World Cup of the Underdogs

This World Cup has been brilliant so far.

The “traditional” top sides are not actually that good, whilst those the level below are a lot better.

It is probably actually misleading to call the likes of Uruguay, Switzerland, Belgium and Croatia “underdogs”.

With the globalisation of football, the majority of their players play for some of the best teams across Europe.

Regulars who perform week in week out for Arsenal, Real Madrid, Barcelona, Atlético Madrid, Manchester United, Manchester City, Juventus, Inter Milan, AC Milan, PSG, Liverpool, Monaco, Chelsea and Napoli are amongst the players in the squads of those 3 countries.

They have La Liga winners, Premier League winners, Ligue 1 winners, Serie A winners, Champions League and Europa League winners in their line ups.

Both domestic and European club football has become predictable and ruined due to money.

The same teams dominating and running away with domestic leagues: the same teams always in the later stages of the Champions League.

You will never get a club side from Croatia or Belgium competing in Europe. The best players from those nations just get bought by the same rich sides dominating domestic foot all. The World Cup is refreshing. It is about talent and tactics rather than money.

It is just a pity that FIFA are trying to ruin the international game with Qatar 2022.

With how domestic football is deteriorating, international football could have become king again. It could have built on this exciting tournament.

Instead we will have a World Cup in a sandpit soulless nation with horrendous human rights record. A winter World Cup just because the Sheikhs of Qatar were able to offer the biggest bribes.

Enjoy this World Cup, as like domestic football, the future is all about money.


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