POLL: Which Arsenal shirt will you buy this summer?

Another year, another 3 shirts released by Puma in conjunction with Arsenal.

We knew with the new deal, we would be having 3 new shirts every season. Gone are the days when we used to have a home shirt, an away shirt, and they changed them every other season. One year you’d get bought a new home shirt by your mum and dad, the next a new away.

With the money Puma pay Arsenal, they need to get the best bang for their back. A new home shirt every year, a new away shirt, and a cup away shirt, which will get worn about 5 times. With prices £50+ (I honestly do not know how much they are these days), most parents can not afford to buy the kids both.


So which one will you be buying for your kid (or for yourself if you are a sad adult who still buys replica shirts)?


2 thoughts on “POLL: Which Arsenal shirt will you buy this summer?

  1. Ziich

    Depends on what we do on the transfer market.
    Walcott out =away
    Lacazzette (or any top striker) =home
    Mustafi or a solid CB = third kit



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