Alexis Sanchez’s 3 year itch

Fact 1: Alexis Sanchez has never spent longer than 3 seasons at a club

Fact 2: Alexis Sanchez has never signed a second contract at a club

I have recently come to terms with the fact that Alexis Sanchez will leave Arsenal in the summer. He will not be signing a new contract. He will move elsewhere. I am not happy with it, as he is a World Class player who is the sides talisman, but it will be Alexis Sanchez’s choice.

Throughout his career, he has not stayed anywhere very long. He came to Europe in 2008 signing for Udinese. After 3 years in Italy, Barcelona came sniffing. No one would turn down Barcelona. He signed a 5 year contract with the Catalan giants.

Just 3 years later, he was on the move once more. This time to Arsenal. Having failed to establish himself as a superstar in Spain, and with Neymar, Lionel Messi and newly signed Luis Suarez ahead of him, he joined Arsenal.

All his moves were justifiable. You can see why he left each club, but the facts remain that he has never spent longer than 3 years at a club, nor signed a second contract.

He has also never played more than 100 league games for a club – 95 at Udinese, 88 at Barcelona, currently 79 at Arsenal.


Sanchez has unfinished business in Italy. Whilst at Udinese he failed to pick up a trophy. I can see a move to Juventus materialising.

At 28, he perhaps has 6 more years left in him at the top level. So another two clubs. I can also see him going to PSG. They will pay big wages, and he will be guaranteed silverware. He then would have had some success in Spain, England, Italy (if he wins something for Juvenuts) and France. And would have experienced great cities throughout Europe.

He will then probably return to Chile as a hero.

And that is a key point as well. He will always struggle to be a club legend due to him moving, but he is a Chilean hero. An Icon. A legend. He has always put country before club, and it has previously infuriated managers as he puts his body on the line, with no regard to who pays his wages.

Sanchez reminds me a lot of Carlos Tevez. Both came from poverty to become global superstars.

Tevez also struggled to stay at any one club for very long. His longest stint was at Manchester City, where he played for 4 years.

The writing is on the wall, Sanchez will leave Arsenal this summer.


2 thoughts on “Alexis Sanchez’s 3 year itch

  1. manamongst74

    In a way I think you´re right. But at this point, he has a family and his mental well-being to think about. The Italians won´t pay his wage, he already speaks Spanish and can´t see him going back to that league. Germany is just too much of a change for him and his family. France is the same language lifestyle scenario as Germany. He is on the cusp of being comfortable with the English language, although I will say he probably put just as little effort into learning as Tevez. Maybe if he put forth a Mauricio Pochettino-like effort into learning the language we could feel more confident in hoping he and Ozil or exerting signing pressure on Wenger. By the urgency of the Mbappe bid, this appears to be the case.


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