Why did Arsenal fail to sign N’Golo Kante?

01_04085432_a3d934_2840443aN’Golo Kante is joining Chelsea. And the response from Arsenal fans is predictable.

Lost Kante. Need a quality holding midfielder and Wenger lets another gem go. Absolute c***” is one comment I have seen on it. And it is a comment I have seen by many people.

It shows how short Arsenal fan’s memories are:Granit-Xhaka-673633

Arsenal have already signed their defensive midfielder. Granit Xhaka.

Having been around for what seems like forever, Xhaka is still just 23 – younger than N’Golo Kante. As a teenager, he was described as the best talent in Switzerland, ahead of Xherdan Shaqiri. Ottmar Hitzfeld likened him to a “young Schweinsteiger”.

With an 85 per cent pass completion percentage this season, second best at Mönchengladbach, he combines playmaking ability with a combative style him consistently ranked in the top 30 Bundesliga players for tackles and interceptions per game. Xhaka also leads the league for red cards (three) and second for fouls per game (2.6). Nastiness that Arsenal have missed in the middle of the park for years.

At 6ft 1in, Xhaka combines the physical frame and range of passing to hold his own. He has been Gldbach’s creative hub for the last 18 months, sculpting play from the heart of midfield with his immaculate left foot.

Technically gifted, he reads the game well and is robust enough to do the nasty work as well; For reading of the game and an ability to pick a pass, he is very much like Jack Wilshere. However is far more durable, and a lot more physical.

Perhaps most importantly, he is a leader.

So those of you moaning we have not signed N’Gole Kante, please remember, we have secured Granit Xhaka, a superior player who suits Arsenal’s game a lot more.




8 thoughts on “Why did Arsenal fail to sign N’Golo Kante?

  1. SM

    Kante is proven in the premiership, Xhaka isn’t. But that’s not the real point is it. Chelsea have very quickly identified the need to get a combatative midfielder, made a bid and signed their man in quick time. Arsenal on the other hand go a whole summer trying to get a striker for the 3rd time in 4 years, and as we speak are no closer to concluding the business. I blame the manager who is a complete control freak. Bring back Dein, and let him give Wenger a kick up the backside.

  2. Jack Dearden

    It’s clear in only that Kante went to you know who. Look that’s fine as Xhaka is robust, yet clever and seems ready to progress to the next level. He will improve. It’s also clear that historically teams that radically chop and change , together with a new manager, don’t win titles in season 1. ( statisticians hold fire!) What has 2016 really taught us about being able to be champions: a unity that is like nothing else. Also a generous helping of luck. We MUST stick together at all times through the troughs, and there will be lows. It’s how we mentally go about it.
    If we can keep hold of LK, and HB, have good luck regard injury, with stacks of belief, we can go very far, we will win. I KNOW we can. Don’t believe any nonsense about 80- 100M GBP strikers , Walcott and OX at their best are better than all of these overrated names , so why not get TW up front?, it’s defence, as all serious Gunners fans know deep down that win the league.

  3. thenry

    lol @ some arsenal fans who think we have missed out on kante when they don’t even look at the structure of the midfield that we have
    we already have elneny and le coq everyone seems to forget how well elneny played. imagine if we had signed cant for 5 mill before he went to lccc or marez for 300k all those fans who are baying for them now would have slaughtered Wenger for being a cheapskate poor man he can’t win either way
    we have a good squad and if we can get the right striker and another cb then thats all imo theo can’t have a worse season and the ox will have a point to prove so two hungry players
    COYG lets back the team and the manager

    1. Chafchaouni

      Finally, someone with a brain.
      In the books, we have :
      – 9 defenders. Debuchy should go and we will need jenko to play and RB back up otherwise, we still have Calumn who can play there too. Calumn and Gabriel have a point to prove this year if they want to stay in the squad. so maybe AW will consider this and won’t buy a CB. but if he wants to play it secure he should go and buy a proven CB. but knowing AW, he won’t ! for LB the situation is good.
      – Midfield: for the first time in I don’t know how many years, we have 3 DMs and all of them are GOOD (Coq, Elneeny and Granit). this position is sorted out. whether we want to play with only 1 or 2 DMs in front of the defence, we have what we need. if we are going to play against Barcelona again this year we can put all the 3 in the midefield 🙂 loool. for the Midfield, we have what we need Ramsey, Wilshere, Cazorla and Ozil (I’m not even talking about the young guys we have like zelalem, or aldereide, etc…). so sorted out.
      – Attack: we definitely need a proven one not to replace Giroud but to complement him. we have Giroud, Alexis, IWOBI, Walcott, Campbell, Ox, and we get back Sanogo ;). we can do better with a very good striker !
      So to resume. stop moaning when you see other teams buying in different positions different from CF and CB. if AW doesn’t sign anyone (especially striker) before August. then we can criticise. for now… wait and see !

  4. Ken

    for someone with a brain, it rather seems you are missing one. You have already forgotten that your hyper midfield was missing for the whole of last season and who can predict they will turn present this year.
    Walcott?, Cazorla, Wilshere, Lecoq, and Sonogo? Giroud went on 15 matches without scoring.
    Do not waste time go quickly to the local store and get yourself a brain and another one for thenry.
    This season is going to be much of the same, may be worse as our rivals are all strengthening.
    Squeeze your brain and get a little juice out to remember how we have lost to the worst Manc side of all times with the super, hyper midfield you are boasting we have.
    I would rather say, again another one without a brain.

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  6. chang

    can anyone shed some light why we did not sign Kante in the summer????

    Now I’m not a highly paid scout or manager but last season I recognised Kante was one of the main reasons Leicester city won the league and for me he was their best player. I said to myself then who ever signs this lad will win the prem next season.

    When I looked at his stats in all areas important to a defensive midfielder he was miles ahead of everyone else and had double the stats of xhaka ………for me kante reads the game so well, tackles well and covers a lot of area on the pitch almost like there is two of him on the pitch …he never runs out of energy and consistently performs well every game

    Now I was waiting before the start of the new season for Arsenal to sign him as a player of his quality only comes along in a generation, the last one as good was Makelle.

    But no attempt to sign him was made:

    Wenger commented how he had known about kante since he was ten but did not realise he would be in prem so soon..which was strange because kante was around 25 at the time

    wenger even went as far to say the following:

    “I admire and like N’Golo Kanté a lot. It gives you ideas,”

    “He gives you the feeling that the higher the level he plays at, the more at ease he is. We are talking about numbers. He has the most interceptions in Europe and by far. He has incredible quality. He feels the game, only very few people can do that. He’s always where he needs to be. It is very rare to have that in the central midfielder. Not always orthodox, but always in the right place.”

    Now why is it Kante did not join us but joined chelsea for a bargain price of £29 million`…………. and wenger opted to sign Xhaka who is not even half as good.

    can some one tell me why wenger did not go for Kante a player he clearly rated………..we clearly had the money because xhaka cost £30 million

    Knowing Wenger …He either chose not sign kante because for him it would hurt Coq and Elneny career…..or he thought we had too many quality midfielders which included Ramsey and Wilshere

    Now here we are at the business end of the season where we need players like kante….. but we are in a situation with no recognised central midfielders available to face chelsea………….because of the ineptness and stupidity of the manager when we could have had the best defensive midfielder of this generation.

  7. chang

    This what an article should be like Keano not what you spout….. Kante is a far superior player than Xhaka his stats were double that of xhaka and miles better than any other midfielder last season and the same is happening this season … and you talk about height when being short in defensive midfield role has its advantages…..one of wenger many mistakes not signing him


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