Arsenal fan unfairly banned from attending games impacts local Charity

Fan X (as we will call him) pleaded guilty to a public order offence (threatening words & behaviour) mainly due to CCTV evidence, no complaints and no witnesses . It was just a row that got out of hand in a pub amongst acquaintances all Arsenal fans (not football related) 7 hours after a game and nearly 3 miles away from the ground.

The judge stated that Fan X did not deserve a football ban as it was clearly nothing to do with football and threw out that request by the police.The head of the Arsenal police intelligence team decided to take matters into her own hands and approached the club saying Fan X was a ‘danger to public safety’ and asked the club to impose a ban. He has never in 46 years of following The Arsenal been arrested inside a football ground. Fan X also has been banned from attending or organising any events inside our ground.

Fan X is the head of events for an Islington charity, they help keep local kids off the streets and try and give them a focus in life. The charity has held five Boxing shows at the Emirates Stadium over the last few years, all of which were great nights and went off without any trouble. They have even had some Arsenal players in attendance along with some big names in the world of boxing.

So a by product of this unjust ban is that the Islington based charity has had to find a new venue and is likely to lose out on some hard earned money to continue there great work for the local kids. Personally I am disgusted that a man a judge deemed safe to go into football grounds can get banned on the say so of one person and to ban a local charity which does so much great work for local kids will also suffer begs belief.

Fan X has currently got a legal challenge against this.


12 thoughts on “Arsenal fan unfairly banned from attending games impacts local Charity

  1. mint

    What a disgrace. Why do we have judges and a judicial system ? dibble definitely sounds like a bitter spud and the powers that be at Arsenal should know better.


  2. DenDen

    I would like to start buy saying that I personally know Mr X, however that has no bearing on my views. It is the facts of this case that are important, not who the person involved happens to be.

    Mr X was found guilty of having a row in a pub with another Arsenal fan. The offence took place hours after the game at a location miles from the stadium. This was not a serious charge which is borne out by the fact that the matter was heard before a Magistrate’s Court and dealt with by a Community Service Order (180 hours I believe). Thus far I think everyone would agree that Mr X had no argument. He pleaded guilty and was punished. End of story…. only it was not the end of the story. What happened next truly defies belief and has legal repercussions, not just for Arsenal followers but for all football fans.

    At the end of the case a WPC, who was working on behalf of the Metropolitan Police’s Football Intelligence Unit, requested that the Judge in the case impose an exclusion order on Mr X banning him from Arsenal Stadium and the surrounding area. The Judge (quite rightly) dismissed this request stating that the matter was not football related. He noted the fact that the offence did not take place in or around the Emirates Stadium and also pointed to the fact that it occurred hours after the game. At this point you would assume that the Police would have accepted the Judge’s ruling and moved on to other more important policing matters. As you will see, this was not the case.

    The WPC in question was not prepared to accept the Court’s decision and set about overruling its findings and enforcing her own justice. In spite of the Judge’s ruling she contacted Arsenal Stadium and explained that Mr X was ‘a threat to the public’. She requested that Mr X be banned from the stadium, a request that, to their shame, Arsenal complied with. In effect this lowly WPC had gone over the head of the judiciary and managed to exact her own justice. When a member of the public goes over a Judge’s head and dishes out their own justice they are labelled a vigilante. A crime punishable by law. When a lowly WPC carries out such an act the offence is brushed under the carpet. It seems quite clear that this police officer is prepared to do anything to get the result she wants, regardless of the rule of law. She seems to be sticking two fingers up at the judiciary and telling them ‘if you don’t give me what I want I will get it by other means’. She could be compared to all those ‘dirty coppers’ we thought we had seen the last of in the 70’s. You know the ones I mean, if they thought someone had committed a crime they were prepared to fit them up, plant evidence and even beat confessions out of them. Yet even these policemen, as corrupt as they were, never overruled a court’s decision. They might fabricate evidence and confessions but it would be left to the judge to have the final say on sentencing. Not any more. What happens the next time this WPC doesn’t get the result she wants, what happens if someone is accused of a more serious crime, say murder or rape, what happens if they are found not guilty and this WPC does not agree with the ruling, will she do the same thing? Will she go over the head of the judiciary and ‘get the result she wants’. Maybe plant a little evidence or make life hell for the innocent party. Where does it all end?

