The General Set For Arsenal Return

GettyImages-536352932Aaron Ramsey has so far been one of the stars of Euro 2016.

He has played with freedom, and been the creative, roaming force. It has been exceptional to watch.

There has been a lot of talk about him being back to his best. The form that saw he become one of the top players in the league in 2013/14. And he is. But this has led to an even bigger question, when he returns to Arsenal, can he replicate that form with the club?

My answer is simple, YES.

Over the last 2 seasons, Ramsey’s form for club has not been as high as good as it was in 2013/14. There is a simple reason for this.

Personnel change in the team meant that Aaron Ramsey’s role in the first 11 had changed.

During his year of form, he often played in a midfield 2 with Mikel Arteta. Arteta say just in front of the defence, picking the ball up, and starting the plays.

This left Ramsey free to be higher up the field, playing off Olivier Giroud, alongside Mesut Ozil. It worked exceptionally.

Then Arteta lost his legs. And was replaced by Francis Coquelin.


Whilst Coquelin showed heart and desire, he was limited technically. He did not have the passing range of Arteta. He could not be relied upon to start the attacks.

This then put extra pressure on Ramsey. He began to drop deeper. Operate more just in front of the defence. He was expected to start the attacks, then bomb forward and join in with them. It simple did not work, and he lost form.

We have since signed Granit Xhaka.

The Swiss international will get the best out of Aaron Ramsey.

Xhaka is an exceptional ball player. He will operate in a similar role as Arteta, playing deep, starting the attacks. This will mean that Ramsey can play higher up the field. He will no longer need to drop as deep to collect the ball.

Ramsey’s game is simply not suited to having to keep going as deep. He is not the man who starts the attacks from defence. You want him in the middle of the park, a ball of energy, getting forward in attack.

He needs the freedom to get forward at will. Xhaka will give him that freedom. He will be back to his high performing levels o 2013/14.

The General is set to return



4 thoughts on “The General Set For Arsenal Return

  1. crispen

    If the coach is fair , El Nino and Carzola are both way ahead of Ramsey. His problem is NOT just dropping deep. It is that he can not keep the ball wether deep or in the final 3rd.
    Is he better than a healthy Jack and the bevy of youngsters coming up. We shall see.


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