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Wenger Out – Back the Team

Arsene Wenger’s time was up a few years back.

My opinion has never waivered. I felt that during the 2006-2012 period, when money was extremely limited due to stadium debt and front loaded sponsorship deals, that Wenger did a good job steering the HMS Arsenal through choppy waters.

We might never know how restrictive our finances were during the period, but it is clear to anyone who read the accounts that we had to sell to buy. That we could not pay the wages others did.

I back Wenger during the bad years. Of the opinion that he had helped build the club in those years to become more competitive. A sacrifice of short term glory for long term success. My opinion was that after seeing Arsenal through the choppy period, Wenger should get the first at spending that money.

It was the summer of 2013 my faith in Wenger started to waiver.

Money had become available, through renewed sponsorship deals and new TV deals. We chased Gonzalo Higuain, and then had the infamous £40m+£1 deal for Luis Saurez.

On the Suarez deal, I actually do not attack the club for the failed bid. As I outlined at the time, Liverpool basically told Suarez to “take them to court for breach of contract”. The £1 above a minimum release clause is common, and it was only because the press needed the advertising revenue from clicks that it became such a big story.

Arsenal did not wrong. Liverpool refused to honour Suarez’s contract. Suarez himself would have had to have taken them to court, and instead settled for a big new contract with a new release clause meaning he could go abroad in a year.

But that summer was a fiasco.

Mesut Ozil did join on deadline day, but the only other two signings were Yaya Sanogo and Matheiu Flamini. It should have been our first big summer. Instead it was one of many frustrating ones to come. It was at this point, I wondered if Wenger was still the right man. We had the money, we were just not spending it.

A year later and Arsenal had won the FA Cup and spent nearly £100m – including Alexis Sanchez. Wenger signed a new contract, and everything seemed to be moving forward. It was at this point, in hindsight, that Wenger should have gone.

We should have built on that FA Cup win, on spending £100m on new players. Instead, the next year, 2015, we returned to type.

FA Cup winners once more, we spent just £10m on Petr Cech. It was a disgraceful transfer window.

Having got in the likes of Alexis Sanchez and Mesut Ozil in the previous 2, we should have built once more. Added what we needed. The striker, the centre back, the midfielder. But we did not, and it was clear Wenger was past his best.

For me, after the 2014 victory, that is the natural time for Wenger to have left.

When he signed the contract last summer, it was to extreme disappointment. It was a cowardly move by the board to offer him that contract, and Arsenal have suffered since.

It feels, however, that the club have seen the light.

Led by Ivan Gazidis, Arsenal have had a massive backroom shake up. A new Director of Football (in all but name), a new Head of Recruitment, a new contract negotiator. The decks have been cleared of Wenger’s yes men, and hopefully it leads to the biggest change of them all this summer; Arsene Wenger leaving.

There has been massive talk of Joachim Lowe being lined up to replace Wenger.

With the German Sven Mislintat as the new Head of Recruitment, Per Mertesacker about to get a plumb Academy Job, and Shad Forsyth as Head of Performance, the back room staff is having a very German look of it.

Forsyth is an American, but he spent 10 years working with the Germany national team and was part of the coaching set-up during their 2014 World Cup success.

You then look at the likes of Mesut Ozil, Shkodran MustafiPierre-Emerick Aubameyang,Henrikh Mkhitaryan, Pierre-Granit Xhaka & Sead Kolašinac, Arsenal are collecting German players (or former Bundesliga players) like they are Pokemon. Lowe is increasingly looking like a natural fit.

But just because Wenger’s time is coming to an end, it does not mean that we should stop back the team to the end of the season.

At the end of the month, we have a League Cup final.

Someone recently said to me “Arsenal should lose to Man City 4-0”. This is the defeatist attitude we do not need in the lead up to a final.

City “should” have beaten us in last years FA Cup semi-final. Chelsea “should” have beaten us in the FA Cup final. And the west-London side “should” have beaten us in the League Cup semi-final. But Arsenal won, against the odds.

When you actually look at Arsenal v Man City head to head, Man City have won just 2 of the last 10. So to start writing the club off is just agenda driven drivel. It is rubbish.

We also have the Europa League to look forward too.

A big black mark against Wenger is his failures in Europe. 22 years in charge, 2 European finals, ZERO wins. There are some out there who do not want Arsenal to win in Europe so that this black mark stays against his name.