    You may think I am being dramatic in the above statements but I am not. I am being realistic. The Police are there to gather evidence and present it to the judiciary. It is the Court’s role to decide and administer punishment, not some lowly WPC. If the Police now believe that they are judge, jury and executioner then why do we still have courts. Surely this means that the Judge in this case is a judicial eunuch. He is divest of and legal powers because, regardless of his office and his judgements, he can be overruled by a police constable.

    Arsenal should be disgraced at their behaviour in all this. One of the finest and longest established clubs in the UK are now taking orders from lowly Constables. In spite of their wealth, gained at the expense of mainly working class folk, they are prepared to be complicit in a decision that flies in the face of natural justice. Without any trial, meeting or even phone call they have banned a supporter on the instructions of a Police Constable. No arbitration, no appeal procedure, no chance to hear both sides of the story. These are not the actions of a fine club, they are more reminiscent of some Communist Bloc state. If Arsenal are truly worried about the welfare of their fans then perhaps they would like to answer the following question; how many fans have been banned from the ground because they have convictions for murder, rape or child molestation. In fact how many fans have been banned from the ground once it came to light they had convictions for any serious offence. I bet you could count the number on the fingers of one hand. I will be happy to retract this comment if Arsenal Football Club can provide evidence to the contrary (although I will not hold my breath). To me it seems that Arsenal would much rather ban a loyal supporter for an offence totally unrelated to football, than to ban a murderer, rapist or paedophile. I am sure Arsenal’s response would be ‘but how do we know someone has been convicted of such an offence?’. Well, that’s easy. Cross reference your season ticket database against the Police’s CRB database (alternatively you could find a WPC who has access to these records and have her forward them to the club without the Court’s knowledge). Surely the means justify the result. Do you think this will happen? Not on your life, not least because it would mean certain members of Arsenal’s own personnel would be barred from the ground. In effect, Arsenal would much rather have a convicted paedophile attend their games than a supporter who has never caused trouble in or around the ground in his life. If they maintain that Mr X is a threat to the public, then surely those convicted of serious offences are even more of a threat to those attending their stadium. I can assure Arsenal Football Club that people are not lying awake at night worried about grown men having a row in a pub, they are though terrified of their families being murdered and raped and their children being sexually assaulted. It is quite clear that Arsenal’s new policy is to ban anyone convicted of even the most minor offence from their ground. This is regardless of what any UK Court may rule. If that is the case let’s see it in action. Let Arsenal produce the records of all those who have been banned from the ground and let us see what ‘crimes’ they have been found guilty of. Like I said earlier, I won’t hold my breath.

    I would like to end by saying that I know many policemen and women and admire the job that they do. Many members of my own family are officers and I would hate for them, or anyone else to think that I am having a go at all policemen. I am not. However it only takes one bad apple to give the force a bad name. If the WPC in question has the power to overrule the law of the lad then it is not only Arsenal fans who need to be worried but every fan in the whole country


  3. Purcell

    This incident had nothing to do with football and Fan x should never have been banned. It was totally un football related. The police just want to go to the govenment with numbers that jusfity their presence at football.


  4. Tony Francis

    “Football Intelligence Unit”…….. a complete oxymoron as this matter with Mr X proves. I can’t think of any other instance where the UK police would ignore a legal judgement in order to pursue their own agenda. Definitely smacks of a Stasi police state.


  5. Thirty

    An absolsolute disgrace Haley should stay on coronation st an not waste her time an our tax paying money on chasing innocent people


  6. Mr S Bucket

    Liberty taking HORSE FACED Bint. Just trying to keep your numbers up with banning orders, yet you let 90 Napoli Ultra’s roam around the manor unaccompanied. Hoping for us to put it on them. You slippery C””T!!!!!! “FREE THE ARCHWAY ONE!!!!”


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