Are Arsenal actually in the middle of a glory period?

In researching for responses to yesterdays blog on how things at Arsenal are actually not as bad as what they seem, I ended up asking myself a question:

Are Arsenal actually in the middle of a glory period?

Now before you spit your tea out all over your monitor, hear me out.

Arsenal have won 3 FA Cups in 4 years. That is 3 trophies, 3 bits of silverware. Now some of you will already be saying the FA Cup is not enough. Well done for being brainwashed by Sky and UEFA to think that the only thing that matters is the Premier League and the Champions League.

I remember the days of the 90s, when we won the domestic cup double and then the European Cup Winners Cup in 1994. I could not tell you where we finished those years.

3 trophies in 4 years is a success, especially when you factor in that Arsenal’s hit rate since 1900 is just under a trophy every 4 years (give or take a bit of time for the World Wars). Interestingly, prior to 1996, it was a trophy every 5 years. So 3 trophies in 4 years is clearly well above our going rate.

Now I looked into it further, to try and establish what our most successful periods in our history are, and how does the current period compare:

What is clearly missing from the current successful period is a league title, but what is clear is when you look at the bigger picture, that over the 125+ year history of the club, we are in one of most successful eras. Don’t believe me?

Despite our reported demise, only 4 previous era’s have shown a better years per trophy period than the era we are currently in.

The above 5 eras span 37 years between them. That means that outside of these eras, we have had nearly 90 years of either no success, or just the single trophy.

Whilst we might all be a little bit despondent about the current era, history will show it in a good light, that we are in one of the more glorious eras of our history.

Embrace the success.


9 thoughts on “Are Arsenal actually in the middle of a glory period?

    1. keenosafc Post author

      I was talking about periods of success. 1979 was a single trophy – we won nothing for 7 years before or 10 years after, so IMO it was not really a period of success, just a one off year


  1. rjf

    the problem with these stats is that wengers ratio of trophies per year looks far better than it really is and somehow compares with grahams, when in fact they dont stand up to it at all


    1. keenosafc Post author

      Actually there is not too much between Wenger and Graham:

      Graham: 1 in 1.5
      Wenger: 1 in 2
      Arsenal (prior to GG): 1 in 3.6

      Think we can all agree that Graham and then Wenger have made Arsenal have made Arsenal a more successful club then we were before (especially when you look at how little success we had between 1945 & 1985)


  2. kristoman

    here are fans equating the fa cup as EPL equivalent. God there is nothing they wouldn’t do excuse Wenger’s failure. keep it up



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