What has happened to Alexis Sanchez?

Arsenal lost. That’s it. We were already out of the title race before yesterday. The defeat changes nothing.

A disappointing loss in which Manchester United were clinical in their finishing – 3 shots; 3 goals – and Arsenal were simply wasteful.

We actually didn’t play too bad, but came out of the game with no points and the feeling that we were taken apart. As a mate said to me – no point talking about how well we played, how we put the pressure on. We got nothing from the game.

One player who was particularly bad was Alexis Sanchez.

When Sanchez and Ozil became “contract rebel’s” before the season started, a lot of people ran twitter polls on who they would rather stay.

The unanimous result was Alexis Sanchez. That fans felt that no matter what his situation was, he would perform, as he “loves playing football”.

Meanwhile Ozil was a lazy play who did not care.

Roll on 4 or 5 months and the feeling is much different. Everyone is now #TeamOzil.

It helps Ozil preformed terrific against Spurs, and in the defeat against Man U he was easily the best player on the pitch, but the reality is Sanchez has been poor this season.

Even before this season, I have been highly critical of the Chilean.

He is selfish, he is slow on the ball, he is greedy, he gives the ball away too often, he is a poor passer.

He often makes up for his deficiencies in goals – who cares if he gives the ball away 10 times in a game if he scores 2 goals?

Who cares if he is greedy if he bends a couple into the top corner?

The problem is when he isn’t scoring, his flaws are exposed. The flaws which led to Barcelona letting him go on the cheap.

People used to say Mikel Arteta’s legs have gone. But what for Sanchez? He no longer looks as quick, as sharp as he once was – this is his 4th season at Arsenal.

This is a player who is playing for a club for the 4th year in a row for the first time in his career.

How much has his contract affected him?

How much has failing to make the World Cup affected him?

Sanchez is not the same player as he once was. Maybe we should’ve let him go in the summer?


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