We need to reclaim our Arsenal back

Football fans generally have two emotions, elation or agony.  Those are certainly the two I remember from being a young girl standing on the terraces.

If someone had said to me 30 years ago, ‘one day you won’t  feel as though you belong or you will despise the club’ I would have argued with them all day long. How could I not love everything Arsenal??

The Arsenal were my love. It’s where I belonged and where I made my best friends and memories.

The football didn’t really matter. If we lost we felt disappointment, I don’t remember coming away feeling angry. Maybe some anger at a referee, or anger at opposing fans, but not anger at my club. We looked forward to the next game. Someone would get it if we had lost.

Half time we might sing ‘Georgie, sort em out’, we knew he would, George knew.

Fast forward to 2018.

Blue shirt, Cannon facing the wrong way, inept performances, a chairman who treats us with disdain and excuses that run out of every pore of the club.

Fans who treat us a hobby not as a cause, and the fever pitch fans who got involved when football became fashionable.  None of us wanted it to be fashionable.  We liked it that no one liked football. We were looked down upon by the rest of society.

Now we sing to our manager ‘Spend some fu**ing money’ or ‘Get out of our club’.

We now stand where we’ve been told to sit down, hoping the stewards won’t tell us to sit.

We have no idea who will be sitting next to us from week to week, we don’t know the stewards name, we boycott the shop, we’ve stopped buying programmes and when we concede we accept it. We are becoming as passive as those who run our club. I’ve not seen much anger this year.

It’s been like watching a social experiment, how to silence the masses.

We clap poor performances and have been brainwashed to ‘get behind the boys’ at all costs.

We hear more and more ‘there is no point in protesting, there is no point in making a noise’. We buy tickets to games we have no intention of going to…… and we all just wait. We wait for the day it’s going to change.

Earlier on this season I wrote a blog about when anger turns to apathy…..the signs were all there.

Friends whose lives revolve around their job of following the club, started to talk about giving it all up.

So, why do we bother? We bother because we remember. We remember what it was. We bother because without bothering, we wouldn’t ever sit in a pub again and talk about those great days we’ve had with the only people in the world that understand.   Choosing not to go is a huge decision, only a few will really understand that. We are scared of not being part of the new dawn that can’t be far away. We are scared of throwing away a huge chunk of our lives.

The club have become unrecognisable to me. We write and they ignore us, we protest and they wash over it in press conferences. But, we did start to get to them, we were being heard even if they wouldn’t admit it.

I’m not sure those great days will ever come back, but to a certain extent that is up to us.  We have to continue to force change. We mustn’t mirror the apathy on the pitch.  We need to reclaim our place as football fans…. followers of The Arsenal.

It’s our club, it’s still our name on the badge. Anyone who is thinking about bowing out, do so with knowing you have made as much noise as possible before you say goodbye.


9 thoughts on “We need to reclaim our Arsenal back

  1. a

    that blue kit is awful, something you expect at a hotel resort , tourist shop. we need to get that crescent back also – had so much class about it.


  2. Dan Hultstrand

    Spot on !!! We cannot sit and watch this club decline week in and week out!!! Ive had patience with Wenger and the board but after the years of building the stadium and paying debts wwe should be moving upwards. Instead we are going backwards…..


  3. wayne g

    its over
    the club have well and truly shafted the support they knew anyone vocal would be priced out and replaced by customers.you are right its social cleansing of a football club,my dad took me to my first game 1978 west stand 1-0 v bolton stapleton 89th minute goal i try not to take what is happening personally but i find it insulting,i saw rocky and adams both make their debuts was at wba at home 13,000 in the rain 0-1 was at anfield that night have been in court defending the name of the team i grew up with and would do it all again i no longer go but it never leaves you(i wish it would but it doesnt)the last game i went to i decided i did not want to enjoy the matchday experience anymore surrounded by people who just do not get what supporting arsenal is about

    sadly nothing is going to change no protest will make difference
    the only way it will change is if the entire kroenke family are wiped out and wenger gets carried out in a coffin as someone once said.

    anyone proper fans who still go and suffer i take my hat off to you and respect,i’ll always have anfield 89 nothing can beat that anyway at least i went out on a high..


  4. Atid

    It’s abhorrent was has happened to our club, the lies and deceit the excuses, it has been all too much for me. Following the club cost me my first marriage and countless jobs. I was determined it would stop once, I re-married in 2009 and kroenke started taking over. It’s now been 4 years since I entered the lifeless bowl, and many more since I bought merchandise, refreshments or a programme. I sell on my season tickets, buy every away game and attend as many of those as my family commitments permit. Lately, I am finding the aways demoralising, I won’t give up permanently but now in my 50s the effort of tracking the changes to the football fixtures and being mainly offered Sunday football is stretching me to the limit. It doesn’t help that 50 yards from my house is a fantastic sports pub, showing every arsenal match and packed with mates and friendly rivals from every club. Here I am respected as one of the elder regulars, people move out of “my spot” when I enter the pub. In the Emirates I am balled out by knob heads for daring to arrive 2 minutes after kick off, abused if I stand for too long and grassed up to a steward if I swear. I’m sorry the love of going is slipping away fast, not my love of Arsenal, but the match attending experience.

    Whilst Kroenke owns Arsenal my club will never be the same.


  5. Mike

    Interestingly I appear to be older than the rest of you who are commenting (and no that doesn’t please me!) and remember standing on the terraces in the rain in the 60’s and really having to play second fiddle to the Spuds. I remember many days when we were absolutely abysmal and also the euphoria winning our first European trophy; of being at the Spuds when winning the league in 1971; and Wembley six days later to complete the double. That was some compensation for having seen us lose to Swindon and Leeds in our first Wembley appearances for many years.
    Over 50 years later and I still have a season ticket despite the 200 mile round trip to every home game. Anyone who claims that where we are now can even be mentioned in the same breath as those dim and dismal times we had decades ago has clearly lost their perspective.
    No I don’t like Koenke but I’m realistic about the world in which we compete and the barriers we would need to overcome to ever be as good as we were even ten years ago.
    @ Atid
    You claim, “Whilst Kroenke owns Arsenal my club will never be the same”. Mate, football is not the same, get used to it. I’m an Arsenal supporter so that’s what I do: support Arsenal


    1. gunnerbear

      “No I don’t like Koenke but I’m realistic about the world in which we compete and the barriers we would need to overcome to ever be as good as we were even ten years ago.”

      Yep, totally agree, the world has changed since countries started buying into football clubs. The board at AFC are not going to be spending upwards of £500m to close the gap on MCFC, MUFC and CFC…..it simply isn’t going to happen hence we’ve got to aim to win the league but realistically it’s a case of being the ‘best o’ the rest’ unless the board loses its collective head and really does spend half a billion pounds to attempt to close the gap.


  6. Jordan davy

    We must boycott games empty stadium for first 20 mins, all outside shouting we want change, we want change, loud as possible, we are being mugged off. Our club is being run by the biggest gangsters in the world, money laundering at its most professional. The only way we can do it is to stand outside the stadium everyone. The cameras will see that something is going on. If nothing happens do it again, outside loud we want change, for ages, until something changes, i waited 7 years to get my season ticket and all iv witnessed is crap. We need to do these things now, get out of our club stan kroenke loud as possible, protests down the road wont do anything


  7. Kev

    Spot on very true article written from the heart
    I’d give anything to go back to how we was at Highbury. Fantastic times.
    We moved forward but at the same time lost all everything we were in the last eight or so years 😞



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