Safe Standing: Stop being the “minority voice”

At the minute, the Government are right. It is just a “minority of voices” calling for Safe Standing.

Whilst various surveys of fans of individual clubs has shown an over whelming favour of bringing back Safe Standing, a Parliamentary Petition on the matter is currently showing a different answer.

At the time of writing, little over 28,000 fans have signed the Safe Standing petition.

To put that into perspective, that is just 300 people per the 92 professional clubs in England.

That is why the government can get away with saying it is a “minority of voices”.

750,000 people attend games in the top 4 divisions in England every weekend.

Only 3.7% have signed this petition

Don’t just sit moaning that you are Against Modern Football on Twitter.

Show to the Government that it is not the “minority” of fans that want Safe Standing.

Sign the petition.

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