Munich defeat – Embarrassing or Acceptable?

So it was what we all predicted. We went to Munich. And we got spanked.

Many would claim it was an embarrassment. And to an extent it was. It reminded me of Arsenal’s early days in the Champions League where we lost to the likes of Lens & Dynamo Kyiv. A 4-2 home defeat to Barcelona at Wembley sticks out in the memory as an awful European night.

Over recent years, we have got used be systematically taken apart by top teams in Europe. Barcelona (a few times), Munich (a few times), AC Milan. We have had some embarrassing nights. It makes you wonder why people spend the cost of a 7 night stay in Sharm el-Sheikh on a 24 hour stay in Europe with no hotel room.

So 5-1. For me, it does not change much. I expected us to lose. I knew we would be relying on Munich getting a result against Olympiakos in the next round of games. And then us having to beat them by 2 clear goals in Greece. That scenario has not changed.

Whilst it is a result that will send shock waves throughout Europe, it is one that Arsenal should not feel too downhearted about.

This season already Bayern have spanked:

Dortmund 5-1
Wolfsburg 5-1
Hamburg 5-0

Dinamo Zagreb 5-0

Taking into account that Dortmund currently sit 2nd in the league, Wolfsburg 3rd, you could probably make the case that Bayern Munich are the best team in Europe (speak to Owen Hargreaves, I am sure he would confirm this).

In last years Champions League, they put 7 past Roma in a group stage match. Another 7 past Shakhtar Donetsk in the 1 knock out. And 6 past Porto in the Quarter Final. They scored 4 or more in 10 league games. Including one 8-0 victory and 2 6-0 victories.

And it was only a couple of years ago that they stuck 7 past Barcelona over 2 legs.

Munich have the capability to do to teams what they did to Arsenal last night. I am sure that no matter who they were playing yesterday, they would have have scored a hat full. It is nothing to be ashamed of.

Sometimes you just have to take your hat off and say well done.

This Munich team is so well drilled, with goals able to come from all over the pitch. The goal from their left back Alaba yesterday, appearing at inside right forward, to bend one in the corner. Why was he there?

Arsenal need to dust themselves down, put this defeat down as a nothing defeat that does not change anything, and focus on the important game that is coming up on Sunday.

Losing to Munich will be forgotten about when we thrash Spurs


3 thoughts on “Munich defeat – Embarrassing or Acceptable?

  1. KaiserDoug (@KaiserDoug)

    You mention top teams in Europe such as Barcelona, Bayern and Milan who have won 16 European Cups between them. Arsenal have won 0. Arsenal have never sat at the top table in European football. Whilst it remains an ambition for Arsenal to do so, Arsenal fans see it their right that they should be considered one of the European elite. Arsenal have not earned that status. It is delusional to think of it in this way. It is down right arrogant. Putting last night down as a “nothing defeat” serves only to feed your delusion.

  2. Malaysian gunner

    What ever it is beat Spurs and the thrashing will soon be forgotten.I still believe defensive
    wise,Wenger is a no brainer.He doesn’t seem to learn from previous losses.Any manager worth his salt could have parked the bus,tired legs or not.
    How did Chelsea beat Barcelona,then at their peak?

  3. Vincent Vega

    Why do we spend the cost of a 7 night stay in Sharm El Sheikh for a 24hr stay in Europe with no hotel room?

    Cos not only are we the core element of proper Arsenal fans that will support club over land or sea, AND LEICESTER, come win lose or draw, but it also seems that’s it mich easier to get home from Germany at the moment than it us to get home from Europe!
    Unless you include the other option of a dingy across the Med and the long walk home which also seems popular in recent times!


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