Calling out Rio Ferdinand


So Rio Ferdinand has piped up over Arsenal players taking a “selfie” in the changing room after yesterdays victory over Ludogorets.

Firstly, taking into account Rio Ferdinand loves a selfie, you would think he would actually know what they are.

Ferdinand took the above in 2010, posting it too his Twitter account in support of his England teammates at the World Cup. He was out injured. England did not win the cup. Maybe he should have saved the selfies until the team had their hands on the trophy?


Note the extending right arm, holding the camera, taking a picture of himself. That is a selfie.

Now see the difference in the pictures. If, like Ferdinand, you are too dim to realise what a selfie is, The Arsenal one was not in fact a selfie.


The Arsenal picture was taken by Stuart MacFarlane. For those who do not know him, or follow him on Twitter, he is the Chief Photographer at Arsenal Football Club. It is his job to take the photos of players training, playing, signing and celebrating. He creates a historical documentation of Arsenal Football Club via the medium of photography.

So according to Rio Ferdinand, a photograph of a player who scored a hat trick, holding his match ball, surrounded by his team mates, should not happen?

Unsurprisingly Rio Ferdinand has forgotten what he previously said about selfies.

It is not a surprise that Ferdinand has forgotten something. After all, this is a man shamefully banned for 8 months for forgetting he had a drugs test, and going shopping instead.

Of course, I am sure Ferdinand is happy with selfies when he has a rubbish hat to sell.


Or when he wants to show off that he is on a private plane.


And nothing says rich than a selfie on the runway, next to the plane.

selfie-planeOr when the sponsors tell him to eat something.


And of course, he has no regard for road safety. A selfie driving? Why not.


And it seems for Ferdinand it is case of “What happens on tour stays on tour”


And he always seems to be trying to flog those hats.

selfie-5And finally, who can forget Rio’s World Cup Wind-Ups, where, in the lead up to the 2006 World Cup, Ferdinand filmed a hidden camera Punk’d style show where he played pranks on fellow English team mates. After each prank, say those legendary words “You got merk’d!.”

What a way to prepare for representing your country at the highest level.

Now get back in your box you cleft lipped mug.




1 thought on “Calling out Rio Ferdinand

  1. Stan simons

    Ferdinand is so super critical,can he just accept that our boys have had a great win,irrispective of what stage of the competition that we are in. These guys are young footballers and are so entitled to do what they wish off the pitch.great picture guys looking forward to the next game do something else Ferdinand!!!!!!


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