Introducing: The Arsenal FC Armed Forces Supporters’ Club

Long time readers of this blog will now that we have been long terms supporters of both the Taxi Charity for Military Veterans and The Royal British Legion. For these reasons, we were delighted to have a sit down with the founder of the Arsenal FC Armed Forces Supporters’ Club – who have recently been given official supporters club status by The Arsenal.

The group was originally founded by Chris Mead, an SAC in the Royal Air Force and lifelong Arsenal fan.

“I started the Arsenal FC Armed Forces Supporters’ Club after seeing some chaps cleaning up a memorial before Armistice Day. Helping them out were a couple of former Spurs players. After a discussion with them, it transpired that they belonged to the Armed Forces Spurs Supporters Club.

I came away from the discussion wondering if Arsenal had a similar supporters club. A supporters club  which could unite Arsenal fans in the military no mater where they were stationed across the globe. It was quickly established that they did not. So I took it upon myself get in contract with Arsenal and form one!

The majority of supporters club are regionally based. I wanted to set up a club that when I got posted, whether it be with the United Kingdom or beyond, would cater for my needs. It was always a frustration of mind having to track down and make contact with a new supporters club everytime I was posted elsewhere.

Despite only having been up and running for a short time, Arsenal FC Armed Forces Supporters’ Club already have a good and safe network of people who attend games as a group. We arrange to meet up before and after games – both home and away.

We are now looking to increase our network, and bring awareness to both serving military personnel and veterans that Arsenal has a place for them.

Over time we intend to use our position and association with the club to raise money for the various military charities, as well as thebe invited by the club to be involved on Remembrance Sundays and Armed Forces Days to assist the paying of respects.

We hope to continue to grow and evolve to encompass all UK service personnel worldwide.

Arsenal FC Armed Forces Supporters’ Club already has a pot of tickets that can be purchased through the club, via safe and easy ticket exchanging.

The supporters club is open to all Arsenal fans that have served, or are currently serving, in any of the British Armed Forces. Membership is currently free.

If you want to join, please get in touch through Twitter: @ASCArmedForces

Additionally all non-military Arsenal fans are invited to show their support for the British Armed Forces by following their twitter feed: @ASCArmedForces.

We wish the lads running the supporters club luck and hope that it continues to grow and support the British Armed Forces and The Arsenal.

She Wore

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