1 thought on “FOR SALE: One War Chest – Rarely used

  1. Peter Burgess

    I think the war chest will remain unopened until AW leaves and we get a new manager who gets a commitment from the board to buy new players as part of the recruitment process. I believe the malaise is Wenger. Vierra hit the nail on the head when he said Wenger is to nice and doesn’t do confrontation. I believe that is why he doesn’t really want any of the influential members of his winning teams on his coaching staff. The main players were confrontational on the pitch and had big opinions. Not sure Wenger could handle that. I believe it manifests it in his current team selection. Our midfield is unbalanced runners but not a ball carrier / dribbler coming from deep. Ok a problem with Santi and jack injured but Ramsey is not the answer. He is much more effective wide right. It gives us balance, he supports the mid field when needed,he helps bellerin and more importantly arrives in the box unmarked and receives the ball further up the pitch. This also creates space and time for Ozil. Oh hold on Ramsey wants to play centre mid. So to avoid confrontation that is where he is played rather than where the team benefits. I think play the Coq and Elneny central mid. Ramsey wide right Ozil in more space and we would be stronger and more efficient. That line up would give us a chance against the spuds.


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