All aboard the 8:54 to Cologne

I feel sorry for those Eurocrats on the 8:54am train from St Pancras International to Brussels. There quiet journey into Brussels to collect their expenses pay cheque is to be ruined this morning by 100s of Arsenal fans invading their train.

Or I would feel sorry for them if they were not a bunch of overpaid, unelected, expenses cheating, meddling individuals. They will be in for a shock when we leave the EU and they actually have to get a real job rather than ride the £120,000 a year MEP expenses gravy train.

I am writing this blog on Tuesday night. By the time it is published on the site, at 8:54am Wednesday morning, the beers will already be flowing, the Jägermeister shoted, and the chaos will begin.

A few years back we played Anderlecht. I had tickets as part of the Arsenal away scheme and stupidly decided not to go, selling my tickets (face value of course) to a mater. I missed what was one of the best Euro away trips in recent memory.

This year, there are 12 of us going out to Cologne.

Alongside us will be 100s, thousands more. It might not be as many as what Cologne bought to London, but we will drink the city dry.

Whilst Cologne might have had the numbers in London, there fans odd behaviour of spending hours walking the streets, before getting into the ground 2 hours before kick off baffled me.

Out there, we will pitch up to a bar for three days, drink it dry, then move on to the next one.

Locals always pretend that they hate when the English appear. The rumours of havoc and towns and cities being destroyed. The truth is much different.

We just drink, drink together, in the name of the AFC. I would love to see how much money is bought in to a local economy when an English team visits.

I was out in Lille for when England played Wales. There was 10’s of thousands of fans. The invasion would have bought millions into the Lille economy. The cost of policing and the odd repair of a window being hit with a football would have been negligible.

The next 3 days is going to go past in a drunken haze, so do not complain if you do not get a blog from me till Saturday at least.

Up the Arsenal


1 thought on “All aboard the 8:54 to Cologne

  1. Julian Foernbacher

    Enjoy your trip! In Switzerland we’re always glad to get British teams to visit us. Always up for a party, always drinking much, yet mostly peaceful (in every group of people there are a few jerks obviosuly. But the majority is amazing). Personally, I have only made great experiences with British football fans. and so will – hopefully – the people of Cologne do, too. Cheers!



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