Dr Jekyll returns as Arsenal triumph in Italy

Well who expected that?

Actually I did. I had written when the draw came out that AC Milan were fallen giants, no longer the force they once were.

Of course, Arsenal have had an equally poor season this year, so it all depended on which Arsenal and which AC Milan side turned up.

AC Milan has been massively bigged up by both the media and Arsenal fans prior to the game.

No defeat since December, an unbeaten run in double figures. Their league position was a lie, they were better than that.

They were baying for blood. Hoping that Arsenal would lose their 5th game in a row. I imagine the stories were already written.

And then Arsenal turned up and ruined the party. Won 2-0. And all the journalists had to re-write what they had been saying this week.

Suddenly it was a “brilliant AC Milan side” but one which was a shadow of its former self. The same idiots who were saying thy were going to thrash Arsenal are now saying AC Milan were there to be thrashed.

Arsenal are a Jekyll and Hyde. And yesterday it was Jekyll that turned up (or Hyde – which one was the good one?).

Free flowing attacking football mixed with defensive concentration saw Arsenal beat the odds and come back to London with a 2-0 win. Away goals and a clean sheet. Not much more you can ask for.

With how Arsenal are at the moment, the tie is far from over. If the Hyde Arsenal turns up in the home leg, the team that lost to Ostersunds. To Brighton. The side that has lost 8 times this year, Arsenal could throw it all away.

But I don’t want them negative thoughts. We are 2-0 up and showed AC Milan for the average team they are. We have one foot in the Quarter Finals.

Suddenly next Thursdays game looks much more appealing. It is sold out, will have a 60,000 crowd on a mild spring evening. Make the noise for the Arsenal boys.

We can win the Europa League. Regardless of your opinion on Arsenal, the only agenda you should have is for Arsenal to be a success. And winning the Europa League would be a success.


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