Damn lie’s and false statistics – Arsenal a big club before Wenger?

Arsenal Twitter is a fun place. One person makes a misguided comment and, like the butterfly effect, arguments and debates ripple throughout the online community, veering off into different tangents, with people arguing from different corners of the globe, but all tied in to that original, single tweet.

Yesterday was one of those occasions, where a single tweet started a debate about re-writing Arsenal’s history before Arsene Wenger took over.

Often I would not bother writing a blog over one tweet, usually debating on Twitter instead putting the mistake right. However, a ludicrous tweet like this needed a bigger platform and more than just 140 characters to put right.

So Let us look at the stats:

  • Since taking charge of Arsenal, Arsene Wenger has not finished below Spurs. That is 20 years. A remarkable achievement
  • Throughout the 101 seasons that Arsenal and Tottenham have existed, Arsenal have finished above Spurs 74 times, Spurs 27 times above Arsenal. That is 74.74%.
  • If you remove the “Wenger Years”, Arsenal finished above Spurs 54 times. That is exactly 66.66666666%
  • In the last 50 years, Spurs have only finished above Arsenal 11 times
  • Spurs have not finished above Arsenal in 2 consecutive seasons since the 1966-67 / 1967-68 season
  • Under George Graham, Arsenal’s average finish was 4th. During the same period, Spurs average finish was 9th
  • Since Spurs were last promoted to the top division of English football and Arsene Wenger taking over Arsenal (1978-96), Arsenal’s average finish is 5th, Spurs 9th
  • Since World War 1, Spurs have been relegated 3 times, spending 13 seasons outside of the top flight. Arsenal have not been relegated during that time
  • Since World War 1, Arsenal have finished above Spurs 64 times, or 81% of the seasons

So yes, whilst Arsene Wenger’s record against Spurs is remarkable, and better than any manager in our history, to say that before Wenger, “we finished below Spurs as often as not” is simply a lie and a writing of history.

No matter whether you are “Wenger In” or “Wenger Out”, let’s have a fair debate. Do not make up lie’s to support your narrative. You will get found out. And it will destroy any argument you have.

Glad to have cleared this up.


4 thoughts on “Damn lie’s and false statistics – Arsenal a big club before Wenger?

  1. She Wore is a bore

    Just the usual anti Wenger bullshit from SheWore…stick to selling crap Arsenal cufflinks you miserable cunt. You are one seriously boring cunt, having a beer with you would be like being at a funeral. Wanker.

    (i know you’ll give it the usual “dont read me then”)

    Believe me, i wont…lol

    1. Vince Vega

      How is that anti wenger? You shoulda gone to Specsavers mate. Either that or learn to read.
      If you don’t like it, fuck off. You won’t be missed you muggy twat!

      1. She Wore is a bore

        Awww, someones upset (even on the day after we beat Munich, hohoho) ^

        Sorry shitbags, i couldn’t resist coming to back to laugh at you again.

        SheWores getting murdered on FB, way to go you fuckin anti-Wenger wankers.

        Long may it continue…

        You’re embarrassing..

  2. She Wore is a bore

    From FB (one of MANY)
    Steve Rogan – Too busy laughing at an admin posting about a game he didn’t watch – pathetic!

    “Pathetic”, lol.. sums you cunts right up!!!…….got any cufflinks for sale you fuckin mugs? loooooool


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