Greatest Gunners Goals: Arsenal Fans are Idiots

132I am not one to throw around random abuse at fellow fans. The infighting between Arsenal fans is often disgusting, always embarrassing. But I am comfortable to say, on this occasion, in this scenario, ARSENAL FANS ARE IDIOTS.

Over the summer, the club have been doing one of their ‘Greatest’ lists. We all remember the GREATEST 50 PLAYERS in 2008 which saw Ashley Cole voted ahead of Paul Merson, Alan Smith & Charlie Nicholas as the 25th Greatest Gooner. Nicolas Anelka was 29th, above the likes of Kenny Sansom, George Armstrong, Bob Wilson & George Graham.

This year, we have been voting on the ‘Greatest Gunner’s Goals’. Or when OI say we I did not get a voting card. And perhaps this is why we see the results that we do…

IMG_6180The list is a joke. I am not going to go into the whole thing. But one comment will highlight how much of a joke it is.

How is Michael Thomas’s goal against Liverpool at Anfield in 1989 not the great Arsenal goal of all time?

And even worse, how is it below Andrei Arshavin against Blackburn?

There are plenty of other goals also missing:


The order of the goals. The great goals missing. It is almost like there was no football before 1996.

Arsenal fans are idiots.





3 thoughts on “Greatest Gunners Goals: Arsenal Fans are Idiots

  1. allen

    agree 100%. but this is just an example of how we’ve reaped what we’ve sown. the entire purpose of the wenger/kroenke regime has been to expunge the historic reality that arsenal are a hugely succesful club and that prior to wengers arrival were 2nd only to liverpool in terms of league titles. we’re fed a myth that arsenal were almost non league before 1996 and wenger built the club into todays wonderfully expensive incarnation with his bare hands. hes built something alright. hes like a man that inherited a castle, demolished it and replaced it with a bungalow. in sporting terms hes spent 20 years turning fc porto into sporting braga. so is it any wonder we have fans that immortalise meaningless goals and ignore the inconvenient truth of our glorious history from chapman to graham?

  2. Diagram

    A lot of fans who remember those older goals vividly do not even use the internet. Demographics should always be taken into account by readers of such polls. For instance, Thomas’ goal was scored five years before I was born. I only read about it before our last cup game with Liverpool when the papers were doing stories on the Arsenal/Liverpool rivalry.

    I never discount the history of my club, and I love the fact that Highbury is a listed building and so it will always be there. But the Arsene Wenger era Arsenal is all I’ve ever known. And it’s not because I’m an idiot. It’s because of my age.


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