Arsenal set to raise over £130 million in player sales

As Arsenal continue to move on the under performing players who’s time at the club has come to an end, the amount bought in through player sales and saved wages could breach the £130,000,000 barrier.

All going well, if Arsenal get the price they seem to be demanding for the players, Arsenal could raise over £100m from the player sales alone.

Arsenal would then save an additional £32m in wages from the outgoing players. To put that into context, it would save the club £621,000 a week.

There have been reports (badly investigated reports) that Arsenal could breach the new Premier League wage increase cap rules this summer if they end up offering Alexis Sanchez and Mesut Ozil the bumper money they demand.

English top flight clubs are allowed to increase their annual wage bills by £7m under the rules, but in the event that the attacking pair finally declare their allegiance to the Arsenal cause, the FA Cup winners would see that wage expenditure double to £15m and be in breach of the Premier League’s short-term cost control guidelines.

Arsenal’s wage bill for the 2016/17 season was reportedly £200.5m. This would mean that Arsenal could spend £207.5m on wages for 2017/18. A surplus of £7m, not taking into account other players who have built in yearly wage rises.

But if Arsenal shift £32m in wages off the books, this leaves the club around £39m in wages to play with. That is a cool £750,000 a week.

If a third of that is given to Mesut Ozil and Alexis Sanchez, it will still leave £500,000 a week in the pot for new signings. And that is before any wages is offset by image right deals.

Alexandre Lacazette’s deal is at around £130,000 a week and Sead Kolasinac on £120,000 a week. This still leaves Arsenal £250,000.

For that surplus, Arsenal could easily sign their first choice attacking option (Thomas Lemar) and add depth in the middle of the park and still have some change in the kitty.

Whilst I know the dangers of talking about net spend, the fact that Arsenal could sign Lacazette, Kolasinac and Lemar for a combined total of less than the out going players (all 3 will cost under £100m) ensure that we maintain the model of being a self sufficient football club.

£130m+ for players no longer needed. It is good that we are going to clear the decks, but it also highlights how much wastage we have had in recent years.



4 thoughts on “Arsenal set to raise over £130 million in player sales

  1. Tony Akers

    we only want players who want to play for Arsenal IF sANCHEZ does wants t5o go then let him but whoever buys him make them pay the price he is worth not a penny less than 75 million if Pogba is worth 98 million then Sanchez is worth double that so don’t let anybody take us for a ride lets get whaqt he is really worth

  2. Cheadle

    Keep Sanchez!!

    Nobody does what he does better!

    Getting back into CL is top priority, that’s @$50M for qualifying!. CL also has pulling power for top players. After that if he still feels strongly about Man City then he might join them.
    One question though…. What if Man City drops out of top four next season?

    If last season is anything to go by, a team could make 80 points next season and still fail to qualify for CL. After all Leicester won EPL two seasons ago with 81 points. last season Tottenham got 86 points and finished second and in the previous season, Arsenal earned a runner-up spot behind Leicester with just 71 points. Incredibly, last season 75 points got us no higher than fifth place. Man United Spent gzillions and ended the season in 6th place with 69 points. Some might say they’ve qualified for CL so it was kinda worth it……

    Yes keeping is vital because reclaiming a lost CL spot is easier said than done, just ask Liverpool

    1. Cheadle

      Yes keeping Sanchez is vital because reclaiming a lost CL spot is easier said than done, just ask Liverpool


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