Arsenal have nothing to fear from dying giants AC Milan

That is Arsenal out then was the response when the little bit of paper was opened up shortly after 12-noon showing that Arsenal were to play AC Milan in the next round of the Europa League.

AC Milan, one of the big boys of Europe. A name up there with Barcelona, Real Madrid, Bayern Munich, Manchester United and Juventus. 7 times Champions League winners, 18 times Serie A winners. They are one of the big boys that we were told we would be competing with when moving to the Emirates.

There is no arguing that AC Milan are one of the biggest names in world football. But a bit like Liverpool, this is based on the past. In the present, they are actually a fairly average team. One that Arsenal should not fear.

Despite having spent nearly €200m this season on new players, AC Milan sit 7th in Serie A, 25 points behind leaders Napoli.

In the league, they are in a similar position as Arsenal, although an argument could be made that the likes of Manchester City, Manchester United, Chelsea, Liverpool and Spurs are strong than the likes of Sampdoria, Roma, Lazio and Napoli.

Napoli are out of the Europa League, and Juventus and Roma are both behind in their ties. The Italian league is certainly not what it used to be back when Football Italia was on Channel 4.

AC Milan do not score enough goals, and concede too many. In 25 games this season, they have scored just 35 goals, and conceded 30. Arsenal have scored 16 more goals in just 2 games more.

Under former Glasgow Rangers midfielder Gennaro Gattuso, their form has got better, unbeaten in 7 games in the league, but they are still not very good.

In the last round of the Europa League, they played Ludogorets Razgrad. Having won the first leg 3-0 away, they limped home in the second leg 1-0 (yes, we lost). This a Ludogorets team that Arsenal put 6 past in last years Champions League.

Sticking in most Arsenal fans mind is the 4-0 defeat at the San Siro in 2012. At the time, it was Arsenal’s heaviest in European competition, and the first time in 222 European games (excluding qualifiers) that Arsenal had lost by 4 or more goals. This has obviously happened a couple of times since.

The AC Milan side that day contained the likes of Zlatan Ibrahimović, Thiago Silva, Robinho, Clarence Seedorf, Mark van Bommel, Kevin-Prince Boateng and Philippe Mexès,

Ibrahimovic and Robinho, then compare it to their current forward line.

Despite spending so much in the summer, their two main strikers are Liverpool flop Suso and Fabio Borini, formally of Sunderland. No wonder they have not scored many goals.

The game is an ideal match up for Arsenal.

The big name of AC Milan should be enough for Arsene Wenger to take the game seriously and put out his strongest XI. The players should also be able to get motivated without much help.

Often the dangers in the Europa League are the lesser names who are up and coming, your Sevilla’s or Atletico Madrid’s of this world. Teams who are on an upwards trajectory. The best teams to often play are the big names who’s management, players and fans think the Europa League is below them.

AC Milan certainly fall into that category.

So the draw has not been unkind to Arsenal. It is not a trip to a dangerous lesser team, or to the cold winds of Russia.

And as a final thought, I imagine there is an AC Milan blogger who has written the exact same article as this, only detailing how Arsenal were not the team that we once were. How Arsenal are a team on the slide, who think the Europa League is something to not be taken seriously.

Play the strongest XI, we win.


12 thoughts on “Arsenal have nothing to fear from dying giants AC Milan

    1. Charles Charlie Charles

      You are 3-0 up and all of them are away goals. You want to play against City at Wembley on Sunday. The other lot have to put three past you to progress and will go hammer and tongs to get them. All you have to do is win on aggregate and stay injury free. How committed will you be to the big tackle? How hard will you stretch for that cross?

      Fact is, it wasn’t pretty but the job was already done in the first leg.


  1. Denboy

    You’re wrong about Suso and Borini. And they didn’t limp home. I watched the return leg, and they were more than comfortable, with only a smattering of first team starters. Don’t be fooled for a moment. This Milan is nothing like Morontella’s squad before Christmas


  2. Font

    Good Info on AC Keenos .great draw looking forward to a great match.
    (Fans should Be careful out there )
    James your the prat mate I suppose you would have preferred someone less well known
    And then complained we are not in the champions league


  3. davidod1800

    AC Milan 5 Arsenal 1 ‘ah believe we showed mental strength but we were unlucky with the decisions’….
    Arsenal 1 AC Milan 5 ‘ah believe we were unlucky to have Aubameyang suspended, Cazorla injured, Giroud sold and Koscielny sent off, we were tired from the Ostersunds and Manchester City games, etc etc.’..


