Has The Arsenal executive bubble burst?

Is the bubble finally bursting? It seems like The Arsenal are struggling to shift executive tickets…

Firstly we have Arsenal’s Senior Premium Sales Executive advertising unsold hospitality tickets on LinkedIn. Whilst this was a week ago, it is a clear indication that the club have failed to sell out executive boxes and club level season tickets for the upcoming season. There is a clear lack of demand.

Then we have another Premier Sales Executive, once more on LinkedIn, looking to advertise herself to increase her connections with Arsenal fans.

“Nothing unusual, a salesperson trying to network” you might think. And you would be correct if this was a recruitment consultant screaming about how they have 4 painters available to start having had a job cancelled at the weekend. But an Arsenal Sales Executive should not need to sell themselves.

Arsenal should sell itself. And there are enough weirdo’s and fans out there who try and Link-In with every Arsenal related account that new connections should be coming to her, easily.

It indicates that the current market is saturated. That the sales team are LinkedIn with all potential buyers of Executive seats, and that they are forcing the issue to try and get more connections.

Then finally we have the Senior Sales Executive bloke doing what is known as throw your business cards on the table, take a picture, stick it on LinkedIn and hope someone calls. It is desperation.

It is one step below attention seeking then the girl moaning about guys always asking her on dates whilst 60% of her LinkedIn avi are taken up by her pushed up breasts, and most of her content is pictures of herself, or her female work colleagues, in tight clothing – not that I have an issue with this. Got it, flaunt it, sell yourself, but don’t moan when you get unwanted attention.

Now the increased sales activity on LinkedIn clearly shows a lack of sales. anyone who has done sales knows when margin decreases, increase activity.

IS this just a case of Arsenal finishing 5th? Or that people are bored of the club? Or is it the bigger picture? That (cause partially by the Bribery Act), companies no longer see expensive executive boxes to woo clients as justifiable?

It seems the bubble is slowly bursting.


1 thought on “Has The Arsenal executive bubble burst?

  1. gunnerbear

    I think the issue is the lack of CL football and the stasis the Club is in…. …as our serious rivals spend hundreds of millions, we are spending next to nothing (in relative terms) and of course a decade of failure (let’s not pretend FA Cups are worth anything) is bound to impact on the Club.

    Why pay ‘top cash for a less than top class product’?


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