Laurent Koscielny contract is NOT nearing its end

One of the more concerning Arsenal relating stories to come out this summer is the interest of Bayern Munich in Laurent Koscielny.hi-res-de06ec0d041fae11d70f2db4bf456598_crop_north

It has been widely reported that Koscielny is entering the last year of his contract and that Bayern Munich were looking to take advantage and sign the French centreback in a cut price deal.

It has not taken too much research to discover that Koscielny is not entering the last year of his contract.

In 2012, Laurent Kosicleny signed a new 4 year deal, set to expire in 2016.

Just two years later, in 2014, he signed another deal. And this is where people have got confused.

In 2014, he signed a 3 year extension to his current contract. That means he was extending the duration of his contract. With two years remaining on his 2014 contract, he was basically signing a new 5 year deal.

And this is what is key. In 2014, Laurent Koscileny was not signing a new 3 year deal that would take him through to 2017, but a 3 year extension on his current deal that would take him through to 2019.

So Laurent Koscielny’s current contract runs out in 2019, not 2017.

Koscielny is currently reportedly in contract negotiations with Arsenal, but this is likely more to do with once more extending a deal with 3 years to run (with an extra year?) and giving him a pay rise in line with what our first choice centre back and vice captain should be on.

Of course, this does not stop Bayern Munich sniffing around, but it makes Arsenal’s position a lot stronger.





3 thoughts on “Laurent Koscielny contract is NOT nearing its end

  1. Eric Savage

    Thanks for clarifying this. I’m sure I’m not the only one who was thinking: “why is nobody talking about this?”

  2. GoonerEris

    These articles are swallowed by some fans, who proceed to get their knickers in a twist fearing the worst. It is nice to have that clarified and out the way; but I never gave that rumour a thought because I am convinced Kos loves to play for us and the club was not about to give him up without a fight. He is 30 and just needs his last big contact and such rumours only go to remind the establishment they need to start talking.


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