It could be worse, you could be a Spurs fan

Yesterday I wrote a blog about how I was struggling to find any positives with Arsenal at the minute. It was hard work and the only big positive I could find was at least we are not Spurs fans.

And it is true, it is a positive that I do not support Spurs.

Spurs might be “on the away up” and showing “progression”. They might have finished above Arsenal last season. But that was the first time in 22 years. 22 YEARS.

Arsenal are awful at the moment, but the fact that Arsenal are so poor, and Spurs so (allegedly, according to the media) brilliant, and only one of the clubs is winning trophies sums up the whole situation.

Whilst Arsenal fans are celebrating FA Cup wins, 3 in the last 4 years (soon to be 3 in 5), Spurs are reduced to celebrating made up success. Like “most Premier League goals in a calendar year” (Harry Kane) and “most Premier League MOTM awards” (Harry Kane) and “most Premier League goals for Tottenham” (Harry Kane) and most points over the last two seasons.

The reality is:

  • Spurs have not won the league for 57 years
  • Not won the FA Cup for 26 years
  • Won 1 trophy (League Cup) in the last 18 years
  • Won 2 trophies (2x League Cups) in the last 26 years
  • Not won a trophy in 9 years

Arsenal have been awful, but you look at the last 5 years, we have finished above Spurs 4 out of 5 times, and won 3 FA Cups (to Spurs 0 trophies).

On the right hand side on Sky Sports, they put up as part of their rolling news clubs recent successes. Arsenal’s is trophies. Spurs is Harry Kane.

Spurs may well make it 2 years in a row finishing above Arsenal. That will be two years in the last 23 years. If they finish trophyless again, that takes it to a decade without a trophy.

Their fans might be excited about moving to their new stadium, but lets see how excited they are when they realise it is a soulless bowl designed for the NFL that has cost £1bn to build – sending the club into a crippling debt much worse than Arsenal suffered in the mid 00’s.

The truth is, no matter how bad you might think things are for Arsenal, Spurs fans have been much longer suffering, and have had such little success to cling to over the last 30 years that they are having to make up success.

So Arsenal fans, it could be worse, you could be a Spurs fan.



65 thoughts on “It could be worse, you could be a Spurs fan

  1. Gary

    Categorically the saddest – most desperate piece of writing I’ve seen for a very long time. Let me sum it up – your club is in crisis and your players are either hopeless or can’t be bothered – but it’s OK because you used to be better than the club down the road.


    With logic like that, you can probably convince yourself that you are worthy of the oxygen you breathe. Please contact Newsnow and arrange to stop this crap appearing on the spurs site. While I am fully aware that shit exists, it does not mean I wish to taste it.

  3. D

    This is all true. They will always be yapping at our heels even when we’re going through some lean seasons. Feel sorry for the Spuds that they cling on to Harry Kane stats as their trophies.

  4. Martin

    It is undeniable the gulf in success,we have been starved of success and are behind Woolwich in terms of recent trophy wins

    However we have managed under the guidance of Poch to assemble a squad which is more than capable of achieving and with the odd addition may well secure some silverware very soon,we have managed this with a stadium capacity of just 36k and with gate revenues way under the rest of the top six

    It is not the Spurs fans quoting all of the above mentioned records that our striker is breaking it is the media,perhaps a little bit of envy is creeping in that we have such a consistent and prolific striker

    It is not an achievement to finish above such a poor Woolwich side it would indeed prove an embarrassment should we fail to do so this season(even with playing 38 away games)

    i am extremely proud to be a lifelong Tottenham fan of 43 years and counting,i also feel relieved that i am not associated with such a fickle and ill educated fanbase which is demonstrated so efficiently via the medium of Woolwich fan tv and troopz tv etc

    It may well be levelled that these channels have a huge following and are success stories,this is not the case at all

    These outlets are a means for ridicule and are a fitting tribute to the typical Woolwich fan

    As for our new stadium being souless, attend the hemmarhoids at all it is hardly a cauldron of atmosphere haha

    In summary I would not swap my status as a Spurs fan for Woolwich and hope with all my heart that you continue in your demise but i will remain focused on much more important things in life than a south london bunch of mugs


  5. James

    Keep living in the past Arsenal. Yes, the dynamics have changed. Yes, its a new era. You are imploding and losing players daily. Your biggest threat is Burnley,.. Niot Spurs or any of the other top teams. That’s where u have evolved. Players wont play for the Wenger brigade anymore. Live well on history, but at the minute you are a second tier team in the League. Ozil and Sanchez leave, and you will be struggling to stay in the top 10… let alone a CL position.

