Arsenal ITK’s lick their wounds

The appointment of Unai Emery caught a lot of people by surprise. He had very much become the forgotten man of potential Arsene Wenger replacements.

It has now been hilarious watching those Twitter accounts who spent the last few months appearing to have information, calling deals done, or that interviews were taking place back track.

Tweets have been deleted, excuses made.

“It is not my fault the club pulled out of the deal” is an excuse heard a lot of the time, even though 2 days ago they were saying a deal is done.

The reality is, these people are not privy to anything major. The majority literally make stuff up on Twitter to gain followers, in the hope of becoming Twitter famous.

Whether it be on Twitter, Facebook or appearing in YouTube video’s, they have all exposed themselves as frauds, made fools of themselves. They have also made fools of those who follow them. Beg them for information. Give them the validation online that they desire.

A KFC worker of furniture installer does not have inside information of what is happening at Arsenal.

Now I am not saying no-one knows anything. People might have a contact at the club. Someone who does leak information. But the information that they are leaking is minor.

Information such as Max Allegri has turned up for an interview. The receptionist at London Colney would know that. Or photo’s due to be taken at Highbury House. Most within Highbury House would be privy to it. But that does not mean they will know that Allegri has signed a deal, or who the player is that is having their picture taken – until they turn up.

Arsenal staff will have to sign non-disclosures. Do you really think anyone close to a decision such as who the new manager is will dare lose their 6 figure job to leak information knowing their mate will stick it all over Twitter?

So few people at the club are actually privy to the key information that it would not be hard to work out where the leak is.

I am sure Mikel Arteta or Max Allegri being heavily linked with the job was true. That they had interviews at London Colney – emery was interviewed 2 weeks ago. That a lot of people within the club would have known this. But it is a big stretch going from “Arteta had an interview today” to “Arteta is going to sign a 3 year deal with an option for a further 12 months”.

Likewise, the likes of Base Soccer have been known to leak articles about their clients contract situations or transfer availability in the past, in the hope of generating interest or securing a better deal.

Arsenal do also leak information. I am sure they deliberately pass information on to journalists and Twitter accounts. Sometimes true, usually false.

It is a bit like when the Government leak a proposed policy to garner public opinion. They can then decide whether to go through with it, and if they do ,it is usually a watered down version of the one leaker, which everyone is much happier.

I am still of the belief that the club were happy to leak that Arteta was discussing a job at Arsenal.

What they did not disclose, however, is what job it was. I am still of the opinion that he discussed a coaching role rather than the Head Coach role. The club leaked that he was being interviewed for jobs to see how Arsenal fans would respond.

I imagine a few journalists are also licking their wounds. You can tell they are by the way they have attacked Emery’s appointment. They are more angry about not being leaked information than his actual capability for the role.

Someone like John Cross has proper thrown his toys out of the pram.

He has also called the appointment as “Arsenal playing it safe”.

If employing a 46 year old serial winner, who has experience of working under a restricted budget is “playing it safe” then fair enough. He ticks a lot of boxes. Just none in John Cross’s book.

Arsenal legend is also not happy.

“”Arsenal getting in touch with Vieira for the manager’s job was tokenism. It’s embarrassing.”

Tell you what is embarrassing, Ian, your view on the matter.

Wright clearly does not have a clue about what happens behind the scenes at Arsenal. He is not privy to any information. He gets information 3rd or 4th hand. He is clearly upset that the club will not leak anything to him.

There were certain members of Arsene Wenger’s backroom staff that were a bit leaky. Had relationship with various journalists. The majority of these have now left the club ,and I feel this is why so many journalists are upset.

They have spent 20 years building a relationship with a first team coach or a kit man, only to no longer have a clue what is happening at London Colney.

The appointment of Unai Emery, and how little talk there was around him prior to the big leak on Monday, highlights that every ITK on Twitter is a fraud, and every journalist fabricates stories for click bait.

Ignore the ITK’s, do not give them the time and validation.


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