It is Arsenal FC, not Arsene FC.

I want Arsenal to win every tournament they enter. And the Europa League is one I would love us to get our hands on. A trip to Lyon on May, lifting Europe’s second trophy, a potential Europa League / League Cup double.

There are plenty of reasons to still back the team, even if you want Wenger to go.

Winning trophies is what it is all about, not progression and fake records.

Arsenal could end up with two at the end of the season. Despite it clearly being Time to Change, I will continue to support and back the team. That is what real fans do. And hopefully I am rewarded with that trip to Lyon in May.

Wenger Out – Back the Team



Jekill and Hyde Arsenal, Lacazette Agenda, Wenger Out Protest and Other Stuff

Jekill and Hyde Arsenal

Great win, great performance. How frustrating.

Arsenal’s last 4 results in the league are LWLW. Both losses came away, both wins came at home.

Bournemouth (A) 1-2
Crystal Palace (H) 4-1
Swansea City (A) 1-3
Everton (H) 5-1

32 out of a possible 39 points at home, 13 out of a possible 39 points away. As an Away Scheme member, it is frustrating.

But rather than spend a Sunday focusing on what we have not achieved, lets enjoy yesterday.

Hat trick for Aaron Ramsey
Goal on debut for Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang
3 assists for Henrik Mkhitaryan

On Mkhytaryan, if a player left Arsenal and hit 3 assists and a 10/10 performance on his debut, we would be saying that’s what happens when a player plays under a decent coach. Well Mkhitaryan left Manchester United for Arsenal and has put in his best performance in England. What should we say now?

A delightful victory to take us into Spurs.

Lacazette Agenda

I really hate Arsenal fans sometimes.

Spend years moaning about lack of options, a weak bench, a poor squad, then we have two £50m strikers competing for one space and the narrative changes.

Now it is how can we fit both in?; how can we keep both happy? Lacazette is the fall guy.

Other sides throughout England, and Europe, have multiple quality players for every position. They do not have their own fans asking these questions.

Manchester City have 3 £40m+ centre backs in their squad (and Vincent Kompany). They have Raheem sterling, David Silva, Bernad Silva, Raheem Sterling & Leroy Sane competing for 3 spots – and still tried to buy Alexis Sanchez and Riyad Mahrez.

Why are we complaining?

And then the lies come in. That Lacazette has fallen out with Arsene Wenger. That he has questioned him.

The truth is Lacazette has scored 1 goal in 12 games so was rotated to the bench. nothing more than that.

Wenger Out Protest

It was disappointing to see so few turn up for the organised Wenger Out protest.

Looking at pictures, it seems their was more journalists than fans there. This has the potential to kill any pressure that fans can put on the club as the Arsenal board will see it as 25 turned up to a protest out of 60,000. And they have a point.

Some will point to the rain – but then thousands are marching for the NHS today (although those marching today are probably using the rain for their monthly wash). Others will say it is apathy. That fans now know longer care about, they do not think they can actually do anything.

These fans are wrong. The recent changes in the club – the employment of the likes of Raul Sanllehi and Sven Mislintat – came due to Ivan Gazidis bowing to fan pressure and reducing the influence of Arsene Wenger.

I feel this protest was always doomed to fail, and it has nothing to do with Wenger or apathy, and everything to do with organisation.

In the past, the likes of GC from this site, the Blackscarf Movement, and influential large Twitter accounts have been involved in protests. It takes a lot of work. It is not as easy as “put a message on Twitter and hope people turn up”.

It takes mobilisation of people to get them out. Canvasing the pubs. A call to arms in WhatsApp groups. Actual organisation. The BSM had around 5,000 turn up a few years back.

This was done done by merely putting messages on Twitter. It was done through actual hard work.

I was in The George from about 2pm yesterday. No one was even asking if people were going to the protest. No one seemed to even know about it.

Having faceless 16 year olds running Twitter accounts promoting and attempting to organise protests is always going to fail. Having 100s of RTs about the protests from fans who do not even go is pointless.

Hopefully this failed protest is a lesson to some of those involved, and those Facebook pages and Twitter accounts who promote the protests.

These protests take make organisation than sitting behind a keyboard. I actually wouldn’t be surprised if many of those organising or aggressively advertising it did not even turn up themselves. They probably do not even go to game themselves.

