have the money in the bank to spend. Back in the late 00’s / early 2010’s, when we did not have bucket loads of cash to spend, I backed Arsene Wenger. He was doing the best job capable under the financial constraints put on him. However, over the last 3 years things have changed.

The disaster of 2013 was saved by the signing of Mesut Ozil, but it still did not mask the fact that we tried to sign Jovetic, Higuain & Suarez, and ended up with none.

A year later we spent a lot of money. The kind of money that we had available this summer as well. However, it was only a deadline day signing of Danny Welbeck that stopped us having Yaya Sanogo as 2nd choice striker.

And now we come to 2015. It has been a shocker. And it is down to Wenger.

Now I do not expect Arsenal to win the title every year. That is ridiculous. No side has the “right” to win things. 13 league titles in over 125 years. We do not have a right to win the title. However, what I do expect is to compete for the title.

We have one of the highest turnovers in European football, and the highest ticket prices. These two together is why  I expect to compete. And if we are not competing, we are doing everything we can to try to compete.

“Doing everything we can” means ensuring we have the best we can. The best training centre, the best academy, the best scouting system, the best medical team, and the best players. I am not asking for the best in the world. It is silly to expect us to be better than the Madrid’s, the Barca’s, and the Munich’s of this world. They are light years ahead of us. The move to the Emirates was supposed to put us a few steps closer to them. Also the Manchester City, PSG’s & Chelsea’s of this world with the money they have. But I expect us to be the best Arsenal that Arsenal can be. And we are not.

With £60+ million sitting in the bank available for transfer (it is not £200m, let’s be fair with the debate), we are clearly not doing everything we can to win or compete for the league title. Now I do not expect us to be like Manchester City and Manchester United, spending £100m on De Bruyne and Martial. That is just silly. However I do expect us to have spent sensibly.

The problem is, Wenger is clearly reluctant to spend. He has looked at the market and decided that there is no value. That players, in his eyes, are overpriced. But what he does not respect is the market has changed. It has moved.

Back in the late 90’s, you could go and buy Nicholas Anelka, Luis Boa Morte & Christopher Wreh for pennies and hope one makes it. Now you see players at similar stages in their career, Romelu Lukaku (when Chelsea signed him) and Anthony Martial, going for many millions. And prices have increased from youngsters upwards. Players are more expensive. And Wenger has to move his valuation up. He nerds to keep up.

Wenger and Arsenal clearly banked on FFP. It has failed. It feels like that as it has failed, Wenger has decided not to play anymore. He has picked up his ball. The only problem is he has not told anyone that he longer want’s to play. And at £8million a year, it is clear why.

If Wenger is not willing to play, not willing to spend big, he should go, and someone else who is willing to spend that money should come in.

Now it might not guarantee success, but at least it will be trying to succeed. At the moment we are not trying.

All we ask is to try to the best of our abilities, using all the resources we have to compete. And currently we are not.

Now as a side note, I do not think like some that Wenger should go now. It should be at the end of the season.

The rationale of this is simple, it is my belief that Wenger is still the best man to get this current squad into the top 4. He has built the squad, and done it before. Moving him on now, with the transfer window shut, would be too big of an upheaval and risk our top 4 place, creating an even bigger challenge for future managers.

By leaving Wenger in charge until the end of the season, it would ensure that a new manager comes in with money to spend, and Champions League football. Getting rid of Wenger now would be detrimental to the club over the next season.

Arsene Wenger has let us down this summer. Some will say not for the first time. If he fails to mount a challenge with the current squad, he must take the blame and fall on the sword. He must step aside and let someone else take over.


28 thoughts on “Arsene Wenger to leave at the end of the season

  1. Delford Magaya

    For Arsenal to dream of the title, they have to bring David Dean to Arsenal, he was the man behind the success of Arsenal and Wenger. He is the one who recruited Wenger and Arsenal should bring back David Dean for the success of the club. Wenger will never ever make Arsenal a champions League winner, even the title for the premier League, he might have been ready with a lot of youngsters but he will not win the title. He thinks he is Mr. Know it all.

  2. Egunner

    It depends on how you look at it. How many top strikers were available this summer? What are the areas of weakness? Should we spend because others are spending? How do you fit them all together? You don’t collect players like trophies. If you spend big, then the player must be better than what you have. If we had spent £39m on a 19yo and £49m on a Sterling, would we become title contenders immediately? A new manager at the end of season with bucket load of money to rebuild the team? Judge him at the end of the season and not at the end of a transfer market.

