Arsenal are back!

So what have you done in the last 21 days?

That is how long it has been since Arsenal last player a Premier League game. I imagine most of us can not even remember who it was against?

We beat Watford 3-0 at home. And tomorrow we break the 21 day fast with Stoke visiting Islington. Maybe Arsenal gave up football for lent? Happy Easter All (or Happy Chocolate Egg Day for those who complain about such things).

In that time, Arsenal have played AC Milan, a nice easy victory putting us into the Quarter Final of the Europa League. But with no FA Cup football, the Leicester game postponed due to their exploits in the FA Cup, and the international break, it has been a long time since we last had a domestic game.

You hear managers and pundits call for a winter break. If my boredom over the last 3 weeks is anything to go by, then I want more football, not less.

We have Jurgen Klopp’s agent coming out saying “English football is so hard. With no winter break it is exhausting.” Well Jurgen has just had near enough 3 weeks off without football. Was he not able to relax then? I imagine he is just looking fore excuses on what could be his 3rd season in English football, at Liverpool, without a trophy. And he spent £40m on Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain and has improved him so much.

Anyway, I digress.

Games like tomorrow do worry me. It is like the first day of the season all over again.

After a long-ish rest, with some players flying around the globe to play for their countries, others trying to keep their motivation on the training ground in Colney, you never quite know the form of the players who will come back.

Stoke are often labelled one of Arsenal’s bogey teams. This is incorrect. Results between the two are massively Jekyll & Hyde.

Stoke usually win up north, Arsenal usually win in the capital.

You have to go back to 1975 for the last time Stoke beat Arsenal in North London.

Before Arsenal’s defeat earlier this season (a 1-0 defeat in which Arsenal had a perfectly legitimate equaliser ruled out), we  were on a run of 5 games without defeat against Stoke – 4 wins and a draw. Whilst no game in the Premier League is a given, it is a fairly routine game back.

I am off to the pub. Have a good day.


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