Thomas Lemar to Arsenal lies exposed

No one outside of Arsene Wenger’s inner circle really know what is happening at Arsenal when it comes to transfers. Anyone that pretends to know what is happening; whether you’re an account, a mole, or a bean head who wears baseball caps, is simply a liar. A fraud. An attention seeker.

And we now see the excuses coming out of these ITKs over the deal with Lemar.

A month ago, they were all claiming “Lemar is done. Announced soon.”

2 weeks after their announcement it was “Arsenal are giving Monaco the chance to sign a replacement”. 

Now Monaco seemingly have replacements in, having signed 2 attacking options, the narrative has changed once more.

It is now “Arsenal need to sell to make space for Lemar”. 

So what has changed in the month? Surely a 4 weeks ago Arsenal were letting Monaco sign replacements, and knew they had to shift on players? Why are they only “breaking” this news in drips. It is almost as if they are making it up as they go along.

Obviously it is because they do not know what is happening. They called a deal done. It was not done. And now they are trying to explain why it is not yet done.

If the deal doesn’t happen, they will find the ultimate excuse “the deal was agreed but Arsenal stalled on it. My information was not wrong.”

But you said the deal was done? Do you know what done means? Or were you making it all up?

If Lemar does sign for Arsenal, it does not mean that these accounts had inside information. It just means they guessed right. These sort of accounts make a dozen or so wishey washy predictions over a summer, they are bound to get one right.

Don’t give them the oxygen. Don’t fall for their lies. And don’t believe their excuses.

Remember, no one knows what is happening at Arsenal. Why would a recruitment consultant, a bloke pretending to be a horse, a furniture maker, or a student bored on his summer break know what is going on within the corridors of the club?

Hell, they have even started to pretend to “know” the starting XI.

Don’t believe the lies.


Ps: Knowing my luck Lemar will be announced today and all the drippy ITKs will mock this post. Well done, it does not defeat the fact that you lie about knowing stuff about Arsenal n the internet to impress people you have never met.


35 thoughts on “Thomas Lemar to Arsenal lies exposed

  1. Ed

    I think what you say it partly true, but I still think Arsenal have fannied around and should have just put the money down and got the deal done. I think he will now go to another club and we will be left with egg on our faces. To me this is the same old shit we endure every year, they tell us it has changed but has it….

    1. gunnerbear

      Agree….AFC should just have said, “Right, £Xm for the transfer fee and a wage of £Yk per week….take it or leave it…”

    1. CC

      Bookies are wrong plenty of the times and it’s not really the bookies. The odds move according to where punters are placing their money, so when the “media” drops their lies, punters back that outcome which reduces those odds and increases the odds on the other outcome. The fact that Lemar to us is favourite is because punters have put a lot of money on it, not because the bookies have some inside track. It would be interesting to see the stats, but I reckon you could make a lot of money backing against every transfer that sees their odds drop dramatically based on some false media report or agent sighting in the South of France.

      1. keenosafc Post author

        The bookies scam is hilarious. It is always SkyBet who suspend betting. This then gets picked up by the media who print the story “SkyBet suspend betting on XXX to XXX” and in turn provides SkyBet with thousands of pounds of free advertising. Even by writing this reply I am publicising them!

  2. Delford Magaya

    I agree with the writer of the above article, a lot of media and sports reporters does as if they know every move that is happening inside Arsenal concerning transfer deals, but as of today they do not even feel shy all what they were saying is water under the bridge. To those who understand Arsene Wenger, they know that, he will never ever disclose anything until he have finalized about it. So for those who pretend to know all what is happening at Arsenal lies. They were talking much about Sanchez before he came back, but now they are not saying all they were saying because they were not saying the truth, as a result they pretend as if they did not say anything about it. Some were saying within a week Sanchez will be at Arsenal, and some were saying he is in good books with Pep but if he was in good books with Pep at Barcelona, why Pep was always putting Sanchez on the bench? They don’t even think when they are twisting stories to suite their need. I feel shame for them.

  3. orilayo samuel

    seriously am tired of all these wrong
    information,sometimes i blame myself by checking latest news with all are full with rumour and lies,some people just write what they like on the site.

    1. keenosafc Post author

      We are all at fault. We all follow the ITK Twitter accounts, all click on the clickbait blogs. The more followers or hits they get, the more their desire for attention is fueled

  4. Dom

    Good article, right on the nose 🙂
    These inside sources they talk about, are in their fluffy heads. These guys are on the books of well known gutter and other ‘respected’ papers just to earn some dough on the back of credible idiots like me. Whether Lemar would make a real difference anyway is doubtful. A creative mid-fielder would be more useful.

  5. kojo

    Lemar is just one of a new batch of fantastic young French players. I think getting him now for 50/60 million, will prove to be a bargain. These people who feed us all this crap about transfer targets must be ignored. Over the years we have had “done deals” for Benzema, Higuaín,Vidal, just to name 3. So the only sources I would take interest in are BBC,SKYSPORTS,and any Done deals must be confirmed on the club official site.

