Calm down dear, it’s only a friendly 

Arsenal lost 3-0 to Chelsea in a pre-season friendly in China. As expected, the toys were well and truly thrown out of a the pram.

“Didn’t take us long to go back to mentality weak c***ts did it” I saw one fan write. 

“Once again other team looks more prepared than we do” another messaged, “it has shown we haven’t changed.”

“Exactly, same mistakes the worry is we never ever learn” was the response. 

I see one blogger claim we “stank out Beijing with familiar performance”. Well done. A comment from a real fan blogging from his Manhattan high rise. 

The fact is, this was a friendly. And just like I wouldn’t expect anyone to go OTT over the drawvictoy against Bayern Munich earlier this week, I wouldn’t expect anyone to be moaning that we have lost a friendly. 

But of course, it is always forgotten that some Arsenal fans will look at any reason to man. 

The same fans moaning this evening about our defeat would have spent the night attacking fans being happy had we won 3-0. 

“But it’s only a friendly” they would have screamed had we won. 

So why is when we win, it is only a friendly, but when we lose, we have stunk out the place and on the verge of a club in crisis. Be consistent. Don’t change your narrative to suit the agenda. 

2014/15 pre season, Spurs went unbeaten. Chelsea lost to the likes of Besiktas and Werder Breman. Chelsea won the league. Spurs finished 5th. 

Pre season is about getting match fit. It’s about money, mainly. So dot get your knickers in a twist.

Bayern Munich lost 4-0 to AC Milan. Are there fans moaning?

Arsenal losing to Chelsea is a meaningless result in a meaningless game. And it would be the same had Arsenal won. 

Have a good Saturday. 



6 thoughts on “Calm down dear, it’s only a friendly 

  1. Amon

    Like your post. Felt bad at the result but saw a number of positives especially the tenacity of Sead if paired with Kos. Cheers.
    Amon in Kampala uganda

  2. Arthur

    Your partly right. The result has no relevance, doesn’t matter. What could be of concern is they looked well ahead of us in fitness and organisation. There is no reason why this should be. I think I’m right in saying our record in the opening game of the season is pretty atrocious. From that perspective it is reasonable to ask why the difference.

  3. WC

    “Only a friendly” when we lose and then “Title contenders” when we beat Bayern in a similar friendly huh? Supporters change their narrative too much to delude themselves into thinking we’re actually still a top team


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