  6. Ozspurs

    Every empire falls….Emirates is dead. I sincerely hope the Scum extend The Whinges contract for another 10 years. Be interesting to see them play Millwall…

  7. Tg

    Do you realise how much this article makes you sound like your really really hurting and how obsessed you are with Spurs?

  8. SurreySpur

    My God yet ANOTHER post about Spurs on an Arsenal blog. Seriously, do you ever talk about anything else? Focus on your own problems and stop obsessing over us.

  9. Lasagne Chef

    It seems like the author has touched on a raw nerve here, poor old spuds – forever in our shadow, even when we are crap, you seriously couldn’t make it up!

  10. Mind the Gap

    And let me sum it up from the spuds side, you never win anything but that’s ok because you have Harry Kane who is one of your own, well, apart from when he was an Arsenal fan! Hahaha

    1. Danny

      Yeah you’re right. I think that every time he scores a brace or hat trick for us.

      “Oh but he was an Arsenal fan when he was 6, this just isn’t right”

      “Can’t believe he’s just signed a contract extension until 2022 – he was a bloody Arsenal fan, 18 years ago!”

      “Thank f*ck we sold him for £200 million to Real Madrid. He was a dirty Arsenal fan in the distant past at some point, when nobody gave a sh*t”

  11. Martin

    Brilliant article! After you lose to Bournemouth at the weekend, just write anything so make you feel better about the plight of your amazing Club. I truly hope that Wenger stays for a long long time. Ozil and Sanchez have seen the light and there will be many more to follow.

    1. keenosafc Post author

      Wenger has won more at Arsenal since Pochetino has been at Spurs, than Pochetino has won for Spurs. Imagine wanting a successful manager who wins trophies to stay at a rival. Odd.

      1. Danny

        Somebody’s got to be on the poor bloke’s side – what with you lot getting on his back, week in, week out.

  12. Danny

    Aw mate…. want a tissue? Or a hug?

    Stop comparing yourself to us. We’re having a great time looking forward to regular Champions League and new stadium and generally a bright future.

    It’s not healthy to compare yourself to others. You do you – and be happy within yourself that ‘one day’ you’ll bounce back. (And that you’ll hopefully get rid of Wenger who has sadly become out of touch, a law unto himself and lost his mojo along the way).

    I must admit I was defensive of Wenger when your woes started – actually thinking he’ll get it right – but the way they play these days – it seems the game has caught up and overtaken him and sadly none of your board actually cares too much to do anything about it (or possibly to have even noticed). Must be painful when you think back to the ‘Les Invincibles’ days….

    And on the FA Cup front, I dunno about you – but given ‘Champions League finish and no trophies’ or ‘Europa League finish and a domestic trophy that means fuck all in terms of money or stature’ – I know which one I (and probably you, if you’re honest with yourself) would choose.

    But that’s cool – if you win the Carabao Cup – you can write another blog post about how superior you are to the team down the road. That’ll be fun. Can’t wait.

      1. Danny

        Yeah you said that – the trophies thing. I’m unsure if you’re clinically depressed, but you really haven’t addressed any of my points. What good is a trophy if your club is still in decline. Or is this a ‘head in the sand’ sort of thing.

        Thing about the bright future – it’s already materialising for us. We’ve now had Champions League two seasons in a row, which is unprecedented for us – and you may have seen the ruddy great stadium that’s appearing on the horizon where White Hart Lane is. Or have you not noticed that one – because it doesn’t help your argument / blog above?

        Did you want that hug mate?

  13. yiddo66

    that sounds angry & bitter, you should try herbal patches to help with your stress.
    Spurs are on the upward curve, while Arse anal are on the down, what’s not to like?

    1. keenosafc Post author

      And that is the point of the blog. Spurs are “on the up” and winning nothing. Arsenal are “on the down” and winning trophies.

      I know which one I would rather

      1. yiddo66

        You hang on to that if it makes you feel better, but the landscape is changing in North London, and you are going to have to get used to it.

      2. Danny

        You would rather be in decline and win a trophy that means nothing.

        I mean there’s nothing left to argue with here. Why don’t you just save yourself the time – claim that you love Arsenal no matter what happens (which a lot of other decent football fans would respect) and save your time being so bitter about what we’re talking about down the road, and the fact that we’re optimistic and happy?

        Your compulsion to be better than us and claim some sort of superiority is a little dysfunctional and potentially destructive if we do indeed win something. (God forbid!)

        Let it go mate – you’ll feel so much better.

