We want YOUR Arsenal stories

With the usual long boring summer of transfer speculation ahead, we are looking to provide a different option to the many click bait blogs out their that just make transfer speculation up for hits. Flooding Twitter and news aggregators with the same stories about the same players under slightly different headings.

Previously we have run a series called The Arsenal and Me. It was created as an opportunity to tell your Arsenal story.

Whether it was why you started supporting Arsenal, a story about your first game, your most memorable game, or just some musings on why you love The Arsenal.

This summer we are reviving the series, but to do so, we need YOUR help.

Email your Arsenal stories to shewore@gmail.com and depending on how many we get, over the summer we will put them up daily, by-weekly or weekly. All will be used.

Do not worry about spelling, grammer or punctuation, we will edit the stories. Although it will help us if you proof read it before hitting send.

If you want to read some inspiration for your Arsenal story, view The Arsenal and Me series above or click here.

Whether old or young, Wenger In or Wenger Out, go week in week out or have never been, English based or one of the clubs many foreign fans, we want to hear from you.

So dust down your laptop, put a few words to paper, and let us interject something different to the boring transfer speculation summer.

Email us your Arsenal story now shewore@gmail.com




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