Lucky, Lucky Arsenal

Well that was easier than we thought.

Despite AC Milan not being the great side they once were, they are still a good side.

Before last night, they had lost just once this year, a run of 1 defeat in 14 games. they had been revitalised under the stewardship of Gennaro Gattuso.

That single defeat was against Arsenal in the San Siro in the first leg.

To emphatically win 5-1 on aggregate sends a message to the rest of the teams in the Europa League. That we are taking the competition seriously.

Looking at the sides left, only Atletico Madrid are on par to Arsenal. And if we perform to our best, they can be swatted aside with ease. The Europa League is Arsenal’s to lose.

An interesting little stat for you all now:

When not in the Champions League, Arsenal have made the final in 3 of the last 5 occasions.

1993/94: European Cup Winners Cup (Winners)
1994/95: European Cup Winners Cup (Runners-Up)
1996/97: UEFA Cup (Round 1)
1997/98: UEFA Cup (Round 1)
1999/00: UEFA Cup (Runners-Up)

Hopefully this year we can put the run of 3 European Final defeats in a row to bed.

Whilst we praise Arsene Wenger for what he has won at the club, we have also lost a lot of finals under him (1 Champions League, 1 UEFA Cup, 1 FA Cup, 3 League Cup). One thing that people will always ask once he is off retired into the sunset is did Arsenal under achieve under Wenger. With 6 final defeats and 3 league titles that we should have won (99, 93, 08), a strong argument can be made for yes.

Anyway, I digress, this is not a blog about bashing Wenger, it is about the Arsenal. I love the feeling and sense of pride when we win. Made even better when Tottenham and Chelsea are no longer in Europe. But it seems some people are not as proud as me when The Arsenal win.

Despite us winning, and getting in to the QF in Europe, some still moaned. One chap on Twitter said “a better team would have taken us apart. arsenal got lucky.” We scored 5 goals mate.

To claim scoring 5 goals and gong through was due to “luck” is just silly. It is bitter. It shows the person who wrote the tweet, and those that agree, are just sad. Sad little men who probably sit there tweeting Arsenal’s sponsors during a game that he has to go. Who claim it is Arsenal FC not Arsene FC; yet dedicate there waking life to wanting #WengerOut.

The majority want Wenger to leave, but there is a point where you have to look at your own behaivour, as a middle aged man, and realise the fact that you are just a sad bitter man.

So onto the next round?

Not sure who I want, but the hope is the away leg is second so that I can give myself a chance of going. Will probably consider anything but Moscow. Madrid in mid-April will be beautiful weather. Marseille and Lazio could be fun. The two Red Bull teams are cities I have never visited.

Lets see what the draw brings us at noon today.

We now do not have a game for 17 days. My advice? Get off twitter. Get out and enjoy your life. It is a short one. Spend some time with your kids. Your family. Get out doors, get some fresh air. Use the time to not think about Arsenal 24/7, not think about Wenger 24/7. Do not become bitter like the weirdo that tweets Arsenal’s sponsors, journalists and various TV channels #WengerOut during the game.

Enjoy a few weeks off.

Up the Arsenal

Ps: Danny – no need to dive mate


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