    1. fredd

      we have been judging him for the last ten yrs another year will not make a difference,only a mad man does things the same way expecting a diff outcome,about strikers on the market,the likes of mandzukic,martnez,bacca,dybala were all on sale and at a fairly cheaper rate.AW did not want to buy.the problem of waiting for last minute buys is that the selling team might not have time to replace

  3. Phil parker

    A load of tosh be careful what you wish for you don’t spend money just to keep fans happy .you spend when you no it will improve the team

    1. Odongkara Dickto

      Spending on a DM would improve the team, how about signing Martinez from Porto would have supported Giroud.

  4. rellends

    imagine if we fail to beat stoke a week on saturday. i’d have been happy with a defensive midfielder or a striker. i’d have been delighted if we’d signed both. to sign neither is dereliction of duty. of course there will be no proper answers at the next agm as arsenal football club is run akin to area 51 out at groom lake. if there are no players on the planet that could possibly improve this current squad then our scouts need to be fired. unfortunately, the buck stops with the manager and his constant dithering and refusal to pay market value, an unambitious owner and a useless chief executive who is just a yes man for wenger. this is not just this summer -barring last season (saved by last minute panic buy of a goal shy injury prone welbeck) – this is every summer and wenger, with all his power, is to blame.

  5. Azeez olutope

    Its really painful arsene wenger don’t sign the player.he is still believing in his stupid philosophy,football is more than that.if you to win better troph you have to spend.Barcelona for example collected treble last season and they were still active in the transfer market and they bettes squad than us,but they still buy player,look at both machester as well.look at morinhno as well,he knows what his team need and what to correct in his team and correct it,but for wenger,he is very stuborn,he kowns what his team is lacking and can rectify it.i think it is time for him to retire because if he still continue as arsenal manager i don’t think arsenal can win premireship talkless of winning champions league.What do you think my fellow arsenal fans.

  6. ajay harichand

    fans buy expensive tickets to see their favourite team but see wenger battling to zip up his jacket — i honestly do not like to see arsenal play recently

  7. Johannes ELI

    WENGER OUT!”. this is NOT the man who led Arsenal over 10 years ago. there is a serious problem with this ” wenger software” and it is really affecting the system not to function proper. the solution is very simple:

  8. andy

    sorry its just not good enough. why waste money pumping up the saleries of girould and walcote and wiltshire . 3 players we could easily have sold this window .who just dont perform with quality for long periods ,are constantly picking up injuries or in wiltsures case cards .
    there not worth the saleries they are on .they could have gone and been replaced with real quality.
    is the problem that these targets dont want to come becausewenger is the manager ?

  9. Joseph Barasa

    I will have to say Wenger is the right manager to be at Arsenal.To spend is not a solution.You can not just spend because you have money.If there is no what you want in the market,you can not just throw away your cash.

    1. Odongkara Dickto

      Just because you are not competitive like Wenger, if these who finish ahead of Arsenal can still strengthen then it means Wenger can no longer be the right man. Cant AW get DM to support Francis? How about if he get injured? Arteta and Flamini are way beyond their best.

  10. Tony W

    Manchester City’s, Chelsea’s, Man’ United’s best signing of the window….Arsene Wenger !
    No, I am not trying to get a cheap laugh – in my opinion this is a very valid point.
    The clubs above, and more throughout Europe, are very wary of Arsenal as a potential European force. However, Whilst Wenger continues to stifle Arsenal by stubbornly / arrogantly continuing with his personal crusade of “I’m right – you are ALL wrong” (regarding team selection and transfer policy) we remain exactly where the other more dynamic clubs KNOW we’ll be each year – 3rd or 4th.
    Let’s face FACTS fellow Gooners. We can sign (laugh now) who we want…but until there is a change of PHILOSOPHY at the club, we will continue to be content with the viable business model of European qualification year on year via a 3rd or 4th league position.
    The club needs to take a very serious inward look regarding how it goes about it’s business, on and off the park.
    I feel us supporters of our beloved club are now being “taken for a ride”.
    However painful to admit – CHANGE IS NOW LONG OVERDUE.
    Please can we return to TRUE Arsenal values.
    After all, those of us who have been passionate about our beloved club longer than even Wenger has been around truly know what those values are.
    Remember – no player is bigger than the club….NO ONE MAN IS BIGGER THAN THE CLUB !

  11. B McDoom

    Totally agree he should go at the end of the season if we fail to challenge. He has to be held accountable. Fed up of the bullshit excuses every season. I hope he gets called out by journalists the minute he complains about injuries. If we are left short in the playing department it’s one man’s fault – his. Don’t get me wrong I am grateful to the man for all he’s done for Arsenal but his stubbornness and arrogance is tainting his legacy. I think too many Gooners fear change and will back him no matter what. Me – I say bring it on

  12. steve.