A lesson to be learnt.


Alexis Sanchez scored and was Manchester United’s best player at the weekend. He also gave the ball away 32 times – the most by a Manchester United player in a single game this season.

Two MOTM games, Sanchez is putting in the same performances for United as he did for Arsenal.

He gives the ball away then more than any other player, gets involved when he shouldn’t be, has one of the worst pass completing percentages on the pitch, but will always be one of the best players on the pitch, one of the biggest threats.

Liverpool v Spurs – The “Won two League Cups between them in a decade but everyone thinks they have been really successful recently” Derby. Are there two sides that have won so little in recent years, yet seem to be praised so much by the media? They are the darlings of the British press.

Pep Guardiola – Interesting to see the difference in opinion on poor tackles. When Wenger complained about poor challenges and players needed protecting (3 double leg breaks), the media labelled Arsenal Soft Southern Softies. Guardiola makes similar comments, and that same media publishes a two page spread highlighting the “9 bad challenges on Man City player this season”.

As for him saying he does not have enough players, I always find it interesting the Jose Mourinho is labelled a “cheque book manager” whilst Guardiola is a great coach – he has spent nearly £500m in 18 months at Manchester City.


Have a good weekend all!


When wanting Wenger Out turns nasty

The majority reading this will want Arsene Wenger to go. Some will say they have wanted him out for years, others merely weeks. Some define their football “lives” by wanting him to go, classing themselves as WOBs, others just feel he is not the right man for the club, but will happily celebrate the success.

Over the years, I have never had an issue with people wanting Wenger to leave or stay. Both sides of the centralist position have valid arguments.

Some people “boycott whilst he is still in charge”, others never actually went to games previously and pretend to boycott just so that they can make a point. One clown even declared this summer that he was boycotting, and has then been to every game this season. Odd.

You are entitled to support (or not support) the team how you feel. But up to a point. There are some things that I feel are frankly disgraceful:

1. Wanting Arsenal to fail – It is Arsenal FC, not Arsene FC. You should want the team to win, no matter your view on the manager. People say they want Arsenal out as he will not win us the league, then also say that they would hate us to win the league as they do not want him to stay. You can not have it both ways.

If you found yourself cheering the Bournemouth winning, delighted that Nottingham Forest beat us, or hoping that we lose every game, then you are not an Arsenal supporter. You just have an anti-Arsene agenda.

Support the team, not the regime.

2. Wanting Wenger to become ill – Everyone has had someone affected by cancer. It is not nice to watch a loved one contracted the killer disease, and then their lives slowly deteriorate. There are people out their wishing that Arsene Wenger gets cancer, or other terminal illnesses like AIDs.

Wenger is a father, an (ex) husband. It is not big, nor clever to do this. In fact, it is down right disgusting, vile behaviour.

3. Comparing Wenger to murderous dictators – I have seen people compare Wenger to the likes of Adolf Hitler and Robert Mugabe. These are men who have killed millions for no reason then they were “different” to themselves. Comparing Wenger, a football manager, to people that have committed genocide. OK.

4. Wanting Wenger to die – Alongside the illness, people want Wenger to die. This is just odd, that they want to see Wenger in a coffin.

Again, he is a father to a teenage daughter. Wanting him to die, because you are annoyed we lost to Bournemouth. Yeh. Alright then.

5. Calling Wenger a “kiddie fiddler” – The lowest of the low. Spurs fans have spent years calling Arsene Wenger a paedophile. Punches have been thrown over this. And now some fans have started to call him a nonce, a kiddie fiddler, all because we finished 5th.

That highlights how classless some of our fans are. Calling a manager a child sex offender, all because you are upset that we are not challenging for the league.

I do feel for the fans who go down this route. They must live truly sad, insignificant lives. Karma will catch up with them.

Calling for any of the above is just attention seeking. It is for a few RTs, follows or likes on a Facebook page. For me, if you do any of the above, you are not only a sub-par Arsenal fan, you are a sub-par human being.

By all means, want Wenger Out. Demand him to go. Protest against him. But as soon as you begin wishing cancer on him, or calling him a kiddie fiddler, you lose a lot of validity, and a lot of backing.

The last protest against Arsene Wenger was marred by a fake video going viral of fans singing that they wished Wenger was dead. This devalued any sort of message from the protest.

Demand Wenger Out, but keep it classy guys.