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Thomas Lemar v Theo Walcott

So dropping into our email inbox this week were some infographics from our friends at KickOff which really were interesting (if you are into that sort of thing:

Whilst be no means are we trying to make the case that Theo Walcott is better than Thomas Lemar, it supports the view that Walcott is overly criticise for the way he plays, his style, his technique, yet his end product is actually very good.

The infographics kept coming, with how Monaco performed with and without Thomas Lemar:

I am always sceptical about with and without statistics, as often the without statistics do not contain enough data to make a true assessment.

Most interesting for me is the top line. Lemar only missed 4 games last season. If we do sign him, we are getting a fit, health player capable of playing 30+ league games.

One thing is for sure, every year Lemar has improved as a player. Whilst he might not yet be as good as Alexis Sanchez, the signs are good, and as long as he continues to improve every year, he will be a world class player within a couple of years.



Arsenal set to sign 3 players in a week

The transfer window opened Saturday and Arsenal are in danger of making 3 major transfer within the first full-working week.

Arsenal’s deal for 24 year old Bosnian full back Saed Kolasinac from Germany side Schalke 04 on a free transfer was made official as the clock clicked to 00:00 on Saturday morning.

The full back gives Arsenal the option of playing him out wide or at the left side of a back 3. He will be interchangeable with Nacho Monreal and Arsenal will just have to work on getting the combination and positioning right.

A record breaking £45m deal for Alexandre Lacazette from French side Lyon will likely be completed within the next 24 hours.

Arsenal have chased the Frenchman for some time now, and the big money early move shows that the club heave learnt from previous transfer windows where they let key targets slip through the net due to chasing other targets.

Arsenal will potentially rush through a deal for Riyad Mahrez or Thomas Lemar before the week is out.

Arsenal have already placed bids for Thomas Lemar, which have been rejected. Monaco seem to be reluctant to sell any more players, but Lemar seems keen on a deal to take him to Islington.

Despite the rejected bid, Monaco manager Leonardo Jardim said over the weekend that he fully expects more players to leave.

‘Three players have left – Dirar, Valere and Bernardo,’ he said. ‘Other players could leave us.’

As for Mahrez, the news came out of the blue late on Saturday that Arsenal had renewed their interest in the Algerian.

Whether this is because the club believe the Lemar deal is dead in the water, or have now accepted Alexis Sanchez is off it unclear. There is of course the scenario that the news was broken from some journalist on work experience who was just trying to get his profile up.

A move late in the week for Thomas Lemar of Riyad Mahrez will be in the hope of softening Alexis Sanchez’s move to Manchester City.

It’s going to be a busy week at Highbury House.


First major signing shows Arsenal still outgun Spurs

Arsenal are set to complete their first major signing of the summer in the shape of Monaco magician Thomas Lemar.

The French youngster was top of North London rivals Tottenham Hotspur’s wish list. The fact the talented midfielder has picked Arsenal over Spurs is a massive coup.

Having finished in the Champions League places for the second season in a row, and above Arsenal for the first time since 1995 – before Lemar was born – there had been talk of a shift of power in North London. But the decision by Lemar to pick Arsenal over Spurs shows there is no power shift.

Whilst Spurs might have qualified in the Champions League ahead of Arsenal, they are still seen as a small club on the continent. Dani Alves once said he was “surprised” when he found out Manchester had two clubs. Many of those in Europe couldn’t point to Tottenham on the map.

Meanwhile, whilst Arsenal have had 20 years of Champions League failure, they are amongst one of the biggest names on the continent.

You then come to managers. Mauricio Pochettino is massively hyped up in England. But like the club he manages, he is an unknown in Europe.

An average playing career, he has won nothing as a manager and would not be top of any major sides wish list.

Arsene Wenger meanwhile has been heavily criticised in England, but his stock remains high on mainland Europe. Still considered a top coach, the likes of Alexis Sanchez and Mesut Ozil came to Arsenal to play for him. Being French, and from Monaco, Lemar would have been massively influenced by Arsene Wenger, and the much maligned manager is a big reason Lemar has chosen Arsenal.

A big factor is also wages. Arsenal can offer top dollar, whilst Spurs are still paying mid table wages as their funds have to go towards things such as buying cranes. Arsenal have literally blown Spurs’ salary offer out of the water.

The final key factor is success. Spurs have no recent success. They might be able to offer Champions League football but they can not offer Lemar trophies.

Arsenal have won 3 FA Cups in 4 years. It might not be the league, but it is the greatest cup competition in the world.

There are reportedly a few more i’s to dot and t’s to cross, but once the deal is done, it will send a reminder to that lot up the road.

North London is still red.