    I agree 100% Andy I admit I have been anti Wenger for years while Wenger is in charge
    Arsenal will always be an also run sort of a team any team in the Premier League are capable
    of beating us,Arsene Wenger has made himself a very wealthy man since he’s been at Arsenal
    “I think it’s about time he gave Arsenal’s loyal supporters something back ”

  13. Gee Man

    Even wehn there wasn’t buckets of money, we could of won trophie, had he had a clue about tactics?….for example…take the 4-4 draw at Anfield. leading 4-3 in injury and Benayoun eqaulised in last minute ..the defending was non existant,..4-2 up against s*urs, and the lack of any ideas of how to defend allowed them to snatch a draw they never deserved.Zonal marking….how many times has that failed…its players that score goals not zones. How do you defend standing still when a forward is running to attack the ball?..All of wenges failures have been tactical. if you have a look at the squads we have had, many other managers would of won more than 2 FA Cups with them since 2007…

    I never bought into the this ” who could replace wenger?” “who could do a better job than wenger?” “theres no one better” etc etc..If you believe that then you clearly don’t know your onions about football. He got lucky when he turned up in 2006 because of the defence we had..If he was this so called genius then these kind of , often heated debates wouldn’t happen…unfortunately , the arsene FC fans have allowed him to dine out on the invincables for far too long.That should of ended in 2007 when he made it clear 4th place was important and nothing else….the only success he has had is filling up his personal bank account with bonuses and transfer percentage sell on fees. Had he left to go to Monaco after the Cup final win against Hull he knew he would of been sacked within 18 months.

  14. Ally Pardhan

    Would love to know the following:

    1. Can you confirm who we attempted to sign?

    2. What was our offer?

    3. What was the difference between our offer and what was required?

    4. Did the selling team wish to sell?

    5. Did the player wish to move?

    6. Was a salary confirmed and agreedo upon?

    I’ll wait for your facts to be presented.

  15. Carlos

    arsenal fans the whole world wenger says no quality strikers funny how he sold 4 players to man city a team who are ruthless bought from us they buy all quality players dzeko or jovotic is wenger blind dzeko £25 mill he can score goals more pace then giroud jovitic he is an animal like Sanchez or Suarez in work rate and he can defo score goals he went on loan why did wenger miss that with option to buy they are good enough for arsenal giroud no pace that is the problem Walcott to weak and can’t hold the ball for 30 seconds not a striker is he I understand 50mil cavani 28 year old big big gamble benzema 65 mil Madrid would of sold all day long 27 he would of been perfect we have two billionaires share holders no excuses no more excuses rabbiot psg him and coq perfect against big teams get rid of arteta flamini what experien do they offer they are both quite as a mouse flamini have you seen him people forget he walked out on arsenal but wenger bought him back for what he shouts while letting a man run past him to score clown! wanyama £25 mil is all it would of took all excuses are now spent !

  16. NY_Gunner

    Fantastic response Ally,
    We would all like to know the same.

    And in response to all the Wenger Out sayers…. I would ask this:

    Remember when we brought in Mesut Ozil or Alexis Sanchez… We paid top money for them. Ozil was the second most expensive transfer in British football i think when we signed him.

    Why were we able to sign the two of them??

    Mesut Ozil because Real Madrid signed Bale and James Rodriguez that year.
    Alexis Sanchez because Barcelona signed Luis Suarez that year.

    Top teams are willing to let talented players go when they are bringing in talented players themselves. Lets not kid ourselves that we can compete with RM, Barca, Bayern, Juv (or as much as I hate to say it… chelsea since they have won a CL and mouriniho for all his bullshit is a known CL winner) in terms of prestige.If we want to bring in players who are either playing for them or are interesting to them, we really need to scout and get lucky that we can find one.

    Ex: Marco Reus – Immensely talented, subject to RM interest – So never coming to Arsenal
    Karim Benzema – Currently playing for RM – Why would he come to Arsenal ??

    The only way he would come is if he feels his position in RM is in doubt. How?? If Marco Reus joins RM next year and CR7 moves to as a CF, then we could convince Karim Benzama to join Arsenal and guarantee first team football…

    People dont think about things and just state comments saying “Out with Wenger”..

    They need to think before speaking…..

  17. Tony W

    “People dont think about things and just state comments saying “Out with Wenger”

    TEN YEARS to think very carefully. 2 F. A. Cups – enough for a club of Arsenal’s stature ? – I think not !

    Not shouting Wenger out – simply looking at the facts over the last DECADE. Simply time for change at our great club.

  18. Philbet

    I have to agree Wenger has to go, its about time we had someone new to hit on and hate, after all we all know, changing the manager,the players, the staff, always ends with total success and as usual the supporters take the credit!!!


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