  6. Mind the gap Mike

    I think Wenger was looking at Least as a replacement for Sanchez, so will drag this out until transfer window closes. Would rather see a defensive midfielder arrive. We so lack a Gilberto, in my opinion if we got Magic we would be complete.

  7. Les

    Wenger has spent his R52M- for him that’s enough.I don’t think that he will spend any further.He thinks that what he has done is enough to pacify the supporters.Same old story and lies every year.

  8. Kritzo

    Arsene Wenger had/has no intention of signing Thomas Lemar, he only wants to deceive Arsenal fans as usual.
    AW has a habit of pricing every good player in the market and end up buying none. While he is busy pricing he will be expecting ‘season ticket holders’ to purchase their tickets. Once all tickets are bought, he will say, ‘no suitable players’.
    He will eventually sell Sanchez. Kronke loves money.

  9. allezkev

    I don’t do Twitter, so I avoid the majority of that nonsense, thankfully.
    NewsNow is enough to be dealing with and 95% of that is click-bait garbage.

    Some of us might have a ‘friend’ in the know, but if they tell you something in confidence you aren’t going to splash it all over the Internet, so I’m always suspicious of people that do!

    I’m convinced that Wenger has put his cheque book away.
    So expect two more big signings on deadline day… 😉

  10. Kurac

    I got a similar opinion but I don’t think that it’s about impressing anyone by predicting this. At least not in this case. There are some experts that can predict the probability of such transfers just like when Mesut Özil signed or like the Neymar transfer now. But this case is very awkward in my opinion. It seems to me like parts of the media are spreading those lies intentionally and systematically. Even though I got no clue what the intention may be.

    I think the interest in Lemar is there and I think that Arsene will buy at least one more player and try to sell or let some players go on loan in this transfer period, even though I don’t think it has something to do with the price for Lemar.

  11. HenryB

    I can sense your anger, of course, borne out of frustration that the Lemar ‘deal’ is dragging on so long.

    It is a truism that all the blog and media comments and reports claiming to know what is happening with Arsenal transfers are simply guesswork. No one but those at Arsenal who are dealing with the transfers in confidence with the other parties really know what is going on, if anything, and all but the most naive of us know that to be the case.

    That still leaves plenty of room for all this wild and inaccurate speculation, but speculation is not the same as lying – and to claim it is also requires you to know what is actually going on, but you have admitted you do not – just more speculation.

    1. MikeSA

      Speculation is “I think” that this or that is going to,happen.

      “It’s a done deal” qualifies as a lie because its claiming an absolute.

      1. HenryB

        The person making such a comment may have believed it to be true – therefore not a lie – you do not know what they really thought, anymore than I do – so you are just speculating that they are lying.

        Pointless circular argument.

      2. MikeSA

        No, it’s not a circular argument.

        If you believe something then that’s not a certainty, and any statement about it should be qualified, so if a person claims a certainty when they “believe” it to be true but don’t have any concrete facts that it is, it’s dishonest, and therefore a lie.

  12. nmace

    A lot of responses are still buying into the rumor and when it doesn’t happen they will blame Wenger. My guess, and it’s just a guess, is that Lemar was a backup in case Sanchez forced his way out. Since we have seen a smiling Sanchez at trainings and at the community shield, it suggests he has accepted Wenger’s decision and will play out his contract this season. That would explain Arsenal dropping whatever interest they had in Lemar.

    In addition, in a World Cup year, I doubt Lemar would be interested in coming to a team where Sanchez and Ozil will be ahead of him in his preferred position. Finally, you don’t pay a transfer record fee for a player that, barring injuries, will be likely be limited to substitute and cup appearances. Maybe Arsenal chase him next summer when Alexis is gone.


    CLICK BAIT – let’s get it right, there are a lot of people out there making serious money by getting us silly chaps to click a headline that looks attractive (i.e. Lemar ready to sign!, Sanchez wears a blue jumper to shows his love for Man City! Blah blah blah) clicking these leads us on to occasionally clicking the other crap lurking on the page ( i.e. Ten pictures you won’t believe, Lose 100 stone in 100 days, blah blah) The basis of most of these stories are started by a flippant comment by a pundit or punter like us and as it sounds attractive gets latched on repeated, regurgitated and reported on news now or the likes again and again. This will never stop because advertising on sites pays for clicks. The more people that click on a false rumour the higher chance of one of us dummies (me included) clicking the ad’s that promote these sites. Some of these click bait guys and companies are so efficient that they have computer system generating the bullshit stories we are reading; not only for the arsenal but all clubs, sports and beyond. Now I know like me a lot of you know this already, just thought I would make it clear. Will I stop reading it? No, because I am a dreamer and an arsenal addict and I love it even when I know most of it is pure fantasy or make believe. And those Click baiter know it


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