Why did Arsenal release TWO kit launch photos?

Yesterday was the Great Arsenal Kit Launch. One of the greatest days on The Arsenal sporting calendar (I jest). It is basically a massive waste of time where you get a load of work shy in back packs turn up and live tweet and vlog about it, as if they have been invited to something special.

You get the idiots who always believe we are going to unveil a player at the kit launch – this never happens. Yesterday there were rumours that it was being held at Kings Cross as Arsenal were going to unveil a player just coming off the EuroStar. It was pure fantasy up. There was more of a chance of Harry Potter appearing.

Social media was awash with the usual moaning. People complaining about the kit, who then go on to say they have not bought a kit for 20 years. And probably have a go at adults who buy kits (with names on the back) and call them shirters.

If you do not buy the kit, do not plan to buy the kit, and have not bought a kit since you were a teenager, then zip your gums up. Arsenal do not care about your opinion on something you had no intention to buy, and you should not really be criticising others who choose to buy it.

I always laugh at the vloggers and bloggers out there who during the season go on anti-board protests, moan about prices and the greed of the board, calling for people to boycott, etc. We know who these people are. Yet on kit launch day, they ensure they are in line as one of the first to buy the kit. They then run home and film themselves in the care wearing it.

How drippy can you be that you spend 24/7 on social media moaning about the greed of the club, having a go at fans who renew their season tickets, then you put money in the clubs pocket within seconds of the kit being released. Always laugh when I see someone continually criticising the club whilst where more merchandise than Ty from Arsenal Fan TV.

Yesterday, one noticeable thing came out when the official club pictures of the kit were released. That there were two sets of pictures.

Two pictures being released sent Arsenal fans into conspiracy theory mode. Including myself. Everyone started making jokes about spot the difference. Fuelling the conspiracy theories was that in one picture, Per Mertesacker, Mesut Ozil and Alexis Sanchez appeared. In the second picture, all 3 plus Petr Cech had been replaced by Hector Bellerin and Nacho Monreal. Olivier Giroud was in both.

What this lead to was the theory that Arsenal had produced two pictures. One for it Ozil and Sanchez signed new deals and were at Arsenal next season, the other in preparation for their departure.

It was soon pointed out by many that there was no conspiracy theory. The top picture contain Ozil, Sanchez, Mertesacker, Cech and Giroud was the Official Arsenal picture.

The second picture was for Puma. Giroud, Bellerin and Monreal are all Puma athletes. The rest wear other boots. The second picture is what will appear in Puma stores up and down the country, and on Puma’s website.

So no conspiracy theory, just different marketing materials created for different reasons.


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