Theo Walcott left out in the cold

Theo, Theo Theo Walcott, his an Englishman at Arsenal.

For a long time, I have been a supporter of Theo Walcott. Maybe it is because I back the under dog. Maybe it is because I felt he often came in for some unfair criticism by other fans.

In 2012/13, he was brilliant, it was his breakthrough season. 21 goals in 43 games playing out wide. Yet still some criticised.

The last two seasons, he has been hampered by various injuries, causing him to play just 38 games. He still managed to scored 13 goals.

He seems to have regained some of his fitness this year, playing 20 out of Arsenal’s 32 games. But he has an issue. He has been poor.

Earlier in the season, when played upfront, he looked good. Sharp, quick, direct. It looked as if he was regaining that form of 2012/13. However, a slight injury took him out of the team. His return came in the middle of an injury crisis, which saw him moved to the left hand side.

The first game back was against Olympiacos. With Joel Campbell performing well on the right hand side, and being more natural on the right than left, a decision was clearly made to play the senior player out of position. In this case, Theo Walcott.

He finished the game with glowing praise. Drifting inside from the left at pace, he was electric. A danger.

Next up was Aston Villa. He cut inside Alan Hutton, breaking away at speed, forcing Hutton to bring him down for a penalty. He also played a key part in Arsenal’s second, drifting in from the left to put through Mesuit Ozil who in turn squared it to Aaron Ramsey to score.

Then came his peak moment. Playing against Manchester City. Cutting in and bending one into the top corner. It was Sanchez-esque. It was Pires -esque.

Since that City game, however, Walcott has disappointed. He ha snow gone 6 games without a goal or assist.

Whilst a 6 game barren run is by no means a disaster, just a dip in form, it is his own field attitude which has disappointed.

He has looked disinterested. Unmotivated. He has not bust a gut to get forward. Nor to get back. It is as if he is playing within himself. Struggling to get himself involved.

Now it could be that he is playing with a slight injury, so he is playing at 80% so as to not aggravate it further, and once other players return, we will see him disappear back to the treatment table.

His play has also become predictable. Against Stoke, it was always obvious what he was going to do. Get the ball, and try and cut in on his right. They handled him easily.

What is clear is that Theo Walcott on the left does not work. He is a square peg in a round hole.

Alongside Walcott’s dip in form on the left, Joel Campbell has looked tired at times on the right. Whilst he lasted 90 minutes against Stoke, he was puffing towards the end.

Luckily for Arsenal, players are starting to come back from injury. With Alexis Sanchez returning for Chelsea, he will return to his position on the left hand side. That will give Wenger a decision on the right, Walcott or Campbell.

Personally, he should go for Walcott. The better player. The senior pro. It will also ensure that we do not become too narrow.

Hopefully a return to the right this weekend sees Walcott return to form.


6 thoughts on “Theo Walcott left out in the cold

  1. naz

    Doesn’t run in behind enough, those angled runs. They don’t just serve himself, they alter the shape of the opponent and allow us to exploit space too. We have players to pick a pass.

  2. ceezee

    The writer should re-calibrate his or her mind from sentimental, sensational or even nepotism and chauvinistic assertions on an overspent, over-praised and over-hyped force “THEO WALCOT and the un-polished british players like gibbs, whilshere and ox.

    This article is everything but accurate, Apparently, you’ve done a good job in stretching the TRUTH. Basically you hit home some striking moment about his 20 goals in 2012/13 season, you may have a solid point of view in that regard one eminently worthy of ventilation, but you stretch it out to its breaking point by putting in pocket holes of bias and exaggerated assertions because THEO is bound average seemingly flatter to deceive and mostly justifying critics like me that he naturally lacks a football brain.

    In hindsight, It is obvious your loyalty for theo is unmatched by any realist. It’s obvious you are a theo apologist and his game will forever speak for itself, you can infuse whatever you like he will not bring out a rabbit in a hat this season. Perpetually, he has teetered on the precipice between potential and beneficial servant who has been given 10 seeds of talent and returns with 1 seed. Theo walcot is the most beneficial player in Arsenal who has been patiently nurtured over 10 years but has delivered crumbles.

    All the i’s dotted and all the t’s crossed, it’s fair to say you and Arsene wenger are being delusion with blind faith upon inconsistent british boys and it is nighttime to separate the wheat from chaff, the weak from the best or else the premier league trophy would once again elude us.



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