Alexandre Lacazette set for Arsenal exit

Arsenal never really wanted to sign Alexandre Lacazette.

Over the years, we were offered him up numerous times by Lyon. Each time a decision was made that the French international was not top level. Not good enough for The Arsenal. Inferior to Olivier Giroud (who starts ahead of him for France) and Alexis Sanchez.

Last summer we finally decided to sign him, for a club record price. But even then, we did not really want him.

He was due to join Atlético Madrid. Everything was in place, the deal was done. Madrid were then hit with a transfer ban causing the deal to fall through.

At the same time in North London, Arsenal were struggling to keep their two big stars. Mesut Ozil and Alexis Sanchez were refusing to sign a new deal. Arsenal needed a big name signing. And the deal for Lacazette fell into the clubs laps.

Roll forward 9 months and the deal that took Lacazette to Arsenal certainly feels like one of opportunity rather than one that Arsenal actually wanted. He was available, and Arsenal needed a big name signing, even if they didn’t need the exact player.

The fact that in January Arsenal moved for Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang highlights the club were never quite convinced by Lacazette. And now we sit here discussing how we can fit our two record signings into the same team.

I believe we will go down a different route.


Instead of trying to fit Lacazette and Aubameyang into the same team, Lacazette will leave Arsenal in the summer.

In the meantime, they will split the work load. Aubemeyang starting in the Premier League, Lacazette in Europe – as Aubemeyang is cup-tied.

Over at Atlético, the transfer ban is set to be lifted. Antoine Griezmann looks set to leave for Barcelona, and they will be going all out for a replacement.

Top of their list will be the man they nearly signed last summer. Alexandre Lacazette.

Will it be so shocking for the Spanish side to offer up the same money what Arsenal gave to Lyon to secure their man? It would be an easy deal for them to make, having been so close last summer. And it would also be a deal that Arsenal might be happy doing.

With Aubameyang now at Arsenal – and performing – the club will likely look to build the team around the triangle of the Gabonian, Henrik Mkhyitaryan and Mesut Ozil. This leaves Alexandre Lacazette as the odd man out.

Having had to sell Olivier Giroud to Chelsea to force through the Aubameyang deal, Arsenal’s strike force looks a bit “samey”. Danny Welbeck, Lacazette and Aubameyang are all great at running in behind, but none are exactly a big presence up top like Giroud was. This means we now lack a plan B.

Moving Lacazette on will free up space (and wages) to get a Giroud-esque player in. A lump of a forward who could then compliment Aubameyang. Give us an option on the bench. A battering ram. Maybe Chelsea would return Giroud to us?

Arsenal need someone like Mario Mandžukić from Juventus or Bas Dost from Sporting. These guys have real physical presence about them and give us that different option off the bench.

Alexandre Lacazette’s stay at Arsenal may well be over before it really began.


10 thoughts on “Alexandre Lacazette set for Arsenal exit

  1. Bliss

    I think he should stay
    We need some winger’s in the team like Reus & Costa now Chamberlain & Walcott have gone. Wellbeck should go before Lacazette who is a much better player.
    We should replace Giroud as well


  2. jim the anvil

    Rubbish opinion.
    Wenger loves french speaking strikers. We are more likely to see a shift of posistions with Aub moving to the left wing making out to in runs and Laca up top somewhat as a false 9.
    Laca is too classy and too french to be sold this summer.


  3. Izuchukwu Okosi

    Forget this Lacazette exit rubbish. Does the team spirit (positive) and need for a quality depth call for this. So Giroud is a better striker?! Why did Wenger not retain Giroud and offer Welbeck. Please let Laca be! Watch the quality of his strikes


  4. ozed

    I see, just like Aguero was going to be sold once Jesus arrived at Man City?
    Don’t you guys ever get tired? First we scream for depth, then just as we beginning to see some quality in depth people are thinking Laca should be sold? Funny really!


  5. Cent

    What a load of speculative bollocks! Pure bullshittery.
    You Arsenal fans just can’t enjoy good things without getting your knickers in a twist. Where is City’s lump of a forward? They must be having a hell of a hard time giving games to their two strikers or their plethora of midfield players. Presumably Atletico are the ones who don’t have too many strikers despite having Kevin Gameiro and Costa on their roster? And what happens if Arsenal sell Lacazette and Aubameyang picks up an injury or gets suspended, who will strike for Arsenal, you?


    1. Cheadle

      “You Arsenal fans just can’t enjoy good things without getting your knickers in a twist”
      Spot on!
      Ozil, Laca, Mikhi, Auba. (All put pen to paper in last 7-8 months) If these guys were lined up for Man City or Chelsea we would be saying If only……


  6. Johnno

    I`m not sure it is click bait. I don’t think Lacazette will leave this summer but I`d be surprised to see him here the following year. He`s not my cup of tea, cant see him making it in England. Too weak, lacks aggression and goes into his shell too quickly. I hope we stick with Welbeck in Europe, he`ll never be a 20 goal a season man but he never hides and is happy to sacrifice himself for the team. You can guarantee 100% from him, the same cant be said of Lacazette.


    1. Cheadle

      Effective strikers need to take some risks but the striker has to evaluate to the best of his ability.
      Gabriel Jesus takes risks and takes blows that someone of his frame should not have to take Laca is approximately same height and weight as Gabriel Jesus (Wiki) but I think Jesus is stronger or braver but he is certainly younger and probably sturdier. Laca may have become more risk averse at 26 because a major crock could rob him of his peak years. Welbz has got the physique and the right attitude. He is hitting peak years and could really really do with an injury free stretch of games.



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