  4. isojfaodif

    You are so heavily biased in this article, and also know nothing about AC Milan, trying to get your hopes up. First of all, Lazio is better than United (they are shit), Napoli is better than everyone there except City, Chelsea and Spurs are on the same level or below the Italian teams. You know NOTHING about Italian teams and talk shit from standings or unreliable evidence. Do your research before you talk shit. Secondly, you again show how dumb you are by saying that we “limped” to a 1-0 win over ludogorets. We won 4-0 on aggregate and you lost at home. Second, you had a team full of starters and still choked to a MIDTABLE swedish team, while we battered Bulgarian champions. Not only this, but we swapped out almost every player from our team, including players like Mauri, ANOTONIO donnarumma (not gigio), Zapata, Abate, Mauri, Montolivo, and Locatelli. You disregard al of this or just didnt research. So winning 4-0 on aggregate compared to nearly giving up a 3-0 away goal lead is better. Third, I love how you say they are seventh, without knowing ANYTHING about their current form. Milan under Montella were shit, but now we are better than a team that loses to Nottingham Forest, Bournemouth and Ostersund. We beat lazio, sampdoria, inter, in this unbeaten run. Also you say how our defense is so leaky, but again, look at current form. Your shit team has conceded 15 goals in your last ten games, while we have conceded only 4 in our last 10. Additionally, we have scored 16 in our last 10, and you have scored 21. Also, examining the teams we have faced compared to the likes of a SHIT everton and TERRIBLE crystal palace, we are clearly the team better on current form. Also, you say that Arsenal put 6 past them at home, but that was your starting squad. In bulgaria, you all LIMPED to a 3-2 win, while we won 3-0 against them away. We replaced our entire team essentially, and had no motivation to score a lot as we already went through. Additionally, you again show how retarded you are by saying our two main strikers are Liverpool flop Suso and Borini. First of all, we play a 4-3-3 with Kalinic, Cutrone, or Silva at Striker. We only play Borini on the wing or at fullback when needed or to rest other players. We have Calhanoglu on the left. BTW, Suso is better than Welbeck and Xhaka, and Ramsey, and Elneny, and Romagnoli is better than your entire defense, your defense is a joke, and has been for a long time. For us, we are actually improving. I’m not going to jump to the conclusion that Milan will win, but your article is very stupid and nonsensical with lack of information and research.


    1. 1banksy

      Hahaha love the time and effort you spent responding to this. The blogger has a unique style of positivity and appealing to the masses whilst occasionally bending the truth. You have called him out. Good luck in the match, it should be a close one if our senial manager remembers to use any tactics.


  5. milanista

    Its funny how you believe Borini is a starter, you have clearly not done your research. Yes Milan are 7th because of terrible results under montella, forcing the team to play with 3 defenders. However, after Gattuso took charge, team has unbeaten run of aproximately 10 games (including serie A, Italian Cup and Europa League). More importantly defense looks very strong and stable. You remark that Milan has not scored as many goals as Arsenal, well let me tell you that every team in europe struggles to score against italian teams because tactically the defending system in italy is much much much better than in England. This article is very biased, although i believe the match can go for either side, but if it were to be played right now i think milan would have the slight edge since they have had positive results over the last 10 games, while Arsenal looks more and more lost. I sincerly believe its the coach, they have great players, but terrible coach. They have had the same coach over 20 years and still havent been able to win a Champions League, that says A LOT.


  6. wayne g

    Oh dear more bullshit

    More clickbait bullshit,shameful how you would get reactions with your shit just to click a post or a visit

    Are you even a arsenal fan??

    I’m unfollowing this shit,you have one or two decent posters on SW but your constant borish drivel is a bit sickening and you come across as some sort of a c,,t

    Seriously,read some of the shit you’ve spouted and tell me I’m wrong,not that I’ll get notified of your constant utter bullshit reply any longer


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