Arsene Wenger’s surreal send off

I have found the whole Arsene Wenger leaving stuff just a little odd.

The obituary style articles by the majority of media outlets were morbid. It is the type of stuff that they have saved for when someone dies. To have Wenger’s obituary written and published when still alive made uncomfortable reading.

Then we have the weekends big goodbye.

It was the final home game, the big goodbye. A chance for fans to thank Arsene Wenger for his 22 years service, and a chance for Wenger to thank those same fans for his support. It was just all a little OTT.

The guard of honour before the game, the guard of honour after, the t-shirts and those inflatable balloons with a gigantic picture of Wenger. The oddest of them all was the 6ft white letters which spelt out Merci Wenger.

It almost felt like somewhere in the club, there was a brain storming session, and instead of picking the best ideas, they decided to “do them all”.

Giving Wenger the gold Premier League trophy that the club were awarded by the Premier League after the 2004 unbeaten season was also frustrating. It is a trophy that belongs to the club. Had they given him a replica, I would have understood, but to give him the original was too much.

The trophy should belong to the club, the players, the fans, not something to be given away. Again, someone in that brainstorming event would have suggested it, and they have decided to do it. My only hope is that Wenger does the right thing and lets it sit in the Arsenal museum, for future Arsenal fans to view.

I think the reason I found the big goodbye so awkward is that it is not yet goodbye. We still have two games left to go.

The season might be over, we can not finish higher or lower than 6th, but to have such an extravagant farewell when he still has another week in the job is just odd.

It is like having someone’s leaving do at work when they still have a week left at work. They’ve said their massive goodbyes after a few beers in the pub, slagged the company off to their closest colleagues, but then still have to turn up for work the next day to sit and spin on their chair and annoy everyone.

I am sure London Colney will be a strange place this week. After the “celebrations” of Sunday, it will feel like the season is over, despite their still being 2 games left to play.

Sunday was a brilliant day. With The George shutting as well, it was a quality drink up in the sun. Wenger deserved a huge send off, but I question if it ended up a little OTT – and did not respect that fact that we still have two games left.

I am probably just moaning.


3 thoughts on “Arsene Wenger’s surreal send off

  1. Amit

    It was a great send off . I watching the interview on beinsports with him, gallas, wright and the season before going unbeaten when they lost to United- that summer he asked his players what happened why did we lose the title and he said Henry and viera said you said to the media ” we could go unbeaten and you put pressure on us ” he said okay but I believe you can do that and then they did. It’s a fascinating interview with him , he opens up to saying when gallas asks ” you bought me and then you had just young players why didn’t you buy to compete ” Wenger response was ” we had no money , Thierry said to me im nearly 30 and I want to compete no disrespect to the young players but we can’t ”

    John cross from the mirror goes onto say ” there was a period where they were struggling to pay the invincible (senior players ) because of the stadium but Wenger found a way how to

    The most interesting part of it is Wenger says ” my biggest challenge was a stadium that should have cost 250 million ended up costing excess of 400 million – that set us back competitively for longer than we should have”

    It’s amazing because here was a man who was in demand from top clubs and loved by the fans at arsenal and he stayed ultimately because he loved the club and wanted to make a arsenal a top european club which he did

    Those people in the media or pundits who judge his career in two halves- seem to forget what he actually did in the second half of his tenure – it was football, it was also business which he did to aplomb in my opinion.

    The rumours are we are going for a less high profile manager – which is good but all those Wenger out fans who were clamouring for a high profile manager – where will there anger aimed towards now ?? It has to be the board. The board at arsenal is the issue


  2. Cam Ward

    Only a little moaning. The trophy thing bothered me, too. I was fine with the rest, if a little over blown.



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