Islington Band Banned from Performing in Islington



Islington based band ‘The Riders of The Night”, who were due to perform at a ‘London Callin – A Night of Musical Fireworks’ promoted gig in The Hope & Anchor, 207 Upper Street this Saturday night, have been told Islington Police will shut the venue if they take to the stage.

Only yesterday were the band notified by the promoter that Islington Police had been in contact, telling them that if ‘The Riders’ were to perform then they would take this drastic course of action.

Amazingly no reason was given to the band by Islington Police as to why they were to be expelled from the gig, which had a number of other bands such as ‘Special Branch’, ‘The Bleach Boys’ and ‘The Featherz’ all due to appear. The gig will now carry on without the scheduled appearance of ‘The Riders’.

The Riders are well known supporters of numerous local charities and good causes. Recently they collaborated on a single produced by ‘The Archway One’ called “Justice for The Archway One”, this song highlighted the story of a football fan unfairly banned from The Emirates Stadium following an Islington WPC’s lies & treachery (later exposed following a disciplinary hearing)

The Riders also donated the proceeds of their last gig in Islington to ‘The Henry Hicks Foundation’, a charity set up by the family of a young Islington man killed in a car chase with Islington Police Officers (The police officers involved are currently suspended, the IPC have reported and the CPS are currently looking into what case/s to bring against them.)

The band, obviously feel that their support of such campaigns against Islington Police Injustice (stickers & badges for both “Justice for The Archway One” and “Justice for Henry Hicks” are always available at their gigs) has led to this “Act of Revenge” by Islington Police Officers.

2 thoughts on “Islington Band Banned from Performing in Islington

  1. junky

    what an absolute disgrace? this is unbelievable. i had to check that it wasnt april 1st whilst reading this. hope this is rectified quicker than the justice for the archway one has been. good luck riders.

  2. Vincent Vega

    ARE YOU SERIOUS??? How can you have your blinkers on. Can you REALLY not see why?
    With the band releasing songs and selling badges which could be construed as ‘anti-police’, and the north London derby the same weekend, it is very reasonable to believe that a combination of these two on the same weekend could very likely lead to an uprising such as we saw in Tottenham not so long ago.

    I’m not taking sides, I’m not saying the police have been correct in their dealings of such matters, but their performance could be construed as an incitement for some disgusting scenes in north london as were recently encountered.
    Not to mention that xmas is only around the corner, what more of an excuse would some people need to take to the streets again.

    If you seriously think that the motive behind this decision is solely revenge, you need to get your head out of the sand and take a long hard look at yourself!


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