Arsenal victory reignites the spark

2 left backs at centre back alongside Rob Holding was always going to be a recipe for disaster. And it so early was. 

I missed the first Arsenal goal as I was trying to put a bet on. The bet lost. Before I had even say down, it was 1-1. 

2-1 to Leicester shortly followed and I went for a half time beer. The two left backs were struggling and Rob Holding was showing why you shouldn’t hype up a player too much after 8 games. 

Elneny and Xhaka were no better.

As I held my mates pint as he went for a slash, Danny Welbeck made it 2-2. He tried his best to mess it up, but someone managed to score a tap-in with his 3rd touch.

It was same old Arsenal. And we all realised why we had got so frustrated last season. 

Cue the second half, and Leicester took advantage of my atrocious defending to make it 3-2. Arsenal heading once again to failure on the opening day. 

Then Wenger did the unthinkable. With the defence at sixes and sevens, rather than put on a centre back to try and shore things up, he took off our only centre back in Rob Holding. 

The shuffle at the back also saw Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain and Hector Bellerin swap wings. 

It meant we had a winger at right back. A left back at centre back. Another left back at centre back. And finally a right back at left back. To make matters worse, he bought on Olivier Giroud, Aaron Ramsey and Theo Walcott. What the hell was Wenger doing. 

Maybe, just maybe, Wenger did know what he was doing. Arsenal got the equaliser. Then the winner. 3 points in the bag and Arsenal top of the league. 

We did get away with it. But an opening day win with 4 centre backs out, no Alexis Sanchez and a not fully fit Mesut Ozil and Aaron Ramsey is a positive. And it is looking even better with the results that are coming in this afternoon. 

A good old drink up after the game meant it was a good day all round. 

Now on to Stoke. 

Ps: Saed Kolasinac is a beast. 


1 thought on “Arsenal victory reignites the spark

  1. Charles Charlie Charles

    My first “first” game of the season was against Coventry at home in 1991. We’d spanked them rotten at home on the last day when we won the league in 1990/91 and a sold out Highbury crowd were expecting things to continue where they’d left off. Couldn’t have been more wrong. Dixon decided to give Seaman an early touch of the ball and lumped the ball back to him. Seaman did his now famous Brazillian wave as it looped over his head into the back of the net. We ended up losing 2-1 if I remember right?

    The main positive this year is that we have started the season with 3 points in the bag. When did we last manage that?

    More positives

    A come from behind win is always a sign of a team which means business. To do that on day one is a bonus.

    With Kos and Merts sidelined and playing with a makeshift back three, we still managed to produce the goods.

    We scored four goals in one match.

    Chelsea lost at home to fucking Burnley. Fucking Burnley FFS.



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