Media defend Spurs failure

It’s happened again, it’s happened again,
Tottenham Hotspur, it’s happened again.

3712 days since Spurs last won a trophy.

I do not particularly want to “celebrate” Spurs losing against Manchester United at the weekend, because that in itself is a very Spursy thing to do.

For as long as I have known, Spurs fans have celebrated every Arsenal failure as if it was their own success. Every final lost, every time we were knocked out of the Champions League, or finished second in the Premier League, they celebrated.

This is down to them having no success of their own. They had nothing to celebrate themselves, so had to celebrate another clubs failures. They are the kid that laugh at the A* student for getting a B when them themselves got an E.

But then Spurs are the gift that keep giving.

The clubs motto is “The game is about glory”. Well, Saturdays defeat made in no trophies in 10 years. They really should be done for false advertising.

What has been funny about Tottenham’s defeat is the way the media have spun it. They would never let anything negative be written about the club the love, and the fall-out has been hilarious.

So according to Jonathan Wilson of The Guardian, Mauricio Pochettino’s time at Tottenham should not be defined by the trophies they do win.

Pochettino’s reign is that every time he has been set a problem he has responded Wilson says. Yet he has not solved the problem Spurs have win semi-finals. It is now 8.

He go’s on to speak a lot of gibberish, including this nugget: whichever club wins or loses it, this season’s FA Cup will be forgotten by the end of August. I imagine it will not be too hard to find articles from Wilson talking about how the “magic of the cup is being lost” and pointing out the managers who “disrespect” the competition.

But then when it comes to defending Tottenham’s lack of trophies, he is more than happy to disrespect it.

The reality is, most of us can name every single winner of the FA Cup in our memory. From 1987 (I was 2) to the present day, I can name every single winner. I can not, however, name every single side that finished 2nd in the last 10 years – let alone in the last 30 years. And I could not tell you who finished 4th for the last 5 seasons.

It is the winners who are remembered. The game is about the glory, unless it is Spurs.

That Mauricio Pochettino is emulating Arsene Wenger’s early Arsenal years is surely an April Fools Joke? People actually seem to forget that this is now Pochettino’s 4th season with the club. His 4th without a trophy.

In Arsene Wenger’s 2nd season at the club (his first full season) he won the league and the FA Cup. In the 4 years, Arsenal finished 2nd twice, 3rd once. He made a League Cup Semi-Final, an FA Cup Semi-Final and the UEFA Cup Final. Pochettino has led Spurs to just the one final (League Cup), which they lost.

To try and compare the two is just silly. Wenger won trophies, Pochettino has not.

“”He’s got a young English side with a lot of talent and I think they’re going in the right direction. The way they’re playing at the moment, it’s similar to the way Wenger had been playing when he first went to Arsenal.”

This shows that Darren Bent did not have a clue what he was talking about.

Arsenal’s early success under Arsene Wenger was not built on a young English side. It was built on senior English players, like David Seaman, Lee Dixon and Tony Adams, and young foreign players in Patrick Vieira and Nicolas Anelka.

If you want to compare Spurs to Arsenal, compare them to the Arsenal side of 2006-2013. A lot of young, talented players who are failing to win trophies. Players who are underpaid in comparison to other clubs. Players who will leave the club sooner rather than later to seek success and more money elsewhere.

Another comparison is to Newcastle of the late 90s. Winning hearts and minds of neutral fans, but no trophies.

Going back to the comments made by Jonathan Wilson about no one really caring who wins the FA Cup. I pretty much guarantee that Newcastle fans wish they had have won the FA Cup, or any trophy, during that period of success. That just being competitive and showing progression meant nothing when they got relegated in the mid 2000s.

And that is the truth.


6 thoughts on “Media defend Spurs failure

  1. Johnno

    We all know who controls the media in this country and we know who they tend to support. There has never been another club who receives the type of media fanfare that the stinking yids do. Its actually laughable because it is so transparent, they don’t even attempt to hide their bias. The stinking Yids would be a total irrelevance if not for their location, they`d be just another Blackburn or Preston. Even the Bookies got caught up in this whole Spurs are the next big thing bollocks. Can you actually believe that they were making the stinking Yids favourites on Saturday? I was all over Manure at 9/4. Not only have they got a better team/squad but they also have history on their side and if it was going to come down to a battle of nerve there was only ever going to be one winner. The stinking Yids are perennial failures but come next season their friends in the media will try and convince us that this is their year again. Liverpool are the only other club who comes close to them in terms of positive coverage but at least they are a Big club with a big history and a record of achievement down the years.


    1. Simonsez

      Johnno, I understand you hate us Spuds, almost as much as we hate you inadequate, irrelevant, psycotherapist’s-meal-ticket-paranoid-delusional Gooner filth. It’s normal. But there’s no need to be billious foul-mouthed, racist, nazi, anti-semitic, sub-human Gooner filth into the bargain.



    Why is everyone say we fell short against united ..who’s fault was it for the first goal .dembele giving the ball away easily .for the first goal and when you have crap full backs .then we won’t win anything ..with tripier dier dembele davies lamela aurier there all crap


  3. Simonsez

    The club’s motto is “To Dare Is To Do”. The quote about glory is attributed to Danny Blanchflower. At least get your facts right, loser.



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