Debunking the myth – Arsenal have the best defence in the league

For a long time now, “a new CB” has been at the top of many Arsenal fans wish list when it comes to transfer. A pal of mine today said we should sign John Stones in January no matter the cost. It got me thinking, how good is our current defence?

And here are the results…

Untitleduntitled1That should give you some food for thought. No team has conceded less than us over the last 2 years, and on Chelsea kept more clean sheets.

The results for me are even more remarkable when you consider that both Jose Mourinho and Luis van Gaal are considered defensive managers.

Of course, the stats can be skewed and are slightly be Chelsea’s awful start to this season. So let us expanded the data to include the 2013/14 season.3

So even when we expand the data, we are only just behind Chelsea on goals conceded. Not bad for a team who’s defence is supposed to be weak. especially when you think 14.5% of the goals conceded were in just 3 games!

Arsenal. The strongest defence in the Premier League. Who would have thought it?



1 thought on “Debunking the myth – Arsenal have the best defence in the league

  1. dog breath

    man u can’t have 19 league clean sheets this season. they’ve only played 17 games and have conceeded 14 goals


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