      3. keenosafc Post author

        Yes, trophies mean nothing. I guess you would think that when all you have seen is your club win 2 League Cups in 27 years.

        you dont win anything for progression and optimism

      4. Danny

        It’s actually an irrefutable truth in the case of the FA Cup and Carabao Cup, as they do essentially mean nothing really, for a club of Arsenal’s stature and what Tottenham are alluding to be.

        I mean Arsenal are case and point: You’ve won 3 FA Cups recently and you’re still on a bit of a slide, aren’t you?

        I’m offended Keenos, I’m more than the 1-dimensional football fan that you have me pegged as – I play and follow other sports where my teams that I have played in and have supported have won plenty of trophies. So no, I don’t think that because Spurs have only won 2 League Cups in 27 years . Tut.

        Your discounting of optimism and progression is interesting. You don’t actually see either of those as a foundation for achieving and prioritising honours that see a club erm….progress and get better?

        Or is it a case of winning things at all costs – even though your fans are protesting, moaning on Arsenal TV and your best players are wanting to leave at cut-price figures? It’s hardly sustainable.

        I assume the purist in you sees football as ‘more than that’ – but in the dark, grubby world of the Premiership and money,money, money – if we’re going to be fans of these teams, we have to accept these inalienable truths and assume that if we don’t have sugar daddy from Abu Dhabi or Russia – that things have be ‘slow and steady’ (and they certainly have been that at Spurs, lordy have they!)

        I mean, you would think Arsenal – being way ahead of the curve than Spurs in Match Day Revenue, stadium paid off, cash reserves and whatnot would be smarter than they currently are with their football decisions – however I guess pots of money doesn’t buy a good football brain, does it?

        I am still here for that hug, by the way.

      5. Danny

        Close, Keenos.

        Correction: Winning the FA Cup and Carabao Cup mean nothing – finishing in the top 4 means a lot more in the current Premiership economic climate.


        If you disagree, fair enough – see how that works for Arsenal. You’re seemingly happy with Arsenal being a permanent cycle of winning tinpot cups and achieving Europa qualification.

        Enjoy that pal – I’ll look forward to the next string of bitter blog posts focused more on us than it is on Arsenal (it’s like a another Spurs blog!) on this site in the meantime, if you’ve not had a nervous breakdown before then.

  14. Simonsez

    All this hand-wringing and barely concealed emotional over compensation is predicated on the belief that Spurs won’t win any silverware. What’s your plan for when we do? Or, like your board and has-been head coach, don’t you have one.

  15. Mind the Gap

    OMG – now the spuds are talking about the importance of winning the fourth place trophy! They have morphed into Arsene Wenger😂😂😂

    1. keenosafc Post author

      Interesting the way the media (and Spurs fans) started talking about 4th place like it was a trophy once Arsenal failed to make it

      8 years of “4th place isnt a trophy”
      Arsenal win a trophy and finish 5th
      “But you didnt finish in the top 4”


      1. Danny

        Interesting the way Arsenal fans start talking about 4th place like it doesn’t mean that much, and start talking up winning meaningless trophies once Arsenal failed to make it.

        8 years of ‘Enjoy watching your team on Channel 5’
        Arsenal finish 4th
        ‘But you didn’t finish in the top 4’

        Key takeaway: Football fans are all the same, regardless of whether you support Arsenal and Spurs. Essentially we’re all fickle, nasty, twats.

        God forbid you don’t finish top 4 and fail to win the Carabao Cup this season. I fear for your mental health.

      2. Tg

        Was it not Wenger who said 4th place was a trophy.
        Have you noticed that despite Arsenal and Spurs history at this present time Gooners are all miserable and Spurs fans are all happy!

  16. dixta

    first of all its “youll never get in CL” then “you’ll never get out of the group” then “youll never get in again” then “youll never finish above us” then “youll never build the new stadium”.. then “youll never get 60k turn up”. Of course it is true we always sell our best players to Man U and Arsenal would never do that.

  17. Kane the Gooner

    You finished below us TWENTY TWO years running, no wonder you have an inferiority complex, you are all physiologically damaged for life😂😂😂

    1. Danny

      “Physiologically’ ??? I’m in top physical condition thanks…..

      On the basis of your logic – I should be on Chelsea and Man United blogs, having a go at them for finishing above us repeatedly.

      Oh wait, that’s right … they don’t obsess nearly as much about Spurs as you lot do. You make it ‘physiologically’ fun.

    2. Simonsez

      I think you mean ‘psychologically’. Maybe next time ask an adult to check your spelling before you post. You finished below us last season, and you post desperate, maladjusted drivel like this after just one year. What sort of state will you be in after another twenty one years?

