Sack Wenger…TODAY

I was there with 40,000 odd Arsenal fans there yesterday. I’m always there.

When the fixtures come out I don’t pick and choose.  What I do, like many others is plan my whole life around following us around the country.

But, this week, for the first time ever I’m choosing not to go on Thursday. Not because I expect us to lose, but because you no longer deserve my support.

Did you see 20,000 fans leave with 20 minutes to go? Up until a few weeks ago I would have been very critical of that. Now, I completely understand it. That’s the apathy I keep talking about. That’s your bread and butter making a stand and protesting. They may not all march, they may not all sing Wenger or board out or hold banners,  but even worse, they don’t give a shit anymore.

I didn’t expect a win. We are very average at best and city and very good. What I did expect was to see 11 men wearing our shirt with pride. Sticking their foot in, winning the ball back, defending like trojans because it mattered. But actually I don’t see a winning mentality from anyone on the pay roll in the club. I see a manager who sits down and watches the horror unfolding in silence.  I see professional footballers earning a lot of money and who have had the best training since the age of 10 making school boy errors. I see an assistant manager chewing gum and clock watching because he wants to get home.

In football you win some and lose some. Cup finals there are no favourites, there are those who want it enough to fight for it. Battlers win cup finals, bottlers win nothing.

I’ve seen us lose finals before, but I’ve never seen us lose one in that manner. We will be fed with the  ‘played with the handbrake on’ ‘we were a little slow off the blocks’ crap. Do any of you ask Wenger when the handbrake is going to be turned off once and for all? Do you ever question him or hold him to account.

Gazidis told us he expected a ‘sustained title challenge this year’. That was the brief given to the manager at the beginning of the season. The challenge never started. Maybe someone forgot to take the handbrake off.

You and your manager will gloss over the result, like you always do. But you cannot gloss over the fact that many of us no longer care.

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I stayed until the final whistle because I wanted to be there to sing Wenger Out. Few of us did, most didn’t.  Most won’t turn up to protest about him, but that’s the least of your worries now, as the big travesty in all of this is your fans have stopped caring, even to protest.

You don’t have the balls to sack him because you’ve made him more important than us. You believe the hype, you are more stuck than we are looking back on the great days.

I blame Wenger 100%, but I despise your ineptness to do your job.

You are custodians of OUR club, you are failing in your duty. None of you have put a penny into the club, buying shares makes you rich later down the line and that’s it. You sacrifice nothing, you’ve probably never even paid to watch a football match.

Do your job, sack him today.


10 thoughts on “Sack Wenger…TODAY

  1. Oliver Abeynayake

    Wenger must have been sacked long time ago . Under his supervision great Arsenal won’t raise for some time. Sack him immediately. God Bless Arsenasl


    1. Ken

      Yes, Manchester City are a top top team but we never even gave them a game. It was totally embarrassing. Im expecting much the same in the Europa against AC Milan. No longer do i expect my beloved Arsenal to win but merely hope for it, against the big guns i fear a heavy defeat every time. Arsenal are now a mid table team at best, Wenger and the board have destroyed the club, our proud history is in tatters and we are now a laughing stock. We have the players just not the manager to move the club forward. The whole mis management of the club has to stop. Wenger out, board out!


  2. Richard Gray

    I’m a season ticket holder, but for family reasons I couldn’t get to the game yesterday, so I watched it on the TV. This is what I posted on facebook after 35 minutes yesterday.
    I’ve been an Arsenal fan since the 60’s I’ve seen some shit in my time but this is beyond me. I cant any watch anymore. We have good players, we have an out dated, old manager who does not have a clue. He is being out thought by virtually everyone. It’s time to go. I was always in favour of him leaving when he wants, but now…. the result in the Europa league and now this…. are EMBARRASSING…
    Sorry but #wengerout


  3. mcz

    the only solution is to stop paying for tickets and buying arsenal merchandise and show them that you as fans matter…..otherwise paying for every game home and away only to lose and complain afterwards solves nothing…..but thats just my opinion


  4. Malaysian gunner

    The writing had been on the wall for the last ten years. Now the press reports
    he has asked for more time.Well. Well. Indeed compared to other top managers sacked he has been not only been given more but given extra time and has failed repeatedly.
    If the board doesn’t get rid of him Arsenal will slip further behind the top teams.


  5. franc ole

    Like what some one said, Wenger buys the players, coaches the players, makes the team out the same players and he should be the one to change players when things are not fine. He claims Jack and Ramsey are some of his best players and keeps Mertsarker his captain the whole season. What a rubbish of a manager. can you please leave. If people are scared of his going, never mind, he cares less each time we are embarrassed. If one goal came from an off side, which is not true, what about the other two goals and does it make any difference or change anything if that goal was disallowed?


  6. EthioGunner

    I miss David DEIN……. whatever bad he did during his time with arsenal, We turned from awesome into awful since he left. That’s the only common denominator in all this shit.



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