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Arsenal have over £100m to spend

The latest narrative peddled out to the club to favoured journalists, bloggers and large twitter accounts is that Arsenal have no money to spend. It’s lies. All lies.

The claim is that the signings of Alexandre Lacazette and Sead Kolasanic have taken up all our wage increase allocation. That there is no more in the pot. That (as one journo put it) there is no bread for our jam. It’s lies. All lies.

Let’s break it down.

Even after signing the above two players, Arsenal were in negotiation with Alexis Sanchez and Mesut Ozil. Both had double your money contracts on the table worth at least £125k week more than their current deals.

This equates to more than £13m.

The deals have not been signed. So where has this £13m gone?

The justification could be (and this is justified) that it has been ring fenced. Put aside. The contracts for both players is still on the table, so the club has made sure the money is still there for it. But it is still £13m.

Then you have the Thomas Lemar deal. It is widely reported that we bid £50m-ish for the Frenchman, and that us targeting him had nothing to do with the futures of Mesut Ozil and Thomas Lemar. The deal is dead, what has happened to that £50m?

You the. Have the Thomas Lemar wages. You have to assume that he would have been on at least £100k a week if he had joined. That’s another £5m.

Combine all 3, we seem to have had £65m available in the summer for transfers and salaries – on top of the £45m and £10m in wages it cost for Lacazette and Kolasinac. So where has that £65m gone?

The answer is it has not gone anywhere. We have not signed anyone else. We have not offered any big new contracts out. The money is still there.

Then you add the outgoings.

Arsenal have sold Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain (£40m), Szczesny (£10m), Gabriel (£10m), Gibbs (£7m), Toral (£3m) and Hinds (£2m). That is £65m in transfer fees that have come in.

There salaries (according to totalsportek.com) cone to around the £200k mark or £10m a year.

So where has his money gone? Again, no where.

So we have spent £45m and £200k a week in wages. We have bought in £65m and saved £200k a week in wages. The salaries of what has come in and what has gone out even themselves out.

So we have raised £20m more in players out over players in (I’m trying hard not to say the words “net spend”). Now I know a lot of this cash has only just come in, but to go full circle, we must return to the beginning of this blog.

What has happened to the money for Ozil and Sanchez? What has happened with the money and salaries for Thomas Lemar? We clearly do have money there.

Now before the window opened, it was widely reported by many that we would have around £100m in the bank for transfers and salaries. This is an approximate figure from the Arsenal Supporters Trust based on analysis of accounts.

So £55m of that has been taken up by Lacazette and Kolasinac. £13m of it set aside for Ozil and Sanchez.

The equals £68m. My simple months show we still had £32m of the original pot left. I can kind of see why we then struggled a bit with Lemar as we needed to sell a little to buy him at the continually increasing figure quoted by Lemar. But we had £32m there.

Add the £65m from player sales, and £10m in saved salaries, our pot to buy players and for salaries (excluding rises for Sanchez and Ozil) now stands at £107m.

So where has this money gone?

To repeat, it has gone?

This brings me to two logical thoughts:

  1. We do have money, Wenger is just choosing not to spend it
  2. We do have money, Kroenke is choosing not to spend it

Either way, we have the money, don’t believe the lies. The way we as fans are being treated by the clubs is muggy.

Arsenal have at least £100m to spend.


Ps: Ignore the rubbish about us being limited to just £7m in wage increases a year. This can be disregarded if the club can show that the increases have come from its own revenues. Which Arsenal can.



5 steps to make Arsenal great again

1. Sign Virgil van Dijk – Arsenal have missed a leader at the back for years. Per Mertesacker is a good organiser, but is now a liability.

van Dijk will give the side a physical presence at the back. Strong, quick and tall, at the age of 26 he has the best to come. He is also very good at bringing the ball out of defence.

2. Return to 4 at the back – Going to 3 at the back won us the FA Cup and saw us nearly snatch a top 4 position. But it is evident that it doesn’t suit the current set of players.

Buying van Dijk and returning to 4 at the back would give us a defence of: Bellerin VvD Kos Sead. There are not too many defences better than that in world football.

3. Sign Jean Michael Seri – Liverpool exposed Arsenal’s problems in the middle of the park. Xhaka and Ramsey are simply not a good partnership.

We are struggling to transition the ball from defence to attack. Something that has ended up leaving Mesut Ozil isolated and coming deeper to get the ball.

Santi Cazorla has not been replaced. Xhaka was supposed to be that replacement, starting out attacks from deep, but too often he gives the ball away in dangerous places leading to goals conceded.

With a release clause of €40m, Seri, next to Xhaka, would solve our problems in the middle of the park.

4. Sign Thomas Lemar – Why haven’t we just done the deal? I don’t get it?

5. Switch to 4231 – Getting in Vvd and Seri would give us the stability to return to 4231. The formation which suits the players a lot more.


You would have a solid defence, some mobility and ability in midfield that would free up Ozil to perform in the finals 3rd.

An attacking trio who are versatile and offer a lot of threat, and a clinical striker up top.

Of course, the step I have not mentioned yet is getting rid of Arsene Wenger. It might not solve every problem at Arsenal ,but he is the biggest problem at Arsenal.


Arsenal need to dump Alexis Sanchez

Why is Alexis Sanchez still at Arsenal? That is the question we all need to be asking.

Whilst he is the best player in the side, an individual talent capable of winning any game, the reality is he does not want to be at Arsenal.

Like many footballers, he is motivated by one thing. Money. Reports are he is holding out for a 5 year, £400k a week deal. It is what put Bayern Munich off. What has stopped others making the move. It is greed.

The dog shagger is no different to any other player. Selfish and greedy. But why is he still at the club?

I have always been a big believer that if a player does not want to be at the club, he should be moved on. I wrote back at the beginning of July that we should get rid.

The biggest issue at Stoke City was the lack of creativity. With not much happening from the middle of the park, Mesut Ozil was having to go deeper and deeper to get the ball, to start the attack. It meant during the second half, he was often picking the ball up from centre backs. Starting our attacks on the half way line, with all his team mates, and 10 defenders, ahead of him.

By the time the ball got to the edge of the box, it was Olivier Giroud, Danny Welbeck, Alexandre Lacazette and Hector Bellerin involved in the play. Ozil was well behind the play as he had started it. Play broke down as we had the wrong type of players in the wrong position on the pitch.

Without Sanchez, we lacked that quality in the final 3rd. Often when Ozil drops deep, Sanchez is able to find those pockets of space, and tee up opponents, or find the net himself. With Welbeck playing behind the striker, we simply did not have that option.

I would be surprised if we see Alexis Sanchez play for Arsenal again. And if we do, it will be like Thierry Henry’s final season. Where he plays with an arrogant shrug. A sulk. And it will be detrimental to his team mates.

We should have got rid of Sanchez 2 months ago. Then gone out and signed Thomas Lemar. Or Julian Draxler. Or any number of top quality number 10s that would have been an improvement on Alex Iwobi or Danny Welbeck.

Whilst Arsenal’s stand on Alexis Sanchez might be seen as courageous, afterall he is contracted to the club and being made to see out his contract, the fact is, him not playing is damaging the club. And if he plays and is not 100% motivated, it will be just as bad.

Sanchez should have been moved on and replaced 6 weeks ago. Instead, we are two games into the season and the fans frustration is already clear to see.

No player is bigger than the club. It is Arsenal FC. Not Alexis FC.