  18. Kane the Gooner

    No league title for FIFTY SEVEN years and no FA CUP for TWENTY SIX years 😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣

  19. keith green

    You my friend are very sad. You can just smell the jealousy creeping in. Take a look at our fantastic new stadium me old mate. It puts the woolwich dump to shame. Forget what you’ve won, those days are gone. Now woolwich are in a mess. And what makes it so funny is that they are paying ridiculous amounts of dosh to watch their pile of dross.

  20. Kane the Gooner

    “Forget what you’ve won” – we’ll you lot are definitely well placed to give us some advice there🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣

  21. DaveYid

    So if things are so great on the trophy front for Arsenal (which I admit even as a Spurs fan that they are), why do a lot of Arsenal fans feel like the club has gone to the dogs and Wenger should pack his bags and go…??? It’s as if you all forgot about winning those three recent FA Cups. You lot are basically biting the hand that feeds you.

  22. Bluestwos

    Why does it matter? As an arsenal fan, we are all miserable, we can’t even show up against Bournemouth. Spurs fans are happy, even if they aren’t winning the trophies they are capable of. I’d rather be a happy fan than a miserable fan!

    You focus and post so much on spurs you make me embarrassed to be an Arsenal fan and I’m probably speaking on behalf of the majority of us.

  23. DiKaKo

    Great! You should occasionally remind the statistics since Spurs fans tend to forget and tend to use one year of “success” as general state. So, I am happy you remind them how wide the gap is and that this gap wouldn’t fully close in the observable future 🙂 Harry Kane is the best penalty taker in the PL and used to be an Arsenal fan. He went to Spurs only because he lacked any other options.

    1. yiddo66

      Harry Kane has always been a Spurs fan, like his dad, and has even stated that he wanted to wear his Spurs shirt whilst at Arse anal… You lot all seem to be suffering with pre menstrual tension…
      What a a joke of a club, swapping one of their crown jewels for a Man Utd cast off, and swivel eyes will be off next…
      The future is bright, the future is lily white…

      1. keenosafc Post author

        Thats odd because Harry Kane’s dad was an Arsenal season ticket holder and used to drink in the Auld Triangle (when it was still the Plimsoll) before games. Charlie Kane, his brother also did Arsenal home and away for a couple of seasons. The whole family are Arsenal fans!

      2. yiddo66

        That makes it even funnier, Harry has said that most of his family are Spurs fans, as well as himself…
        He used to watch Spurs as a kid, Teddy Sheringham was his favourite player…
        He’s living the dream playing for his favourite club…
        He even said, he wanted to wear his Spurs shirt whilst at Arse anal…
        He’s definatly one of our own, and has very good taste, like most of his family…
        The fact his old man & brother could be gooners makes it even sweeter.

      3. keenosafc Post author

        It is well known in Chingford that Harry Kane decided to ignore growing up going to Arsenal games to try and build on the brand that he was “Spurs through and through”. His childhood friends actually mock him over this. It is a bit like Jamie Carragher being a Everton fan.

        it is not a debate. Harry Kane grew up a Spurs fan. Was at Arsenal’s trophy parade in 2004, went to Arsenal games, and even watched the 2006 Champions League final wearing an Arsenal shirt (he cried when Arsenal lost)

      4. yiddo66

        Don’t kid yourself mate,
        you only need look at the way he celebrates scoring against you to see where his allegiances are…
        One of my favourites is when he ripped his mask off at WHL…
        He said, he was forced to go to that parade by the way…

      5. yiddo66

        But that’s just It, we can’t see him celebrating Arsenal goals, only the Spurs ones…
        We only have the word of bitter Arsenal fans that Harry was gooner…
        Be honest, would a true Arsenal fan run to the Spurs fans, clenching his fists, in extacy, celebrating scoring against his boyhood club?
        Considering Harry was only around nine years old, at the time, he probably would have had to tow the line…

      6. yiddo66

        He was a ten year old kid, his dad probably chose his attire…
        I’ve got a picture of me in my garden, in a Liverpool kit, when i was ten…
        Harry Kane has come through our academy, and is now the best striker in Europe, get over it.

      7. yiddo66

        Give it up mate,
        you said his dad was a gooner…
        Harry Kane has said, he’s always been a Spurs fan, like most of his family.

      8. keenosafc Post author

        Hid ad was a Gooner. As was his mum. His dad’s brother is still an Arsenal season ticket holder. His brother only stopped going to games when Harry broke through at Spurs.

        Now which members of his family are you saying are Spurs fans?

      9. yiddo66

        Ask Harry Kane, he said it…
        However, if Harry Kane’s family were all gooners, that would be hilarious…

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