Tottenham Celebrate 10 Year Anniversary

Tomorrow Arsenal play in the League Cup Final at Wembley. The clubs 4 visit to Brent in under 5 years.

But today is also a cause of celebration in North London. Not for Arsenal fans, but for fans of Tottenham.

Today is the 10th anniversary of Tottenham winning their last trophy. The 2008 League Cup.

It is quite ironic really, that whilst Spurs fans talk of a power shift, and boast about their teams success, Arsenal are in the ones in a final.

And the trophy Arsenal are playing for is own considered as “not enough” to make it a successful season. The same trophy (Just with a different sponsor name) as Spurs fans won 10 years ago.

It perhaps shows the size of the gap between the two clubs. That it is 10 years since Tottenham last won a trophy, and Arsenal are playing for it that same trophy tomorrow. Whilst Spurs celebrate having won that trophy as their greatest success in the last 27 years, Arsenal would see winning the trophy as a failure.

So Tottenham, enjoy your 10 year anniversary. Buy your loved one a tin. And remember, it takes a lost more than one season to shift the power.


4 thoughts on “Tottenham Celebrate 10 Year Anniversary

  1. Uwot?

    I make it approx 13 trophies not inc charity sheilds etc we’ve that time since 1990.they,the swamp dwellers are not even close.yawn………..


    1. Anon

      So touchy nowadays, change the name to Tottenham always on my mind.
      You seem to be sinking into the rancid bog which you and your club inhabit.


  2. Charles Charlie Charles

    We’ve played nine and won nine at Wembley since 2014. Picked up six trophies on the way. Beaten City and Chelsea twice. Meanwhile, Spuds have been knocked out of the Champions league, Europa League and FA Cup all on their “own turf”. COYG.

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