Some thoughts on Jamie Vardy

So next season Arsenal will no longer be having a party with Jamie Vardy after he decided to remain at Leicester City for 4 more years. The following is some random thoughts I have on the matter.


Over the years, arsenal fans have abused Emmanuel Adebayor, booed Gael Clichy, hissed at Cesc Fabregas, and called Samir Nasri a C***. All for showing Arsenal no loyalty. For leaving for more money. In most of the cases, taking a step down (at the time) to fill their pockets with gold.

So are we then not a little hypocritical having a go at Jamie Vardy for staying at Leicester City?

The money on the table from Arsenal was more, but he has chosen to stay with the Champions. He has shown loyalty. Should we really be having a go at that?


Despite showing loyalty, I do wonder if Jamie Vardy has shown a lack of bottle. Some reported that he wanted assurances that he would be Arsenal’s first choice striker next season. Arsene Wenger will never give those assurances.

Rather than join a bigger club, and compete with Olivier Giroud and Danny Welbeck, he has decided to remain a big fish in a small pond. He has bottled the challenge.

Played by agents

Jamie Vardy had a release clause. Arsenal were informed of this by Vardy’s representatives. Did they just play Arsenal? Was the plan all along to get Arsenal (or any Premier League club – he had apparently been pimped out to most of the top 10) to show interest, put an offer on the table and then go back to Leicester and get a new contract? Despite only signing a new one in February?

In February it was reported he had signed a new 3 year deal worth £60k a week. This was an increase on his previous £12k deal. He has now signed a four deal for £100k a week. So in 4 months he has increased his contract by £40 and an extra year. That is an extra £7million in his pocket above the contract from February.

Bet Mrs Vardy is happy.

Have Arsenal been played?another-vardy-grap_2911223a

Counter Offer

The way I see it, Arsenal had provisionally agreed a contract with Jamie Vardy. Leicester made a counter offer. They could not match the salary on the table, but offered an extra year.

Anyone who has ever worked in recruitment will know how often counter offers are made, and how annoying they are.

Leicester counter offered Arsenal, and as so often happens, the counter offer was accepted by the employee.

Olivier Giroud

Some interesting stats over the last two Premier League seasons:

Jamie Vardy: 29 goals in 70 Premier League games

Olivier Giroud: 30 goals in 65 Premier League games

When you take into account during that period Vardy scored 5 penalties against Giroud’s 1, it is clear, Olivier Giroud is better than Jamie Vardy.

However, Vardy would have given Arsenal something different. Someone who runs in behind.

Moving Forward

So what next?

The worry for many is that like previous years, we do not have other targets. A Plan B. Will this year be any different?

Part of me thinks it is (and call me crazy!). I think perhaps Vardy was the Plan B. Get him in for relatively cheap in today’s standards, and you still have plenty in the pot if you secure plan A.

When we chased Suarez, the big problem is we let other players go to pursue him. Higuain, Jovetic. This was hopefully going to be different. Secure one whilst you target others.

There are not too many top European strikers available at the moment. Hopefully we have one of them in our sites.


Just some random thoughts I have put together. Feel free to agree / disagree


1 thought on “Some thoughts on Jamie Vardy

  1. Begeegs

    “The money on the table from Arsenal was more, but he has chosen to stay with the Champions. ”

    Per week, it was, but over the course of the 4 years, Vardy will make about 2 million more.



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