On the eve of the Premier League, Arsenal are undercooked again

So it is the eve of the start of the Premier League. Tomorrow will be Arsenal’s first game of the 2017/18 season, having been delightfully picked by whichever TV company to play on the Friday night, despite Arsenal being involved in semi-competitive action against Chelsea on Sunday. More of that later.

For the umpteenth year in a row, Arsenal begin the league campaign undercooked in terms of squad additions. At the time of writing, it is still just Alexandre Lacazette and Saed Kolasinac. No sign of Thomas Lemar, Jean-Michael Seri or Batman.

What started off as a terrific start to the window with two top signings is currently petering out to same old Arsenal, taking the piss (out of the fans).

Lacazette and Kolasinac are top signings. Ignore the idiots who say Lacazette only scored against French farmers, the same people demand to know why Arsenal are not signing Mbappe or Lemar, or missed out on Mahrez or Kante.

As for Kolasinac, he was named the best Bundesliga player of the year. And just because weirdo Paul who sits behind his laptop all day masturbating to One Direction doesn’t know who he is, does not mean he is not a top player.

But it still feels short. We do are still lacking a creative option up top, and another central midfielder is still desirable. The squad still has plenty of deficiencies.

I am also concerned by the lack of players leaving.

Of the 12 that I expected to leave this summer, only 3 have gone thus far. We still have plenty to ship out.

It is same old story for Arsenal on the eve of the Premier League, it will be the same old excuses coming from Arsene Wenger’s mouth if we fail to win once more, and it will be the same old silence from the board.

Whilst I think the TV companies could have been a little bit fairer to Arsenal with the Friday night slot, I do not actually mind it.

Last season, Arsenal got away with playing a game on a Friday night, despite almost every other side having a fixture. Every club will play, on average, one game on Friday, so at least we have got ours out the way early, and we are at home.

What it means is a trip to Islington straight from work, few beers before the game, watch us win, then stay in Islington till the last train home. Which means never going home since TFL introduced 24 hour weekend trains on the Victoria Line.

It also means still having the whole weekend. A bit of golf. Some gardening. Watch the athletics. Have a tug. It is not the worst scenario to be in.

A Friday night game is a lot better than a Monday night game – where you potentially have to take the whole of Monday off, before appearing at work on Tuesday hungover, having had 4 hours sleep.

Get a bad away draw on a Friday night and worst case scenario is a day off work, and a Friday night in a northern slum or Swansea. Not the worst way to spend a weekend.

So up The Arsenal. Come on your Reds. Support the team, not the regime.




3 thoughts on “On the eve of the Premier League, Arsenal are undercooked again

  1. Arthur

    Your analysis is spot on. Definitely need more creativity and a central midfielder. I suppose if Lemar doesn’t come off he may go back for Marhez. Should have got Lemar over the line by now. It looks like Liverpool might have a lot of money soon so presumably he will end up there.

  2. Uwot?

    As per usual “the ditherer” does what he does best….dither.still the akbs were warned.a leopard doesn’t change his spots.certainly not overnight.as for lemar he’s haggled himself right out of that deal if there ever was one.expect the cheap as chips option. & I ‘m not talking mahrez.expect the Brazilian from gremio whose deal with Sparta has just fallen through.perfect ditherer buy at £26 million.just watch & see.as for anyone else you’re Avin a larf!still the shit will hit the fan a lot earlier this year arsene me ol China.& it’s going to get a lot worse.good chance gone by Xmas with any luck.what a shambles.


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