Nothing has changed in 5 years, why the noise now?

So I was looking for an old blog on our old site for GC and was unable to find it (something he wrote way back in 2008 about Stan Kroenke being the wrong man for Arsenal).

Whilst I could not find that blog, I came across another, written in 2010 by him:

OK, its been a while since I have written anything other than my normal “10 reasons why..” this is due to the time I have had to do any decent writing and the fact personally I’d rather read quick bullet points and try and see the lighter more pisstaking side of The Arsenal than read paragraphs of rubbish like other blogs/websites. But this morning ! am just going to let my fingers do some damage to my already battered from last nights keyboard.

Those that have the misfortune to have read some of the articles/status/messages I have put up over the last few years know I am not a big fan of the direction the club has been going in. I don’t like the new ground, I don’t like anyone on the board of directors,Ivan in particular I find a complete waste of space, what does this fella do ??..and sadly now I feel its time Wenger has to sit in a dark room and have a good think.

The new ground – lifeless soulless and full of tourists, no wonder a lot of our traditional support now choose to stay away

The board of directors – Only interested in building flats, reducing what was called “an affordable debt” mainly I fear to increase there own share price

Ivan – Sorry mate, Arsenalisation to me reads Americanisation, you are no David Dein (he’s got a lot to answer for over the current mess as well, but at least he knew how to buy a player)

Wenger – Your experiment is over now, you are losing the backing of a hell of a lot of fans.

Now I am not moaning at Wenger because we have lost a few games,anyone with half a brain knew we would struggle after 5years of neglect in the transfer market. But its the manner of how we are losing that really bites, 2 nil up at home at half-time to the scum and the team come out in the 2nd half like someone had slipped them some kind if daterape drug in the half-time cuppa. Needing a draw last night and yeah we was having a bad night of it and couldn’t break down Braga, so why start bringing on attacking players and leave ourselves open to the counter attack, block the game up, come away with a point and the final game in the group stages wouldn’t be so edgy. Yes that tactic of all out attack would of worked when we had players like Henry,Freddie,Pires,Bergkamp,Kanu even to come on and do something special but NONE of the current squad would make it into anyone’s best 11 over the Wenger years.

SO this is a simple request to the board and to Mr Wenger, BUY BUY BUY this January, prove that when we was told moving grounds would enable us to compete with the biggest clubs in Europe in the transfer market that it wasn’t lies. Prove to us that you have the ambition more than just finishing in the top 4 each season. Prove to us that we are a football club first and a building company second.

This was written in November. Not November 2015, but November 2010. Ten years ago. And yet, over 5 years on, nothing has changed. It could have been written this morning and would be equally as relevant now.Bj6UNgFIQAA8vBh

Nothing has changed in 5 years, so why the noise now?

Keenos (with help from SheWore)


3 thoughts on “Nothing has changed in 5 years, why the noise now?

  1. Mick

    understand the message then, you idiots made no difference then, will make no difference now, and never will. Give up now, and get back to the spuds where you came from. Bell ends.

    1. foreverinourshadows

      Typical AKB prepared to endure more rubbish from Wenger and the board, you are a real card, always the same response the idiotic remark “Fuck off back to the Spuds”, the fact you use the term Spuds shows your credentials you mug, fans like you are the toxic that stains our club

  2. Enkuneh

    what can we do? We have a bunch of moron AKB fans all over the media whom I came to understand with myself that they are fake fans doing business with Satan Kraoenke or Arsen Wenger.
    there is conspiracy


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